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    26 Kits For People Who Want To Start Crafting But Don't Know Where To Start

    These really are the whole ~kit~ and caboodle.

    1. A pillow weaving kit with stunning materials and in-depth instructions that'll give beginners the FYI on DIY fiber art perfection.

    2. A custom paint-by-number piece sure to help you stop counting down the days you spend in quarantine – you're gonna be too busy counting the numbers on your canvas and thriving in isolation by painting...yourself.

    3. A leather belt-making set you can enjoy working on even if you haven't put on pants (let alone a belt) in over two weeks.

    4. A needle felting garland for plant lovers who need some flowers botanic-all over their apartment while they're stuck inside.

    5. A customizable botanical candle to help you breath easy (with something you've made from scratch!) when your meditations have been muddled by the smell of your roommate's basset hound.

    6. A mozzarella and ricotta DIY cheese kit that'll help bring back your ~cheesy~ side when grocery shopping woes have left you feeling nothing but hangry these days.

    7. A DIY wolf kit you can work on if filling your days with engaging activities is starting to get really ~ruff~.

    8. A watchmaking set that'll help fill the time *and* help you track it.

    9. A craft subscription designed for adults who don't have the attention span to stick with just *one* hobby. More! Is! More!

    10. A National Geographic tumbler that'll encourage your kids to embrace some anti-social rock collecting fun when you go on walks and help show them that patience really does, ahem, ~rock~.

    11. A hand dye kit sure to help you create unique, personalized pieces that are (and I can't stress this enough) to ~dye~ for.

    12. A mobile paper robot kit so darn delightful you won't mind being alone in your apartment anymore. This little bot loves all the same movies as you, is a great listener, and is totally gonna give you a run for your money with her staring contest skills. Best roommate ever.

    13. A balloon animal kit for college students who need some fresh new ways to clown around while they're back home and in a prime position to entertain (annoy) their parents.

    14. A large terrarium kit so stunning you're gonna wonder, "Terrari-UM, why didn't I make one of these sooner?!"

    15. A DIY home decor subscription that'll give your place the zhuzh it deserves when things start looking stagnant or stale.

    16. A cross stitch kit for Friends fans who have spent quarantine playing furniture Tetris and now know the importance of a well-executed pivot.

    17. A yarn unicorn kit to add a little magic to your forced homeschool situation.

    18. A soap making kit — a germ-conscious project so lovely it's sure to make you feel all bubbly inside.

    19. A pair of electronic art pieces that'll be a ~bright~ idea if you and your family keep getting your wires crossed just because you're all bored.

    20. A folding knife kit — the craftsman in your life is sure to consider this activity a ~cut~ above the rest.

    21. A DIY lip balm box you can snag if putting on makeup each day is a chore you're glad to skip, but you think making it would be the ~balm~.

    22. A macrame planter kit that'll give your favorite plant the attention it deserves – we're ~knot~ kidding.

    23. A felt succulents kit for people who know they still won't remember to water live plants even when they're currently home 24/7.

    24. A pair of heavy duty build-it-yourself sandals that'll keep you from feeling de-feet-ed by uncomfortable, bulky shoes and boots.

    25. A Matryoshka set so you can have some real dolls as roommates when your *actual* roommates are driving you up the wall.

    26. And finally, a floral resin jewelry kit you can get if being alone all this time makes you want to create something special for your very best ~bud~ (even if that's yourself).

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