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    35 Mother’s Day Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Food And Wine (So, Like, All Moms)

    Grab a giant chocolate cupcake or a snazzy bottle of wine — do *not* be the child who forgets Mother's Day again. Your siblings will never let you live it down.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Mother's Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 9th!

    1. A bouquet of buttercream-frosted flower cookies complete with long stems and leaf detailing which is a refreshing upgrade to a traditional flower arrangement. You know, refreshing in a rich, buttery, and sugary kind of way. 

    A bouquet of 12 long stemmed flower cookies in pink, yellow, and cream

    Each arrangement (of either six or 12 flower cookies) comes in gorgeous wrapping and includes the long stemmed sugar cookies decorated with buttercream frosting in three colors).

    Get them from Cheryl's for $39.99+ (available in quantities of six and 12). 

    2. An ice cream gift box that'll take you both back to the times you made walloping sundaes when you were a kid. Plus, the joy of rainbow sprinkles never loses its charm!

    the ice cream sundae gift box with strawberry and chocolate mixes, hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles, and two bowls

    3. A box of sunshine — bright and sunny treats that just might lift up your summer-lovin' mama, who would far rather snack inside than hang out in the spring rain.

    Gift box with goodies like popcorn, cookies, tea, and more

    4. A chocolate bash cake — a whack-y gift (with a nine-month shelf life!) sure to make your mom laugh.

    5. A "best of" meat box that'll give your mom the best ingredients to work with on her date nights with Ina Garten.

    Several pieces of uncooked meat on cutting boards and plates

    6. A TokyoTreat subscription so you can send your mom fun Japanese candy and snacks every month. We're talkin' Pokemon Hinamatsuri Snack Packs, Pandaro Cookies, and Strawberry Mochi KitKats. YUM.

    Several different candies and treats beside a TokyoTreat box

    7. A curated wine flight from In Good Taste for your mom to try a variety of unique wines from all over the world. From Italy to Cali, she's in for a fabulous tour of tannic, smooth, and full-bodied flavors (along other wine words!).

    8. Or a Winc subscription, a service that'll send your mom four or more bottles of wine each make up for all the times you would ~wine~ until she let you try a tiny sip of her merlot. She taught you well.

    Box at doorstep with four bottles of wine beside it

    9. A pack of London Fog Earl Grey tea so you can ~rise~ to the occasion and give your early-bird mommy a practical gift she'll really love!

    Several cans of tea inside packaging

    10. A box of chocolate covered strawberries — a classic gift your mom is gonna love ~berry~ much.

    Several strawberries covered in milk chocolate and white chocolate stripes

    11. A pack of eight blooming lollipops — you won't have a ~lick~ of regret grabbing this fun gift. Just have your mom throw the sticks in her garden and soon she'll have perky plants that remind her of you!

    Several small suckers with herbs around them

    12. A 2-pound fudge box, because you can't ~fudge up~ and forget Mother's Day again. With this, you can choose from a massive variety of flavors to make sure you select your mom's favorites.

    Six blocks of fudge inside a box

    13. A truly mouthwatering caviar flight with enough caviar to serve up to 10 people. Simply select from the domestic, international, and imported caviar options (you get three!). This gift is so good Mom might think it's ~fishy~ that she's getting it.

    Full caviar kit with three jars, packet of blinis, creme, and carrier bag

    14. A jar of Zach & Zoë Creamed wildflower honey from a family honey bee farm that uses all-natural processes, so you can give a sweet and responsible gift that's truly the bee's knees.

    Honeycomb on cutting board

    15. A box of 24 customizable shortbread cookies sure to help you say "I love you" in the most universal way possible, through their stomach.

    Scalloped edge rectangular shortbread cookies with pressed words on top

    16. A dried fruit gift basket that's totally gonna ~produce~ a smile on your mama's face.

    17. A meat bouquet, because a floral bouquet is so basic one of your siblings is sure to think of it. A MEAT bouquet, on the other're about to be the favorite child.

    18. A picnic basket filled to the brim with mouth-watering treats and a bottle of wine to wash it all down. With this gift, enjoying Mother's Day is sure to be a walk in the park.

    Classic picnic basket filled with fruit, nuts, and cheese with a wine bottle beside it

    19. A tin of 12 gluten free fruity marshmallow cookies from the cult-favorite Milk Bar, for gluten-intolerant moms who feel connected to Cookie Monster on an almost spiritual level.

    Gooey cookie being broken in half

    20. A rustic jam sampler by Kerber's Farm because breakfast and high tea spreads are totally her ~jam~.

    the wooden box of three jars of jam with twine tied around it

    Kerber's Farm is located in Huntington, New York and makes all sorts of charming and gift-able boxes of goodies. This sampler includes their Apple Jam, Fig Jam, and Kerberry Jam, or get a two-pack, which includes just the Apple and Kerberry flavors. 

    Get the sampler from Food52 for $36+ (available in sets of two or three). 

    21. A Spanish salami sampler because what true meat connoisseur wouldn't love to taste the best chorizo Spain has to offer?

    The box of chorizo salamis with the brand label on the front of each salami reading Olympia Provisions

    22. An apéritif sampler set so your mom can enjoy trying out four different drinks. These are all made with natural ingredients (no refined sugars or artificial ingredients), fruits, herbs, and botanicals. With this gift, your mom can easily figure out her favorite...child. And wine.

    Four bottles of Haus styled on a table

    23. A bundle of four delicious coffees from Bean & Bean, an AAPI, mother-daughter-owned company that supports tons of important causes, so you can give your mom a tasty gift with a powerful cause. 

    the four bags of coffee, including one mystery bag with a question mark on it
    the NYC Top 4 bundle graphic
    Bean & Bean

    Founded by Korean American mother Rachel and daughter Jiyoo, Bean & Bean has a wide variety of delicious coffees and teas, all ethically sourced and thoughtfully curated. They support major causes like Female Equity in Coffee, as well as Costa Rica's Sloth Institute, by donating 1% of their proceeds to help injured baby sloths rejoin into healthy ecosystems. 

    Th NYC Top 4 Bundle includes three of Bean & Bean's most popular coffees ( Downtown Blend, Indonesia Sumatra, and Peru Las Damas), as well as one ~mystery~ flavor, in case you weren't already excited. 

    Promising review: "The Downtown Blend is my absolute favorite from Bean & Bean. I love the ritual of starting my day with a cup of coffee, and this blend did not disappoint. It's smooth and flavorful - a little woodsy, a little nutty, and slightly sweet, but not in an overpowering way. It's also nice to drink a cup of coffee and know all of the positive things about how the blend and brand came to be, as well as all of the awesome causes it supports." –Clara McMahon, BuzzFeed writer

    Get the bundle from Bean & Bean for $79 (available in ground or whole bean options; check out their full selection of coffee here). 

    24. Or a bag of bourbon-infused coffee she will surely be esspres-so excited to try out.

    Bag of coffee in front of fresh cup

    25. A beer can chicken crate that's a little weird *squints* but effective in helping them create the most flavorful and juicy roast chicken.

    The beer can crate with a chicken sitting on one as an example and the seasonings that are included in the kit

    26. A pair of truffle-based sauces (black truffle *ranch* and *Sriracha*) to give any mom who knows that food with intense flavor is the spice of life!

    27. A bag of delicious toasted coconut chips with some packaging that'll leave your mom laughing ("dang" is their favorite curse word, after all).

    Three bags of coconut chips

    28. Or a bag of brown sugar candied bacon for any mom who knows how to snack like a champion.

    29. A Pickle of the Month subscription — a fun gift that'll, at the very least, give Mom a good chuckle (and a great snack!). I personally think this is the *perfect* gift if shopping for your mom feels like a real ~pickle~.

    Three pickles jars with one extra in wrapping

    30. A retro candy box so they can remember the sweet sweet taste of life...before you. Juuust kidding! They love you. Especially when you give them gifts.

    Several different types of candy inside decorative box

    31. A box of 16 gourmet brownies from Brownie Points that'll give Mom's famous bake sale brownies a run for their money (but their nostalgic value will forever remain priceless!).

    the 16 assorted brownies
    Brownie Points / Goldbelly

    Based in Columbus, OH, Brownie Points is a woman-owned company that specializes in making some of the fudgiest, dreamiest, and most decadent brownies in the game. They also boast an assortment of unique flavors. This gift box in particular includes (*drumroll*) "Birthday Cake," "Butterscotch Sensation," "Cappuccino Toffee Fudge," "Caramel Apple Fudge," "Chocolate Caramel Crunch," "Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt," "Chocolate Fudge," "Creme de Menthe," "Double Chocolate Chunk," "Fudgy Cookie," "Original Kitchen Sink," "Peanut Butter Passion," "Raspberry Caramel Fudge," and "Sticky Cinnamon Bun." 

    Note: flavors are based on availability. 

    Get it from Brownie Points on Goldbelly for $49.95.

    32. A breakfast gift basket because your mom is the reigning queen of brunch and could always use some goodies to make her spreads extra delish. Just be sure to be readily available to help with any flipping of pancakes or making of coffee!

    the breakfast gift basket with pancake mix, coffee, syrup, james, and cinnamon bun mix
    Stonewall Kitchen

    This basket includes all of your breakfast essentials: pancake mix, maple syrup, coffee, cinnamon bun mix, and both strawberry and blueberry jam. And if you likes this, we've got you covered with some recommendations of places to buy gift baskets online!

    Promising review: "I ordered three of these to be sent to family over the holidays. Well worth it! All the products in the basket are great. Who doesn't love a breakfast basket! I received a call from each family saying how beautiful the basket was and how they loved how different of an idea it was. I will definitely be ordering this again in the future." –Michelle 

    Get it from Stonewall Kitchen for $74.95.

    33. Or some glittery maple syrup for Mom to add a little "Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo" to her morning stack of flapjacks (which should absolutely be served to her in bed on Mother's Day). 

    a ramekin full of glittery maple syrup on a plate with apple slices
    the bottle of glittery maple syrup
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "This was the perfect gift for my family members for the holidays! My family has many little princes and princesses who were so excited to see the glimmer in the bottle when they opened their gift! The sparkles were visible when used on their pancakes and the syrup was quite tasty!" –Aunt with the Sparkles 

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $18.

    34. Chili Crunch Variety Pack trio from Momofuku for the adventurous mom whose favorite foods generally include spice, spice, and more spice. She can throw this over noodles, rice, eggs, veggies, or just about anything her heart desires for an added kick and a boost of flavor. 

    the three jars of chili oil against a yellow background

    What's included: Momofuku's original chili oil, "Chili Crunch," as we all "Black Truffle" and "Extra Spicy" varieties.

    Promising review: "Nearly every savory dish I’ve eaten since receiving my order, I’ve put the Extra Spicy Chili Crunch in, and it makes it 1000x more delicious!" –Anhthu H.

    Get it from Momofuku for $45.

    35. And a Harney & Sons Mother's Day tea blend that includes 30 sachets of floral, caffeine-free tea in a gorgeous tin that can be repurposed into home decor, too

    the ornate blue and purple floral tin of mother's day tea

    Promising review: "I just love this tea! It’s BEAUTIFUL! The tin is gorgeous, and the tea itself is even more pretty. The taste is delicately impressive. I like to enjoy this tea at night when I’m unwinding and relaxing. Will be buying another to gift to my mom on Mother’s Day." –nitro7

    Get it from Amazon for $12.

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