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    33 Home Improvement Products That'll Spruce Up What You Already Own

    Give the things you already own some tender loving care.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A stainless-steel rainfall showerhead that'll turn your simple shower into a simply luxurious spa experience.

    2. A wireless library light you can use to highlight favorite books or pieces of art in your home. It has both warm and cool light settings, so it can easily match your seasonal aesthetic shift.

    3. A no-glue privacy window film for enjoying the sun without neighbors seeing through your first-floor windows. Not only does this let the sun in, but this particular design projects rainbows into your home when the light hits it just right!

    4. An adjustable gold curtain rod sure to give your curtains a little lift. These prove that enhancing home decor is all in the little details, rather than major purchases.

    5. A gray and black crocodile peel-and-stick wallpaper for giving an old piece of furniture some texture and depth. This is no croc — this material is *made* for DIY newbies who need a new look.

    6. Under-cabinet lights that'll be a cinch to install and make your kitchen look magazine-ready, no matter how old the cabinets are up top.

    7. A pack of 24 mandala stencils that are durable, reusable, and washable. Add a bold pattern to your plain furniture (or fabrics!) and bring your space to life!

    8. A Tushy bidet — it only takes about 10 minutes to install! Get this spiffy setup on your traditional toilet seat and your rear end will never be dirty again!

    reviewer image of the tushy classic bidet installed in a customer's toilet

    9. A set of solid brass cabinet drawer pulls and knobs for adding a statement piece to furniture and cabinets that are looking bland as can be.

    10. Or acrylic drawer pulls that'll ~clearly~ improve the look of your old furniture. Replacing hardware is always the first step of a delicious upgrade.

    a reviewer's bathroom cabinets with the acrylic and gold pulls
    a different reviewer's dresser with nine of the acrylic and gold pulls

    Promising review: "These are beautiful, I didn’t expect them to feel so high-quality! I though they are going to feel like plastic but it feels like glass! I’m in love! Buy them!!!" —Meagan

    Get a five-pack from Amazon for $20.99 (available in several sets and styles).

    11. A bottle of touch-up paint to soothe your soul if that one scuff mark on your wall has been MOCKING you for weeks now. Yes, trying to put up a shelf on your own ended in disaster. Thank you for reminding me, scuff mark!

    12. A set of removable tile decals for giving your entryway a stylish step-up without installing pricey tiles.

    curved staircase with stickers on the risers that look like real tile

    13. A hard-water remover that's gonna make your shower doors look so clean your freshly washed body is gonna be genuinely jealous.

    before/after of shower door with before photo showing cloudy film and after photo showing clear door

    14. An under-the-sink water filtration system so you can grab a glass and drink straight from the sink, knowing it's already filtered perfection.

    The system hooked up in the cabinet under a kitchen sink (it's about the size of a small fire extinguisher)

    15. A door draft stopper sure to be a great choice if the gap under your door already has plans to suck all your heat into the chilly, undeserving hallway this winter.

    16. A set of thick velvet slip covers for turning your hand-me-down furniture into a piece worthy of your Instagram persona's perfect aesthetic.

    17. A wooden beaded garland you can wrap around *literally* any random item in your home to give it a decorative boost. My toilet paper holder is about to look fancy as frick.

    18. A nontoxic leather conditioner that'll bring your beloved leather reading chair back to life. All you need is a thin spread of this spiffy conditioner and you''ll be g2g! Now, what page did you leave off on?

    19. A set of carriage door magnets — throw these snazzy things on your garage and you're gonna make your sedan feel sensational every time you pull into the driveway.

    20. A powder polish that'll practically melt away the baked-on grit and grime you thought was just a part of your kitchen at this point. This stuff works in an instant and needs no muscle!

    21. A set of four motion sensor lights you can mount pretty much anywhere in your yard, helping you see clearly when your black lab has no plans to go back inside after you let her out. Thanks to these lights, ol' Shadow will always be hiding in plain site.

    22. Interlocking Teak tiles I'm pretty certain were made specifically to turn rentals into brag-worthy homes. You don't need tools to install them as long as they're going on a hard, flat surface. That means you'll be able to simply take them apart and pack them up the next time you move!

    23. A leaf shine formula because even your plants are gonna appreciate some attention. Look at that shine! I can hardly, ahem, beleaf it!

    reviewer's plant with one leaf much shinier than another

    24. A fence window for dogs who take their neighborhood watch shifts very seriously. Put this in your fence so they can keep an eye on everything that's going on in the front yard while you're out.

    25. A can of front door and shutter paint that's gonna dry in under an hour. So go ahead, change your home's exterior whenever inspiration strikes! Butter yellow shutters and a bright red door? A delight!

    26. A hand carved post cap you can place on top of your stair posts to give your entryway a handmade highlight.

    artichoke shaped pedestal toppers carved from wood

    27. A stone-effect spray paint with results that are gonna knock your socks off. There's no need to replace an ugly sink least not when you have a stone spray that ~rocks~ this much!

    28. A two-tier chandelier with 100 transparent vials fit for an entire bouquet of wildflowers. This "light" can cover up any ugly lighting you've got glaring down at you. This is perfect for stylish souls who know nothing brightens up a room better than botanicals. 

    chandelier with pink flowers inside
    the same chandelier with wildflowers
    Pani Jurek / Etsy, Pani Jurek / Etsy