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    27 Pieces Of Home Decor You Can Get On Amazon That People Actually Swear By

    Who knew that Amazon (decor) could make a house a home?

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    1. A pair of wooden coat hooks you're gonna want to have hanging around your house forever.

    2. An area rug so lovely, it's gonna have your guests FLOORED when they find out it's from Amazon.

    3. A set of photo clip string lights to put you and your friends in the (tiny, twinkling) spotlight where you belong.

    4. A shelving unit for anyone who doesn't believe in cutting corners, but certainly believes in filling them.

    5. A decorative window film sure to add some glam to your windows (while giving you some privacy at the same time).

    6. A faux-fur cushion cover for anyone who is fur-iously into finding great deals on great decor.

    7. A six-piece vanity organizing set that'll ~clearly~ keep your knickknacks looking organized and mighty fine no matter where you put them.

    8. A wall clock so that every hour can be the golden hour.

    9. A trio of framed cacti prints that are gonna add a warmth to your room after your friends have poked fun at you for your home's slightly cold aesthetic.

    10. A set of three hexagonal mounted shelves for anyone who is trying to ~shape~ up their bare walls.

    11. A mid-century modern table that'll make you find excuses to hang out in your room during the day just to get another look at it.

    12. A photo clip macrame wall hanging for anyone who knows that pictures of friends and family are sure to always be the best art on display.

    13. A bamboo hanger so you can elegantly make up for a lack of coat closets or to use as a stunning shelving set.

    14. A pair of golden bookends that'll make your friends say, "I've gotta ~hand~ it to you, your decor is top-notch."

    15. A Homesick candle for anyone who knows that their new place won't be home until it smells like their old one.

    16. A digital clock that wood be the perfect piece if you wanna have a nature-based environment without losing the electronic part of life.

    17. A wall card set you can throw up in your child's bedroom to remind yourself (while desperately trying to get your rambunctious kiddo to sleep) that even the moon goes through phases sometimes.

    18. A bar cart that'll be boozy and beautiful no matter where you put it.

    19. A mirror so you can have a sophisticated piece worth keeping a-round forever.

    20. A small woven storage basket that'll look so nice in your place, people won't even notice when it's filled to the brim with junk you found lying around the house.

    21. And a textured blanket for anyone who prefers to ~throw~ things around the house.

    22. A trinket tray that'll have you ~reflecting~ on your favorite jewelry time and time again.

    23. A mod cat tree for any pet parents who want their cat happy and their apartment looking snappy.

    24. A pack of constellation wall decals that'll look perfect with any nursery theme and remind everyone who visits that a star is born.

    25. A pair of wall brackets you can add to plain shelves to seriously enhance the vibe in any bare-bones rental.

    26. A ladder that'll be a real ~step up~ no matter where you put it. This'll work to hang towels in the bathroom, keep throw blankets organized in the living room, or use it in your bedroom to hang up outfits you plan on wearing the next day.

    27. And a ceramic planter that's gonna add a charming detail to your home (even if you forget/refuse to add a plant).

    Me, wondering if I'll leave my house ever again.

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