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    48 Home Products From Amazon That'll Make Excellent Gifts

    These gifts are gonna put Santa to shame.

    1. A decorative jar so you can add a supportive (if slightly more sophisticated) touch to your rather rustic friend's growing mason jar collection.

    2. A compact wood alarm clock that'll keep the lovable blockhead in your life from forgetting to wake up for class...again.

    3. A set of four trinket dishes so the knickknack collector in your life can keep their tiniest treasures in a safe and stylish spot.

    4. A cotton or eucalyptus farmhouse wreath sure to add a cozy, festive touch to your holiday-holic BFF's door no matter what holiday is on its way. Arbor Day is only four months away, after all!

    5. A wall mounted rainy pot – a gift that's gonna help your summer-lovin' surfer see that even dreary weather has a darling side.

    6. A transparent LED desk lamp that's ~clearly~ gonna help improve your student's study sessions, simply because they won't wanna leave their desk when it has decor this cool!

    7. A pair of dyed agate bookends, because the perfect ge-ode to an avid reader's favorite novels is gonna be displaying them in a way that really *ahem* rocks.

    8. A porcelain diffuser – a "gift" for your shared apartment. Or more specifically, for those times when you wolf down a bean and cheese burrito and need to cleanse the scent of *yourself* out of the room before your partner gets back.

    9. A plush bean bag chair that'll be the squishiest statement piece they've ever seen and be loved by adults and children alike.

    10. A Stagg pour-over kettle so you can give your delightfully snobby friend a gift they can't help but applaud.

    11. A vanity mirror with tiered accessory trays, because your mom deserves some beautiful decor that multi-tasks as well as she does.

    12. A pair of rainbow drip candles they can put inside a vase, wine bottle, or candle holder. These colorful candles will brighten up their room even better than the flame they light 'em with!

    13. A cool gel memory foam pillow that absorbs body heat and releases it from the other end of the pillow. Get this and your hot-headed S.O. is gonna be able to *literally* cool off at the end of a long day.

    14. A handmade rib knit pouf for sprucing up their limited living room space with a unique and natural seating option.

    15. A ceramic wall hook that's totally gonna make your friends say, "I've gotta ~hand~ it to you, your gifting game is on point."

    16. A pom pom throw so you can give them a soft gift that shows you appreciate them dealing with all your rough edges.

    17. A faux fur accent piece that'll instantly enhance your BFF's living space no matter how messy they may be. They'll be able to throw this on the floor, a chair, a dirty laundry pile... BAM! Beautiful.

    18. A ceramic vase that'll certainly put a smile on their face!

    19. A sleek indoor compost bin – it's gonna look great on their counter and help them start a New Year's resolution that's gonna help keep Mother Earth looking her best.

    20. A colorful felted garland that's sure to make your most cheerful friend realize that, despite your love of all things dark and dreary, you really do know them. "I'm not sure I've ever ~felt~ so happy!" – what they'll say when you don't get them a book on morbid anatomy...again.

    21. A storage box that's sure to be a hit with your favorite makeup artist – their bathroom junk drawer will thank you.

    22. A rainbow utensil set for the most colorful person you know...silverware is so last century.

    23. A framed chalkboard they can have out to spruce up their deck, in their kitchen as some restaurant-worthy decor, or in their hall as an updated piece of art whenever some inspiration strikes.

    24. A magnetic lamp with "floating" orbs sure to look, ahem, amazeballs in their place.

    25. An entryway mirror that'll do wonders on their walls. The minute they see how much elegance this adds, they'll vow to keep it around forever.

    26. A droplet vase so pretty, a flower would almost take away from it (which is great news if you know plants don't live long in their living room).

    27. A bread box so you can help their minuscule kitchen look organized and lovely without spending a ton of ~dough~.

    28. A trinket tray that'll have them ~reflecting~ on their favorite friend time and time again. It's you. You are that friend.

    29. A blanket ladder that'll be a real ~step up~ in their space no matter where they put it. This'll work to hang towels in the bathroom, keep throw blankets organized in the living room, or in a bedroom to hang up outfits they plan on wearing the next day.

    30. A wood hanging butterfly poster for maximalists who are ~bugged~ by bland walls.

    31. A velvet throw pillow – it's gonna add a soft touch to the apartment they have hard time affording.

    32. A tassel tablecloth that's sure to look elegant and lovely on the ancient kitchen table your S.O. can't seem to part with.

    33. A small woven storage basket so they can keep their desk looking spic and span even if their preferred method of organizing is tossing things and running away.

    34. A neon light – a ~bright~ idea for anyone on your Christmas list.

    35. A brass metal planter to give gardeners who have both a green thumb and the Midas' touch.

    36. Or an air plant frame they're gonna ~plant~ on their wall and never remove.

    37. An LED arch lamp that'll be way cooler than a gaudy table lamp and truly remind your boo that you're the ~light~ of their life.

    38. A tissue box cover – a sentimental gift for anyone who gets teary-eyed when thinking about home.

    39. A planter bowl which, despite its small footprint and price, is sure to make a big ol' statement in their sleek place.

    40. A moon phase garland – an elegant piece of decor for your astrologically-minded love's life. A gift this thoughtful totally proves you're a Pisces.

    41. An inexpensive reversible duvet set with a classic chevron side that perfectly complements the modern floral pattern opposite it, for anyone who loves flowers as much as they love a good grayscale.

    42. A natural wood end table – you ~wood~ be totally sad to miss out on giving your loved one a unique statement piece this striking. Better just go ahead and get it.

    43. A bold bar cart that'll look ~wheely~ cool in their new place, even if it's momentarily the only furniture they actually have in it.

    44. A lovely cat candle – it's gonna look so cool when they melt it, you're both gonna wish it had nine lives.

    45. A framed tropical canvas print sure to look great on you ~buds~ walls...actually, you just might need a matching one for yourself.

    46. An Instant Pot your favorite chef can basically replace their entire kitchen with. And then, you know, maybe make you something with it. Not that that's why you bought it or anything...of course not!

    47. An adjustable desk lamp so they can brighten up any room in their home with a little bit of humor everyone can appreciate.

    48. And a hand-painted decor box that was clearly made for your funny best friend – no ifs, ands, or ~butts~ about it.

    My holiday Amazon cart personified:

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