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    35 Maxi Dresses You'll Want To Wear All Spring And Summer

    The longer your dresses, the longer the warm weather will last. That's science. I asked.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A flowing maxi gown that can keep you covered (no matter how much you twist and twirl).

    2. A tomato ensemble with a fresh pattern too cute to ever go out of style, so you can keep this as a family ~heirloom~ forever.

    3. An off-the-shoulder dress that'll keep you from going off-the-wall when the heat really starts kicking in.

    4. A flowing gown conveniently designed to match the venue and theme for every wedding you'll be attending this year.

    5. A daring, dark dress for anyone who wants to stun in the sun while also giving off a subtle "anti-sunshine" vibe.

    6. An airy light blue dress with a paisley pattern, adjustable sleeves, and button-down front that is sure to satisfy those spring and summer vibes.

    7. A lightweight dress you can wear basically until Halloween winds hit us up again.

    8. A lush tied maxi with a figure-hugging shape that'll ~leaf~ everyone breathless.

    9. An asymmetrical dress for every tall girl who wishes a maxi actually met their expectations. Don't worry, this dress will have you (and your ankles) covered.

    10. A basic racerback maxi, because the best part about spring and summer vacation is sleeping in, and in this super soft shift you're gonna feel like you never even left your bed.

    11. A pleated maxi that'll definitely be a ~bright~ idea all year long.

    12. A sheer detailed dress you can pair with every piece of lingerie that deserves to be seen.

    13. A perfectly revealing romper to give you the length you want while still showing off your stunning legs — definitely the best of both worlds.

    14. A cheetah print piece with a plunging V-neck, ruffled sleeves, and some definite ~bite.~

    15. Or a cotton dress that'll look straight out of the jungle.

    16. A cozy dress perfect for spring storms and "oh oh those summer nights."

    17. A sweeping maxi with high slits so you can stroll confidently and comfortably throughout all of sandal season.

    18. A striped number that'll compliment your every perfect curve.

    19. A flowy floral dress designed for desert sun, cityskapes, ocean sides, and everywhere else vacation season takes you.

    20. A shimmering gown sure to help you shine when you stand in the sun.

    21. A stretchy maxi you can know will actually look like a maxi dress, even for those of us who are oh so very tall.

    22. A lightweight dress perfect for wearing on its own, layering up, and basically never taking off.

    23. A leopard print piece you know will be the ~cat's meow.~

    24. A preppy dress designed to wear in fields of flowers — you can practically hear Maria von Trapp singing scales just by looking at it.

    25. A floral number that'll be as rosy as your cheeks will be from the compliments you get while wearing it.

    26. A seriously chic dress to wrap yourself in on date night before your boo wraps you in their arms.

    27. An edgy one for giving you a leg-up in every competition.

    28. A simple cotton dress you'll want to wear all year long, because it'll go with every style and every season.

    29. A silk slip you'd better get before it's gone, you wouldn't want to ~slip up~ and miss your chance to get this stunner!

    30. A casual tie-dye maxi to tie ~dye~ for.

    31. A smooth striped dress you can wear whenever it's time to slip into something special.

    32. A striking gown Taylor Swift would swipe right off your body, because she knows as well as we do, loving it will be red.

    33. A poppy dress that'll remind you to keep it chic all season long.

    34. A velvet maxi to make a (soft) statement.

    35. And a stunning sheer dress that'll absolutely impress all the members of the yacht club you are now the president of.

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