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    27 Pieces Of Furniture And Decor That'll Give Your Living Room Some Life

    Decor this darling will help make your living room a place you actually want to live in.

    1. A velvet sleeper sofa with an incredibly comfortable queen-sized mattress and a stunning velvet style, for anyone who wants their guests to dream about life in a living room as lovely as yours.

    2. A magnetic light so you have a dramatic piece of decor that's sure to ~attract~ everyone to it.

    3. A pint-sized moon shelf that'll make people all kinds of starry-eyed over your living room desk set-up.

    4. A mint dresser sure to look as sweet as candy in your space.

    5. A glass bird, because sometimes an artistic knick knack is the perfect thing for helping your decor take flight.

    6. A set of three floating bookshelves — they're gonna add a little magic to your somewhat dreary white walls, while saving your minimal floor space from bulky bookshelves.

    7. A sticker clock as a unique statement piece you'll want to ~stick~ with forever.

    8. A coffee table book that just might be the picture perfect way (literally) to add a little something to your little coffee table.

    9. A traditional blue rug sure to set a cool tone for your entire apartment.

    10. A circular wall mirror that might not be the angle you were originally looking for, but you'll always be glad to have it around.

    11. A droplet vase so pretty, a flower would almost take away from it (which is great news for anyone who knows plants don't live long in their living room).

    12. An out-of-this-world sconce light that'll definitely make your decor take off.

    13. A crystal candle for a sparkly-yet-dark aesthetic that'll really ~rock~.

    14. A pair of throw pillows you can simply throw down on your couch to add a sophisticated touch to your living room.

    15. A trinket dish or trinket box that'll help keep small messes from building up on your living room surfaces. Honestly, ~eye~ can't believe this isn't in your cart already!

    16. A stunning modern futon for giving your mid century home an elegant twist.

    17. A set of personalized scrabble tiles so you can up your wall decor ~game~.

    18. A weathered oak desk set for keeping up a minimalist living room, even if it's also your office.

    19. A pouf pillow that'll make the extra seating in your space extra stunning.

    20. A rattan bookshelf to give your most beloved books a storage space as gorgeous as their stories.

    21. A polka dot pot that'll fit in any ~spot~ in the room.

    22. A chrome accent table — it's sure to make your living room shine.

    23. A darling wire pup sculpture that'll lift you up when life feels like the ~pits~.

    24. A contemporary accent chair you can keep in the corner just in case Don Draper ever invites himself over.

    25. A hanging hook so cute and clever you're gonna want to give it a hand.

    26. A gorgeous woven throw blanket to keep your couch cozy, cute, and comfortable.

    27. And, finally, a lucky horseshoe wall hanging you're gonna want to ~filly~ your walls up with fast.

    When you finally turn that house into a home.

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