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    34 Splurge-Worthy Shoes For People Who Are Ready To Break Up With Their Savings

    These shoes are unde-feet-able.

    1. Swingback flats with a floral design you'll show off botanic-all over the place. Oh, you're vacationing in Europe? Take these. Planning a stroll through the Streets of New York City? Yes, in these. Gotta make a quick tampon run to Walmart? These will complement your sweatpants perfectly.

    2. Koolaburra booties with a *perf* heel height and a charming asymmetrical shape β€” get these on your feet and you won't wanna wear anything else until the summer sun forces you to throw on sandals.

    3. Oxford flats you can wear when the day ahead deserves some colorful sophistication with a studious vibe. They don't explicitly claim to help you ace your exams this semester, but I'm pretty sure it's implied.

    4. Heeled Chelsea boots with such an autumnal vibe you just might feel like you're heading β™« over the river and through the woods β™« from the very moment you excitedly shove them on.

    5. Allbirds wool runners for commuters who have figured life out and know that trudging through crowded public transit is made bearable only with shoes that feel like slippers. Unfortunately, these can't get rid of the fellow falling asleep on your shoulder.

    6. Fluffy Uggs with an adjustable design – you can fold them down if you like a fuzzy look and lift them up when your ankles need more than wool socks to keep them warm this winter.

    7. Chunky Chelsea boots that'll be an easy pick when you look out the window and realize you're about to experience rain, snow, and sun all at the same time. Fortunately these sturdy shoes won't weather, no matter the weather.

    8. Dr. Scholl's Harlow booties β€” a stylish shoe for people with arch pain that's a total pain in the neck.

    9. Dr. Martens Mary Janes made with 100% leather (and love, I'm pretty sure) so you can master the brooding schoolgirl goth vibe fashion was blessed with in the '80s.

    10. And Mary Jane pumps, the other side of the '80s, that are gonna have you looking pretty in pink (well, plaid).

    11. Crocodile Miami Western or Tommy Hilfiger equestrian knee-high boots that are sure to make a statement that says, "These boots weren't made for walking...they were made for everything."

    12. Chloe scalloped ballet flats made of leather so soft you can totally justify ~shelling~ out a lot of money to get them. They can last you a lifetime!

    13. Puma city sneakers for anyone who wants to raise their spirits (and their high tops).

    14. Slip-on loafers – a timeless pair of kicks that'll save you time in the mornings (who has the patience for laces when they're running late?!) and look so darn chic no one would ever guess you shoved them on while running out the door.

    15. Steve Madden cliff sneakers – whether you're walking through the wilderness or just wanna wear a fun animal pattern through the city streets, you're gonna go wild over these sneaks.

    16. High tongue beauts with a burst of red at the bottom β€” a secret statement we bet our bottom dollar you're sure to adore.

    17. Teva water-resistant mid boots, a detail that's gonna be particularly important this holiday season β€” considering the tears of joy your friend is gonna cry when they unwrap this perfect gift.

    18. Buckled ankle boots that'll add a smidgen of the wild west to your wardrobe when you finish the first season of Westworld and realize you've been doing clothing all wrong for far too long.

    19. Handmade Koio sneakers constructed with soft leather and a detailed suede heel for people who live in neutral colors but still want to make a statement. Don't worry, you *can* have it all!

    20. Hunter boots sure to keep you safe and dry when you boldly embrace dreary days and make a point to enjoy sloshing about in rain and snow this season.

    21. Clark's flatform loafers – they're gonna bless your aching arches with a shoe that looks rather savvy, without compromising comfort.

    22. Vegan leather boots β€” finding a responsibly-made shoe this stunning is no small feat, so you can go ahead and grab these in every color without even a bit of guilt or regret! Just don't tell your wallet what you've done.

    23. Royal Safari Greats – they're certainly gonna bring out your wild side, ya filthy (fashion-forward) animal!

    24. Mod booties that'll add the punch of plaid your wardrobe has been begging for since that first fall breeze blew in.

    25. Classic Vans for bringing out the VSCO girl inside all of us.

    26. Or Chucks if you'll be forever faithful to the other comfy n' cute shoe staple.

    27. Marc Fisher Shearling lace-ups β€” you should never feel ~sheepish~ about investing in a pair of big, fuzzy boots because they're sure to last for ages and help your cold toes stop feeling baaaaahd in snowy weather.

    28. Steve Madden sneakers you can slip on when the recipe for your day calls for a dash of casual comfort and a heaping cup of style. Your taste in fashion? Delectable!

    29. Adidas Cloudfoam running shoes designed with "pillow soft" cushioning and a Cloudfoam memory sock liner for all day comfort. You're gonna want to race to get these before they're all gone.

    30. Woven mules with a metallic touch that's sure to look brilliant with your basics.

    31. Clogs for fashion-forward folks who ~wood~ love a statement shoe that's actually comfortable for, you know, walking.

    32. Black tapestry creepers that'll delight gaudy goths who know know how rock some dark, romantic botanicals.

    33. Steel toe boots that are sure to look oh so chic with sharply cut ankles and *BONUS* the open design is also able to protect your ankles from getting rubbed to smithereens, like other tight leather boots tend to do.

    34. And finally, Stretch boots β€” calling these shoes your future favorite pair is not gonna be a ~stretch~ at all. In fact, it's inevitable.

    Now to figure out how I can afford *all* of these:

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