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    41 Pieces Of Home Decor For Minimalists And Clutter-Core Fans Alike

    Spruce up your space with some stained glass, pressed florals, and sassy ceramics.

    1. An abstract ceramic vase here to add a little spark to your minimalist space. Who told you minimalism can't make a big statement? Let me talk to their parents!

    Four abstract vases in the shape of elbow macaroni, a half-cut jug, and two with holes in the center

    2. A chair hammock – swinging around in this easy-breezy seating is gonna be a whole lot of fun...especially if it's in your living room.

    3. A metal plant hanger – an industrial approach to the trendy macrame hangers for folks who wouldn't call their style boho, but who still prefer ~hanging~ around plants all day long.

    Three hangers in black metal with oval or circular rings around flower pot

    4. A luxurious Turkish bath towel that'll give your bathroom a soothing, ocean-side aesthetic your grungy old bath towels could never accomplish. Forget about street cred – it's all about beach cred.

    Two ivory bath towels with thing gray stripes, black side details, and fringed edges

    5. A decorative film sure to add some rainbow-clad glam to your home every time the sun hits the windows (while giving you some extra privacy at the same time).

    6. An amber mountain range made of stained glass and hanging from a rustic chain, for giving you a taste of the outdoors even when you refuse to go outside once the weather gets chilly.

    Small stained glass wall hanging with four triangular mountains in varying sizes and a half moon at the peaks

    7. A tiny oval or square hanging wall mirror you can piece together to start up a wall of mirrors across from your windows, letting natural light bounce around the room and really open any place up.

    8. Natural wood wall decor – a fun (if somewhat fishy) way to give your kitchen some personality.

    Four wooden fish with thin rope netting around their bodies, hung up with the same net rope

    9. A pair of corduroy and faux fur pillow covers in a rich red clay color for adding an autumnal touch to your bed or sofa.

    10. A preserved floral bundle in perky pastels, because adding a cheery touch of color to your life is the best thing about buying flowers. Finding cool florals that won't wilt on you? Now, that's even better.

    Pastel colored bouquet of preserved flowers

    11. And a rustic vase set that'll help grow your clutter-core aesthetic while complementing all the odds and ends you already have in place.

    Three ceramic vases in distressed glaze

    12. A dark floral shower curtain so you can soak in this rich, romantic style every time you step in the shower.

    Black shower curtain with large painted flowers in various colors and shapes

    13. A tobacco and patchouli candle in an amber apothecary jar that's waaay too pretty to be this price – snag this steal of a deal and give your bookshelves something to brag about.

    Candles in amber glass with round tops

    14. A reversible duvet set with a classic chevron side that perfectly complements the modern floral pattern opposite it. In the mood for switching up your bedding without paying for extra sets? Oh look, this was made for you.

    Gray floral bedding with gray and white chevron on flip side

    15. A neon coffee print, because you've ~bean~ meaning to add some life to your kitchen decor – it can't be forgotten about if you use decor to ~espresso~ yourself!

    Print of several coffees with and without latte art on white table with word "But First, Coffee in front of them in pink neon lights

    16. A pendant chandelier – a modern ceiling light sensation that'll truly be a statment piece worth staring at.

    Five round lights attached at different heights to flat base mounted to ceiling

    17. A mushroom or peach throw blanket – place these across your sofa or bedspread when you wanna ~produce~ a lively splash of color across simple surfaces.

    18. A hand-painted tree trunk vase with an artistic take on wood-grain details. You can treat your home to this piece and enjoy it every dang day...you ~wood~ possibly regret it if you didn't.

    Black and white vase with three branches opening close to the trunk

    19. A bamboo beaded curtain to add texture to a room while helping divide living spaces – a great solution if your roommate doesn't seem to be phased by ~mooning~ you every time they get out of the shower.

    Beaded curtain with moon phase pattern dividing hallway from room

    20. A bouquet in a box – a bouquet delivery service that'll send you a different seasonal bundle whenever you want. If you, like me, love having new things to look at in your home, this'll be a big hit! And thriftier than buying new furniture every six months.

    21. And a brass frame for preserving pressed petals when you fall in love with a flower and realize it needs to be your ~bud~ forever.

    Triangular glass frame with brass edges and hinges

    22. A set of three tarot tapestries (in a blessedly '70s color palette) you can hang on your bare walls and make them instantly brilliant.

    23. A ladder that'll be a real ~step up~ no matter where you put it. This'll work to hang towels in the bathroom, keep throw blankets organized in the living room, or use it in your bedroom to hang up outfits you plan on wearing the next day.

    Black pipe and natural wood leaning ladder with clothes hanging on rungs

    24. A positively rad colorful concrete mirror to fill your artistic heart up! This beautiful statement piece is a work of art you're gonna want in your home for good. If it wasn't concrete, I'd say that plan is already set in stone.

    Abstract mirror with speckled paint colors and a paint dripping design

    25. A wooden candle lantern for decorating with a mid-century-modern accent piece your home isn't whole without.

    Four candles of different sizes in glass containers balanced on mid-century modern wooden frame

    26. A geometric cat house that'll be a real upgrade from the old Amazon boxes you've left out for Furrankenstein to sleep in.

    Cat inside geometric wooden shell

    27. A glass carafe in a rich rose color to replace the plastic water bottle you've been filling up and keeping by your bedside table.

    Carafe and matching tumbler filled with water

    28. A set of six absorbent coasters so cute you just might rather your coffee table end up with a water ring than these lovely things!

    Five coasters with varying patterns in white and black or gray

    29. An accent mirror with some modern glam that's gonna go *splendidly* with your larger-than-life personality. Picture the bathroom pics you could pull off with this piece! Glorious.

    Large mirror with gold wire in geometric pattern on sides

    30. A peel-and-stick wallpaper that's sure to look ~spot~ on no matter where you add it.

    31. A balloon table lamphorror movie fans, look no further. If you've been searching for some subtly scary home accents, even Georgie would tell you...this lamp is ~It~.

    Red balloon lamp that appears to be hovering above table on white string

    32. A bed in a bag featuring a vintage wild flower pattern so light and bright you'll hardly be-leaf you ever thought your room was complete without it.

    White bedding with green and yellow vintage floral print

    33. An abstract minimalist rug that's sure to ~shape up~ any floor you place it on.

    Rug in abstract shapes and white, black, red, and tan

    34. A eucalyptus subscription that'll give your living space some life every single month. Plus, the bundles are always slightly different, so you'll never get bored with a box!

    35. A rainbow and garland pair for bland, boring walls that could use a little love and color.

    Rainbow colored pom pom garland and rainbow shaped wall hanging above desk

    36. An acrylic garden guillotine – a surprising addition to your potted plants that's sure to make your indoor garden a ~cut~ above the rest.

    Solid black guillotine decor in pot with succulent

    37. A Kelly Clarkson Home tiered chandelier so heckin' lovely you'll be singing "My Life Would Suck Without You" every time you pass it on your way down the hall.

    Round crystal chandelier with six nesting levels of teardrop crystals

    38. A macrame magazine rack great for magazines, records, books, yarn, and adding some soft textures to your place.

    Macrame holder with natural wood legs

    39. A boho wall mirror – once you own this unique piece, every time you look in it you'll most certainly ~reflect~ on what a great purchase it was. It's just that cool.

    Abstract mirror attached to circular hanger

    40. A ceramic vase that, once you own it, you're instantly gonna know was the missing piece in your place. No ifs, ands, or butts about it.

    Bum-shaped vase

    41. And finally, a set of three window frames for folks who know spunky new home decor can make you feel sky-high.

    Three wall hangings that look like airplane window seats with view of sky and plane wing

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