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    28 Pieces Of Wayfair Furniture Your Wallet Just Might Love As Much As You Do

    Your wallet's gonna think you lied to it when you bring home your new crystal table and still have money in the bank.

    1. A chic side table with a leather hammock detail sure to make all your guests wanna replace their typical side tables with this savvy storage space.

    A one-drawer wooden side table with a canvas storage pouch beneath it and black metal legs

    2. An upholstered bench that'll add a soft touch to your entryway (literally) without wasting a precious footprint in your floor plan.

    A rectangular golden bench frame with room to store things on the floor beneath and a five-cushion velvet top

    3. A minimalist clothing rack – it's such a simple and stunning way to show off your clothes. You're sure to be ~racking~ your brain trying to figure out why you didn't get one of these sooner.

    A white and natural wood clothing rack with a small shelf for about three pairs of shoes and enough hanging space for around 13 articles of clothing

    4. A crystal coffee table for Disney fans who strive for decor that's shinning, shimmering, and splendid. Or for, you know, everyone else.

    5. A steel baker's rack to add some much-needed storage space to your minuscule kitchen. Let your mug collection grow! Grow, I say!

    A kitchen rack with two open storage shelves, a small drawer for dishtowels, a wooden counter shelf, and a grid rack for holding knives, serving utensils, and mugs

    6. A chair hammock that's a *real* aesthetic and gonna be real fun to swing around in every time you're in your living room.

    7. A trundle daybed to make studio apartments far more functional and fun.

    A tall trundle bed with a mattress on top and rounded edges on the back and sides. The trundle is hidden and pulled out from the bottom.

    8. A rainbow wave coffee table sure to make waves with your admiring house guests.

    A multicolored coffee table with a simple wood top and folded gold metal legs

    9. A square arm loveseat that'll add the sophisticated touch to your place you never even knew it needed. Your dad can confirm: it did.

    A mid-century modern sofa with rectangular back pillows, a tufted seat cushion, two rounded pillows, square arm rests, and wooden legs

    10. A solid wood vanity so useful and sturdy you can really and truly keep around for generations.

    A rustic vanity with a mirror, space for a chair or stool, and three shelves with round metal handles

    11. A dining table with a bold, modern design that's totally gonna be what's cookin' in your kitchen.

    A square dining room table with legs that taper from the large triangular top to thin points at the bottom

    12. A king sized upholstered platform bed that'll make such a statement in your bedroom you may have a ~tuft~ time falling asleep... And who wants to sleep when you can look at this lovely thing all night instead?!

    A massive platform bed with a tufted headboard that curves around each side of the bed slightly. The base matches the headboard in color and fabric and the legs are clear.

    13. A sleeper sofa with CUP HOLDERS, the dress pockets of furniture details, for people who love ~drinking in~ a piece's cool hidden features.

    14. A ladder bookcase that'll be the piece to lean on to make your room look exciting.

    A two drawer shelf at the base is supported by leaning against the wall on long, thin legs. The legs meet at the top where they are connected by two small shelves for storage.

    15. An entryway storage bench you can store just about everything in, helping make sure you forget NOTHING on your way out the door.

    A three shelf storage bench with open shelving for shoes and nine hooks for hanging clothing

    16. A corner shelf that's sure to be the ~right angle~ no matter what your current bathroom decor looks like.

    A triangular shelf with three small storage spaces, all open and visible. It is made of bamboo.

    17. A storage sleeper sofa with enough hidden space, it'll fit all the bedding you need when your brother-in-law's extended sleepover starts feeling like you have a new roommate.

    18. A metal piping platform bed to prove that having cool, practical bedding isn't just a pipe dream.

    An industrial bed frame made entirely of metal piping, with rounded corners and five pipes making up the short headboard area

    19. A hidden litter box so your cat can have a bathroom almost as nice as yours.

    A two door mid century modern side table with a hole in the side for a cat to get into and room for plants, a lamp, or books on top

    20. A butterfly chair – an elegant statement piece for showing off your adulthood.

    A thin chair made with leather over a metal frame

    21. A wood storage bench that'll make your tiny entryway WAY more useful.

    22. An arched floor lamp to give your room a bold, black touch with the perfect titch of light. Love the contrast, love it.

    A black floor lamp with a rounded cover

    23. A geometric bookcase – an inexpensive statement piece that can turn your growing collection of textbooks on its head.

    An open bookcase with rectangular shelves placed just off of the shelf below it, giving it a staggered look

    24. A round arm sleeper sofa – a beautiful basic that'll basically make your entire space.

    A gray sofa with attached cushions and flat arm rests, all edges are rounded and the legs are wooden

    25. A nightstand with carved details that are really gonna be a dream.

    A carved nightstand with circles and diamond shapes on each drawer. There are two drawers that can be pulled open with flat metal handles that match the square legs of the dresser

    26. An accent chair sure to make your friends ~green~ with envy every time they see it.

    A green round chair with a hole in the center and gold legs that cross at the bottom

    27. A console table that's equal parts conservative and absurd, so you can create a vibe in your home that lives for juxtaposition.

    A thin, asymmetrical table with a marble table top and black metal piping in abstract designs

    28. And a mounted storage mirror with room to keep all your tiniest treasures. Grab this and you'll be able to ~reflect~ on your great home decor time and time again.

    A wall mounted mirror with a white frame and plenty of velvet storage space inside for hanging delicate jewelry

    When your old furniture realizes there's no way it can compete:

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