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    Just 51 Things You'll Probably Want To Bring To The Beach This Summer

    These beach necessities are sure to make ~waves~.

    1. An antioxidant-infused, mineral-based face and body sunscreen designed to nourish your skin while protecting it from UV rays.

    2. A color block beach chair you can use when you want to soak in the sun and get some color yourself. It comes with a storage pouch, cup holder, and it reclines so you can nap when all that relaxation starts to tucker you out.

    3. Or a beach umbrella for moments when you want to be out in the sun without actually having to deal with it directly.

    4. A Brooklinen beach robe for anyone who wants a beach cover as cozy as their bed sheets that can dry them off better than any sandy beach towel.

    5. Or a colorful kaftan beach maxi — a lightweight and breezy swimsuit cover that'll have you turning that boardwalk into a catwalk the moment you step in the sun.

    6. A matte-infused sparkling water so you can stay hydrated and caffeinated at the same time — a crucial combination if you plan on staying at the beach from sunrise to sunset.

    7. A halter bathing suit that'll look so stunning, you'll almost feel bad for swimming in it and covering it up with all that ocean. It deserves to be seen 24/7!

    8. A cup pool float so your drink can float around with you *or* have a secure spot to sit on the sand. They're also a great way to distinguish individual drinks when everybody leaves their soda by the towels before going for a swim.

    9. A pair of bottle opener sunglasses – a multitasking tool that'll make you the most popular person this side of the dog beach. Go ahead and ~drink in~ all that attention, you deserve it.

    10. A set of four lunch-box sized ice packs so you can keep your food cool without having to carry around a bulky cooler.

    11. A compact game of fruit-themed checkers for vacationers who believe sitting in the sand and playing games all day is the perfect ~slice~ of life. They are correct.

    12. A Go Girl so you can use the bathroom without having to take off your entire wet one-piece (and so you can avoid sitting on those often-sketchy beach toilet seats).

    13. A pack of waterproof band aids that'll have you covered when your kid manages to climb and crawl over sharp lava rock all day without a scratch and yet ends up cutting their finger on a soda can at lunch.

    14. A super sturdy beach umbrella sure to make that strong ocean breeze self-conscious — throw this thing down and you're gonna have a sturdy spot of shade no matter how hard the wind blows.

    15. A lockable drawstring backpack to protect your treasures from being snatched up by some modern-day pirates.

    16. A cut out lounge chair that'll let you catch some rays more comfortably with its open face space. It's padded for comfort and to give your neck ample support.

    17. An oversized beach towel for claiming your space appropriately when you get to the beach early to find a spot you absolutely love.

    18. A pack of eight beach clips you can attach to your umbrella or the back of your chair to keep towels, food, and clothes off the sand.

    19. An inflatable air sofa — these are so easy to pack and so comfortable to hang out on, they're sure to ~blow up~ at a beach near you. Might as well jump in on the trend.

    20. A cooling sunscreen so you can ~chill out~ if you're worried about getting burned.

    21. A Slammo game set for sporty folks who want to have a ball, literally, the next time they're at the beach.

    22. A set of baking beach toys so you can get your fill of sandwiches and crab cakes with the kids.

    23. A Hydro Flask is gonna keep your ice water cold all day long, helping you stay hydrated while spending all day in the water.

    24. A cooling collar for days at the dog beach when your over-excited pup really needs to chill.

    25. A quick drying compact beach blanket with tent pegs, so you can stake your spot on the beach and stay there until your boss worries you've gone missing.

    26. An embroidered oversized sunhat sure to make your vacation even more Instagram-worthy (by hiding your bright red sunburned nose under a helpful, floppy hat).

    27. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker, because no day at the beach is gonna be complete without listening to some Beach Boys, Beach House, and Wavves.

    28. A stand up paddle board that'll make your day on the water so fun you'll wanna give this flotation device a standing ovation.

    29. Or a boogie board so you can ride waves like the boogie woogie bugle boy himself. He probably surfed. Maybe.

    30. A full face snorkel mask with a wide viewing mask and comfortable padding, so your time snorkeling doesn't feel ~fishy~.

    31. A dog water bottle, because your pup will get rightfully ~salty~ if she spends a day at the ocean without proper hydration.

    32. And a dog life jacket your own baby shark will look downright darling in.

    33. A cornhole set for summers at the family beach house... where you need to have game nights in the (bean) bag.

    34. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite — a beach necessity for anyone who loves reading out on (or accidentally in) the water.

    35. A birkini with a lovely minimalist design and a sleek fabric that's perfect for swimming all day long.

    36. Or a floral one piece with a plunging neckline that'll complement everyone as they plunge into the water.

    37. A pair of Tevas your feet are gonna be begging to wear at the beach.

    38. A waterproof eyebrow gel that'll let you swim all day without losing your look — no doubt abrowt it.

    39. A friendly neighborhood beach read with marriage, murder, and just enough pages to fill your next week at the beach.

    40. A windshield sun shade so your car doesn't turn into the seventh level of hell after you've spent a heavenly day by the ocean.

    41. A lip balm with SPF 25 because your lips are the most sensitive part of your skin and they need the extra protection. You can basically kiss your summer fun goodbye if you get stuck with sunburned lips.

    42. A pack of deodorant wipes to keep you smelling fresh after sweating off that other stuff. Plus, this won't leave white streaks on your suit!

    43. A pair of aqua socks that'll protect your feet from the unseen evils (i.e. sharp rocks and shells) of the deep.

    44. And a hair and scalp mist for protecting your hair and scalp from sun damage without ruining your 'do.

    45. A wrap around swimsuit cover – toss it on with ease and look fab in the summer breeze.