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    26 Inexpensive Tees You'll Want To Buy In Every Color

    Because getting more than one is way more fun.

    1. A striped crewneck tee to cure anyone's writer's block with a solid color block.

    2. A loose fitting patterned shirt that'll leave you and your ~buds~ all ~starry-eyed~.

    3. A short sleeved tee for any baseball fans who knows it's three ~stripes~ and you're out (on the town).

    4. A ruched tee you can cinch up in one move to go from looking comfy and casual to looking tight, literally.

    5. A flowy tee so you can go with the flow (literally) no matter what event you're attending.

    6. A V-neck shirt that'll look v cute on your body.

    7. An elbow-length top so inexpensive you can get one for every day of the week... and the week after that.

    8. A darling traditional T-shirt for anyone who knows you can be just as cute as you are casual.

    9. A knit tee with flowers or polka dots, which is sure to be your go-to top whenever you want to look dressy while basically being in your pajamas all day (and night) long.

    10. A curve-hugging baby tee that'll have you looking like a real babe, no matter your age.

    11. A lumberjack tee, because you shouldn't have to give up fall flannel even though it still feels like the middle of summer outside.

    12. A graphic tee for anyone who is ~notorious~ for wearing politically witty shirts.

    13. A cold-shoulder tee so you can ~cut it out~ with the boring basic blouses.

    14. A funny tee that'll have you laughing a (sand) lot throughout your pregnancy.

    15. A cap-sleeve cami sure to look ~seamless~ on your sweet self.

    16. A floral top with sleeve details so cute they're gonna ~bow~ you away.

    17. A basic tee that'll basically tell it exactly as it is.

    18. A cotton tee with a plunging neckline. BRB, taking a deep dive into my bank account while I buy every one of these.

    19. A shirred V-neck top for a mom-approved throw-on-and-go look that'll have just enough detail to rock it at drop-off.

    20. A Jersey T-shirt with tons of patterns and a relaxed fit, great for traveling around the world or around your apartment.

    21. A multi-patterned top you better get now — if you ~pocket~ this for too long it's sure to be gone!

    22. A V-neck top that'll be the best basic you've ever put on your body, no matter which color (or colors) you choose.

    23. A criss-cross top sure to be a treasure in your closet. Because really, X marks the spot.

    24. A super satisfying half sleeve tee perfect for game day, or any day.

    25. A lovely ruffled sleeve tee, because wearing a T-shirt doesn't mean you can't get fancy.

    26. And finally, a billowy tee that'll swing like your favorite mini and'll always let you feel dressy, even while wearing a pair of jeans.

    When people aren't as enthusiastic about your new shirts as they should be.

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