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    27 On-Sale Things Parents Will Want To Buy This Memorial Day

    The internet has created its own Mother's Day/Father's Day/Memorial Day mashup with all the fantastic parenting product sales springing up this week. Check out our favorites.

    1. A Petunia Picklebottom backpack for 30% off so you can store *everything* you need in one convenient and effortlessly chic spot.

    family in field with each parent holding a child and backpack on mother's back

    2. The Bruvi Bundle for 37% off so you can start your morning with the energy your toddler simply wakes up with. Coffee, you're too good for us. We don't deserve you.

    Coffee maker with filters, flavor cups, and packaging

    3. A four-pack of anti-colic Tommee Tippee baby bottles for 52% off so you can confidently feed your finicky infant.

    infant being held on sofa while reaching for bottle on windowsill

    4. A Bio Bidet Discovery DLS bidet toilet seat for 30% off (over $200 in savings!) with the ability to stream unlimited warm water, and self open/close the lid. This also adjusts water pressure and position, a night light, and UV sterilization. Treat yourself to the future and get your very own remote-controlled toilet now.

    5. A Dreamland Baby weighted sleep sack for 40% off for infants 0-6 months who cling to you all day, and need to feel like they're being hugged allll night long.

    infant wrapped in swaddle

    6. A set of six latte cereal bowls from Anthropologie for 25% off — these bowls are the perfect addition to your daily dinnerware. They are sturdy, a great size, *and* they're gonna look darling on your exposed kitchen shelves.

    six bowls stacked on top of one another

    7. A Davin & Adley nursing bralette for 35% off that'll have you feeling way cuter than any ol' nursing bra you find off the rack.

    8. A Dyson TP01 Pure Cool Purifier for 25% off to save your family from the sniffles this allergy season. This mighty fan removes 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in size. We're talkin' pollen, bacteria, and pet dander. Let this thing freshen up the indoors while providing cool, purified air. Delicious.

    9. A natural wood balance board for 40% off for creative kiddos who would love a toy that provides energetic, open-ended play.

    child balancing on curved board

    10. A heated eye massager for 60% off so your overstrained, dry, and puffy eyes get a moment's rest. If you suffer from migraines, this mighty machine might make a big difference! Plus, you can easily stream your favorite tunes through the Bluetooth speaker and thus, block out the sound of your kids watching Encanto for the 48th time this month.

    Reviewer falling asleep on couch with heated eye massager on face

    11. A Bee Helpful stuffy set for 35% off — each Slumberkins doll has a storybook that goes with it. Get this collection of friends and your child can have a whole group of reading buddies!

    12. An Echo Show 8 for 42% off so your kids will stop nagging you about the lack of tech in your house. Make this the control center of your own smart home as it monitors your place, streams shows and music, sets alarms, adjusts the thermostat, makes grocery lists, and (most importantly) tells your kids when it's time for them to go to bed.

    reviewer's echo show 8 set up and playing music from Amazon music

    13. A floral fashionista outfit for 30% from Kidpik, a site that offers children's clothing sold in bundles and full outfits, so your child can have a full closet this summer even if they're growing like a weed!

    child in floral top and denim shorts

    14. A Babyark convertible carseat for 17% off (that's $200 in savings!) for folks who are all about the latest and greatest investments in child safety. This surprisingly stunning carseat is made of carbon fiber and steel, has military-grade absorption, a machine-washable (and fire retardant) material, and adjusts for newborns up to 6-year-olds!

    15. A Samsung 28-cu ft 4-Door Smart French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker for 34% off (that's $1,100 off!) because your teenagers eat so much they practically live in the refrigerator 24/7. It's time to upgrade and give your old fridge the retirement it deserves.

    16. A Waterpik for 40% off because despite your best efforts, your family still treats dentil floss with disdain. This Waterpik is fun *and* functional. Get ready to brag about your fam's dental hygiene the next time you're all at dentist.

    The white waterpik flosser on bathroom counter

    17. A pair of daisy or round sunglasses from Babiators for up to 35% off so you can guarantee you are the parent of the cool, fashion-savvy, kid on the block.

    18. A Nutr variety bundle for 20% off so you can your crew can make waste-free nut- and plant-based milk from the comfort of your kitchen counter!

    nut milk machine beside latte and plate of almonds with cantaloupe and flowers nearby

    19. A Shark EZ Robot Vacuum for 45% off that'll vacuum all your floors *and* self-empty. You've got enough chores in your day...let the robot take care of this one.

    the robot vacuum under a couch

    20. A Big Bug Bundle for 28.5% off that'll save the day if your child is seriously bothered by bugs. If it seems like mosquitos and other creepy crawlies love monchin' on your munchkin, then you need this kit!

    21. A Casper Original Hybrid Mattress for 20% because parenting is exhausting. Get yourself a luxury mattress and sleep so well your baby is gonna be jealous.

    Casper original hybrid

    22. A Co-Sleeper bassinet from Arm's Reach for 15% off so your little one can safely snooze right beside you all night long.

    parent holding child in bed with bassinet angled over the end corner of the bed

    23. A Le Creuset 7.5-quart Dutch Oven for 20% off that one reviewer calls "the Bentley of cookware." If you feel like you're feeding an army every time family dinner rolls around, get yourself a sous chef that can take on the heavy lifting.

    orange le creuset dutch oven

    24. A portable 12-volt car jump booster pack for 41% off so you don't get stranded on the side of the road on a family road trip. Instead of calling AAA or awkwardly asking a passerby for a jump, you can use this to kickstart the engine and be on your way in minutes!

    Reviewer using the orange jump booster pack on vehicle

    25. A TikTok-famous veggie chopper for 40% off that'll help you prep (and cleanup!) in no time at all. The interchangeable blades just pop out, then just throw them right into the dishwasher!

    Reviewer putting a potato on a flip top lid cutter and bringing the lid down to chop it into pieces
    Model pressing down on top to cut an onion

    Check out a TikTok of the veggie chopper in action. 

    Promising review: "I finally decided it was time to give one of these a try. I always keep chopped bell peppers and onions in my freezer to have ready for fajitas, chili, etc. I dreaded the job of chopping everything so much that sometimes I would even have to throw away bell peppers and it went bad before I got to them. So, for the loss of all of those peppers, I decided to compensate by getting one of these. What would take quite a while to do in the past now just takes a few minutes. And all of the pieces looks so uniform and will cook so much more evenly! I wish I had of done this so long ago!" —Paula Bond

    Get it from Amazon for $23.99+ (originally $39.99, available in three colors).

    26. A digital photo frame for 41% off — connect your family and friends to the app and you can all share photos onto the frame, no matter where you all live!

    the faux-wood digital frame displaying holiday photo

    27. And finally, an indoor playground for 20% off to keep your energetic littles active all day, even if bad weather keeps you cooped up inside. This has a slide, a climbing wall, a swing, monkey bars, and more!

    Now go celebrate your parenting victories with a dance party...or a nap.