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    33 Genius Parenting Products And Gadgets

    Get these parenting products delivered to your door before you deliver that baby. Or at least before they turn 18.

    1. A magnetic visual timer that'll help kids see how much time they have left to work on homework, clean their room, be in the bath, etc. This is here to keep your home from being filled with the shrill cries of "Are we done yet?!" every 32 seconds.

    2. A sensory swing to help your children develop their motor and balance skills *while* having fun horsing around. The swing is designed with an extra spring, making it swing back and forth and up and down! I...want one.

    3. A drywall repair kit that'll save your walls from the "save" your goalie made the *one* time you let your kids play ball in the house.

    Reviewer's before and after showing a small dent in their wall, and the after photo showing how the kit fixed it with no hole

    4. A wood finish stain marker to fill in scratches from the ice skates, cleats, and roller blades your kids never seem to take off. You didn't even know they owned ice skates...AND YET.

    5. A sight word Bingo game that'll help make those frustrating early reader lessons a lot more fun.

    Word board with chips, cards, and packaging

    6. A pack of corner guards — a babyproofing solution sure to make sharp surfaces safe while still letting your style stay sharp.

    7. A squirting spoon with a squeezable silicone pouch that'll make feeding your baby pureed meals cleaner and easier when you're out and about.

    Parent feeding an infant on a park bench with the food storage spoon

    8. A rubber ducky bath spout cover that's gonna keep your kiddo from ~quacking~ their head open on the hard faucet if they're rather squirmy during bath time.

    9. A pack of wart bandages formulated with a salicylic acid that'll kill off warts deep at the root. Plus, these are made with self-adhesive, waterproof strips (i.e. these'll be *much* easier to actually keep on your kid).

    Before, during, after progression pic of reviewer's knee with a large wart. The after pic shows no wart after using the bandages.

    10. A pack of toy straps can prevent your mini football player from tossing their pacifiers and toys from a stroller or car seat.

    11. A spiffy three-stage silicone cup designed to adapt as your toddler's fine motor skills start kicking in. Once they begin to insist on drinking from a "big kid cup," this unbreakable bud adjusts accordingly.

    12. An anti-blister balm that'll keep you from feeling de-feet-ed when trying to enjoy a hike with the family. Sure, they may complain about how they wish they were playing video games, but at least there won't be a blister in site!

    Person applying product to foot while hiking

    13. A pack of vomit bags with a twist and seal structure to save the day (and the road trip) when your kids start getting motion sick the minute you put the key in the ignition.

    Person vomiting into bag while on a plane

    14. And a car trash can that's gonna keep you (and your upholstery) out of any ~sticky~ situations that suckers, soda bottles, and juice WILL cause.

    Collapsable fabric trash bin with handles wrapped around passenger seat and sealed top

    15. An alcohol-free hand sanitizer that'll foam when you pump it out, making sanitizing their hands way more fun when all your kiddo wants to do is...get their hands on everything. The produce section never stood a chance.

    16. A four-pack of finger pinch guards you can attach to any part of your door to keep them open at all times. No hurt fingers in your house!

    A squishy guard place at the top of a door so that it stays open at all times

    17. A diaper wipe warmer that'll be soothing on your baby during nighttime diaper changes, because cold wipes could wake them right up in the dead of the night...when you're already dead tired.

    diaper wipe warmer on a counter

    18. A magnetic dry erase board your kiddos can use while doing schoolwork. You can also use this as a message board for family announcements or grocery lists.

    19. A dry shampoo for parents who would prefer their child not look like a character straight off the set of Grease. Save them from a day in the life of Danny Zuko, there's way too much spontaneous singing involved.

    20. A bug bite suction tool to remove bits of insect saliva and other irritants after a bug bite, to keep your kid from scratching their skin off after a mosquito finds its way into your campsite.

    Reviewer before and after with red, swollen bug bite healed after use

    21. An attachable dirty diaper sack dispenser with 24 bags you can toss your dirty diapers in when there isn't a convenient trash nearby.

    22. A password book for keeping track of all the user names and passwords your kids need for school assignments.

    Password logbook

    23. A silicone placemat — a Montessori table setting to show your kiddo how to set up utensils before dinner. Involve them in dinner prep and watch them eat more than ever before!

    24. A "taco truck" for keeping their tacos upright while they eat...which hopefully prevents "broken" taco temper tantrums. Sigh, if they only knew how delicious a deconstructed taco really is.

    25. A travel cooler so your toddler has fresh snacks nearby. Kiddos that age should usually eat every 3-4 hours, so having snacks and drinks inside the car helps prevent crankiness between meals.

    Canvas cooler with handles, crossbody straps, and several pockets on top of a picnic blanket with food around it

    26. A food tray sure to satisfy parents of picky eaters. *Any* idea that gets picky kids to eat is a good one...even if that means playing with their food.

    27. Or a construction zone plate that just might be so fun your kids actually eat all of their dinner, even if they usually act like you've placed a truckload of broccoli on their plate.

    28. A machine washable coloring tablecloth sure to put your easily bored babe in the right ~frame~ of mind when you expect everyone in the family to sit together at the dinner table.

    29. A diaper cream applicator for keeping your fingers from getting greasy when you have some rather ~crappy~ business to attend to.

    Silicone applicator suctioned to table while person presses down on flat round application side to show soft flexibility from material

    30. A travel-sized antiseptic and pain relief spray that'll work fast and make a big difference, preventing a bad fall from turning into a bad day.

    Reviewer holding the spray on applicator in their hand

    31. A pack of four self-closing outlets to make your baby-proofed place look way less baby-proofed, even though they're extra safe!

    White wall outlet with slide covers

    32. An adjustable baby carriage that's gonna make strolling around with a colicky newborn, fidgety baby, or active toddler a walk in the park. Um, sort of.

    33. And finally, a teaching alarm clock to help your children know when they're allowed to leave their room, giving you slightly more shut-eye in the a.m. Update the settings to your family's schedule and this lil' helper will light up when the kids are allowed to get up and out of bed.

    alarm clocks that say "I glow green when it's ok to wake!"

    Who knew raising a child would be so much fun?