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    31 Kitchen Products That'll Totally Impress Your Mom

    A microplane zester, collapsible colander, silicone baking cups, and 27 other things that'll show your mom you're more than just a Pop-Tart connoisseur.

    1. A microplane zester/grater — your mom will love the delicious little details you add to baked goods with this, but you'll know the real reason you're gonna get it is to make yourself some tasty cheese sprinkles.

    2. A gorgeous 10-piece kitchen set that'll have you (and your pots) covered no matter what you decide to make. Plus these'll make your kitchen look uniform and beautiful, something your mom will most definitely applaud.

    3. A pot rack so that you don't have to pan-ick over a cluttered kitchen when your family comes to visit.

    4. A KitchenAid, because your opinions might not ~mix~ very often, but your mutual love of standing mixers (and the tasty treats you make with them) will connect you and your mom forever.

    5. A collapsable colander for impressing your mom as you drain, strain, and put away everything in one minute flat.

    6. A sushi making kit to help you make sushi so perfect your mom will think something ~fishy~ is going on... where's that takeout box?

    7. A silicone pastry mat that doubles as a baking liner, so you can make perfectly sized pastries that'll almost ~measure up~ to your mom's perfect desserts.

    8. An onion chopper for chopping onions so efficiently they won't even have time to make you tear up, but your mom might tear up over how efficiently you now cook.

    9. A cookbook from The Great British Baking Show your mom is gonna love to see in your kitchen (Mary) ~Berry~ much.

    10. A set of 30 produce bags that'll keep your produce as fresh as your mother's groovy slang... well, maybe fresher than that.

    11. A butter cutter to help you put the perfect pad of butter on your mom's toast (making up for the fact that the only thing you might know how to prepare for your mom is toast).

    12. A meat tenderizer, because your mom has been trying to ~pound~ this tip into your memory forever — tenderized meat cooks, and tastes, better! Seriously, use this thing and your meaty main course is sure to be a ~hit~!

    13. An all-in-one pineapple tool that'll remove the stem, core, peel, and slice your tasty fruit so well you'll be the (pine) apple of your mother's eye every time you make her a fruit salad.

    14. A pack of 12 reusable silicone baking cups for earth-conscious bakers whose moms will think saving paper is as sweet as the cupcakes themselves.

    15. A Ninja blender so you can smooth-ie things over with your mom when times get tough.

    16. A pair of paw shredder claws that'll make a meal so good your mom will hardly be able to ~bear~ it.

    17. A stainless steel soap to keep your skin from smelling like garlic after cooking, which your mom will think is the sweet smell of successful parenting.

    18. A silicone cake mold you can use when you want to ~shell out~ something especially sweet for your favorite beach buddy.

    19. A fruit hammock that hangs from your kitchen cabinets, because having cluttered counters is gonna drive you (and your mom) bananas.

    20. A food prep bowl with three grating plates for when you need a ~grate~ way to prep dinner for your family without making a mess.

    21. A high-tech juicer that will make your mom happy knowing that at least you chase down shots of vodka with a healthy shot of wheatgrass on occasion.

    22. A brown sugar softener that'll make your mom say, "Good job keeping your ingredients fresh, ~Sugar~."

    23. A veggie spiralizer to impress your mom with a "pasta" dish that has a real ~twist~.

    24. A self-cleaning whisk to ~wipe~ away any worries you have about getting sauce or frosting on the counters. The only problem is that your mom is gonna ~whisk~ she had one too!

    25. A garlic press that'll make cooking such a breeze, your mom'll want to gar-lick her plate clean.

    26. A digital scale for when you want to ~weigh-in~ on the best ways to upgrade your secret family recipes.

    27. A drawer organizer you can customize to the tune of your mother's A-type personality — keeping an organized kitchen is something you're glad your parents taught you.

    28. A cookie press, because your mom taught you good baking tools are always gonna be worth the ~dough~ it takes to get them.

    29. A two-piece grip and splatter lid set that'll keep your hands from getting burned — your mom'll love knowing you keep a rubber cover around to practice safe... sautéing.

    30. A matte black butter bell that'll be a great gift to get yourself, and your mom, this holiday season. Because everyone knows you two are ~butter~ together.

    31. And finally, a three-piece nylon knife set so you can teach your own kids the same skills your mother taught you.

    When your mom sees these in your kitchen.

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