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    32 Kits For People Who Want To Start Crafting But Don't Know Where To Start

    You're about to get ~really~ into dying your own wool. Best get prepared.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A metal stamp set with every letter in the alphabet, so you can start personalizing jewelry and trinkets to your heart's content!

    2. A needlepoint pillow kit with some encouraging subject matter for crafters who like to take things slow.

    A lifestyle shot of the sloth pillow completed and displayed on top of a decorative trunk

    3. A custom paint-by-number piece sure to help you thrive while socially distancing by painting...yourself.

    4. A DIY felt garland for plant lovers who need some flowers botanic-all over their apartment At! All! Times!

    A floral garland made of twine with felted flowers of varying colors and shapes and felted leaves. They are hanging over a doorway.

    5. A customizable botanical candle to help you breathe easy when your meditations have been muddled by the smell of your roommate's basset hound.

    A flat lay shot of the candle in a cube glass container surrounded by flower petals

    6. A dandelion needlepoint your friends are all gonna *wish* for themselves when they see your finished product.

    An embroidery hoop with a completed dandelion on sheer fabric

    7. A mozzarella and ricotta DIY cheese kit that'll help bring back your ~cheesy~ side when grocery shopping woes have left you feeling nothing but hangry these days.

    8. A DIY dog kit you can work on if filling your days with engaging activities is starting to get really ~ruff~.

    Four palm-sized needle felted dogs. There is a beagle, a pug, a sheepdog, and a collie.

    9. A craft subscription designed for adults who don't have the attention span to stick with just *one* hobby. More! Is! More!

    A flat lay shot of one possible craft activity made with paint and cut wood

    10. A sassy embroidery kit that'll tell it how it is.

    An embroidery hoop with a finished piece that has flowers around the words "who cares"

    11. A beginner's whittling kit – it's gonna be a ~sharp~ idea if you're looking to entertain yourself by learning a new skill.

    Comfort Bird Carving Kit For Beginners

    12. A National Geographic tumbler that'll be beloved if you have a kid who always ends up hoarding rocks in their pockets after going on walks. Plus, this nifty device will show them that patience really does, ahem, ~rock~.

    Two kids pouring ingredients into rock tumbler

    13. A hand dye kit sure to help you create unique, personalized pieces that are (and I can't stress this enough) to ~dye~ for.

    14. A bath bomb pick so you can doubly treat yourself by bringing out your creative side and while doing so, fix up a spa-night worth enjoying later.

    A person filling the provided mold with powder. They have the ingredients and instructions on the table in front of them.

    15. A DIY bracelet box that'll be loved by anyone who knows that more is more when it comes to accessories. ESPECIALLY the ones you make yourself!

    Craft Crush Bracelet Box

    16. A mobile paper robot kit so darn delightful you just might have found your new best friend.

    A paper robot half finished

    17. A balloon animal kit for college students who need some fresh new ways to clown around while they're back home and in a prime position to entertain (annoy) their parents.

    Balloon Animal University

    18. A large terrarium kit so stunning you're gonna wonder, "Terrari-UM, why didn't I make one of these sooner?!"

    A large glass terrarium with plants, moss, soil, and bedrock

    19. A beeswax candle kit – a DIY choice that's totally gonna be the bee's knees.

    20. A DIY lip balm box you can snag if putting on makeup each day is a chore you're glad to skip, but you think making it would be the ~balm~.

    A flat lay of all the products and ingredients that come with the box

    21. A DIY home decor subscription that'll give your place the zhuzh it deserves when things start looking stagnant or stale.

    22. A cross-stitch kit for Friends fans who have spent hours playing furniture Tetris and now know the importance of a well-executed pivot.

    An embroidery hoop with a sofa and the word "Pivot!"

    23. A yarn unicorn kit to add a little magic to your home decor.

    24. A bonsai starter kit sure to dazzle the green thumb in your life. But even if you're brand-new to planting, you won't beleaf how easy this starter kit is!

    A shot of soil, labels, plants, twine, and instructions

    25. A soap making kit – a germ-conscious project so lovely it's sure to make you feel all bubbly inside.

    Two bars of clear soap with flower petals inside

    26. A mango hot sauce mix to prove that crafting is totally a ~spicy~ pastime!

    Produce, spices, and bottles that come with the hot sauce kit

    27. A pair of electronic art pieces that'll be a ~bright~ idea if you and your family keep getting your wires crossed just because you're all bored.

    28. A knife kit – the craftsperson in your life is sure to consider this activity a ~cut~ above the rest.

    EZ Smith Folding Knife Kit

    29. A macrame planter kit that'll give your favorite plant the attention it deserves – we're ~knot~ kidding.

    30. A felt succulents kit for people who know they still won't remember to water live plants even when they're home 24/7.

    A person twisting together a piece of cut out fabric to make it look like a succulent

    31. A wood burning kit that'll prove to the naysayers that crafting is ~hot~.

    A reviewer holding an arched piece of wood with an engraving of two birds resting on plant stems

    32. And finally, a pair of heavy duty build-it-yourself sandals that'll keep you from feeling de-feet-ed by uncomfortable, bulky shoes and boots. Just embrace the cobbler inside you and make your own feather-light shoes. Cool. Very cool.

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