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    39 Gifts To Buy *Now* For When You Forget A Birthday *Later*

    "It's the thought that counts" doesn't count if you forget to get anything at all.

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    1. A funny book on friendship you can give to anyone in your girl gang.

    2. A Darth Vader light clapper that'll make turning to the dark side at bedtime a snap, well, clap for any Star Wars fan on your friends list.

    3. A tiny cheese board that's such a ~mice~ gift, you're gonna wonder if you actually accidentally bought it to celebrate your *own* birthday.

    4. A delicate necklace sure to be the sweetest (hand) gesture.

    5. A box of chocolate truffles — a guaranteed way to make sure any birthday that sneaks up on you is still gonna be ~sweet.~

    6. A pair of headphones that are so popular on Amazon, it's clear anyone would really love them. Which is great, because you forget just about everyone's birthdays.

    7. A trinket dish filled with the gift of good vibes — something anyone (except maybe your glum-ass cat) is gonna love.

    8. A Vogue coffee table book including covers of each issue. After giving this, you can confidently (cat) walk over to any party and know your gift is top of the line.

    9. A crystal candle with an actual crystal hidden in the wax, which is gonna surprise *them* as much as their birthday being this week surprised *you*.

    10. Or a Homesick candle that'll work for literally anyone who lives in your state.

    11. A darling card game you could easily give to anyone you know. Although there is that one birthday boy who might think it's ~fishy~... just how well you know him.

    12. A lip balm that'll be the bomb on their birthday, even though you've had it hidden in your sock drawer the last three weeks.

    13. A wall decal sure to make them think you've been ~cooking~ up something extra special for them all this time.

    14. Or a sweetbread stuffed friend so great, they're gonna sandwish you'd forget their birthday and give them a random gift every year.

    15. A chakra room and body spray that promises to keep them balanced without you having to balance your checkbook over an expensive last-minute gift.

    16. A PyroPet that'll be the puurfect way to keep the spark alive when you forget your boo's big day.

    17. A liquid lipstick that's bright, moisturizing, and inexpensive. You can buy them all and simply pick out a color each time a fashion-savvy friend's birthday manages to slip your mind.

    18. An Aladdin's lamp teapot, because wishing on a magic lamp is far more effective than wishing on a birthday cake. At least, as long as they wish to have a hot cup of camomile.

    19. A stone paper notebook that'll let their pen slide across the paper as easily as you slide this into a random birthday bag.

    20. A massive gummy bear because you won't be able to ~bear~ the look on your nephew's face if you forget to get him a present, again, this year.

    21. A heating and cooling pad — an ~egg-celent~ gift to keep on hand so you won't feel ~fried~ trying to find something special last-minute.

    22. A stunning bar of crystal soap that'll impress everyone at the party — helping you ~clean out~ the competition when it comes to gift giving.

    23. A tea infuser water bottle — a calming gift anyone would love, and it's gonna keep *you* calm knowing you have it in your pantry waiting on the next friend's special day.

    24. A poster of The Devil Wears Prada for any movie lover who doesn't already have enough Meryl Streep art in their home.

    25. A bendy straw pool noodle or rosé pool float for friends who deserve to ~drink it all in~ on their big day.

    26. A pair of dainty threader chains they can thread through one or multiple piercings for a gift that's ~sew~ effortlessly cool.

    27. A stoneware decanter that'll be an elegant gift any home would look lovely with.

    28. A rainbow doormat because you take ~pride~ in your relationship (and your birthday gift skills).

    29. A 3D dollhouse puzzle kit so that you don't show up without a gift and have them ~puzzled~ over why you two are friends.

    30. A T-shirt that clearly knows the birthday girl, even if you don't actually know which birthday girl this'll even go to.

    31. A pair of chic sunglasses are gonna have you covered no matter whose birthday it is. No chance the birthday kid is gonna throw any ~shade~ your way now!

    32. A stone face roller to help soak in serums and relax stressed out facial muscles with a soothing self massage. Giving the gift of self care, ahem, ~rocks.~

    33. A Nicolas Cage sleep mask — anyone who gets this will consider it a national treasure, cross my heart.

    34. A botanical tapestry that they'll plant on their wall the minute they get it (and you can plant under your bed until the big day).

    35. A library candle that's sure to be a unique and appreciated gift, even if your schedule is so ~booked~ you don't have time to find a personalized present.

    36. A celestial decorative pillow that's gonna have both night owls and morning people covered.

    37. A dino night light that'll make their heart dino-soar... even if they've never mentioned an interest in paleontology before.

    38. A long sleeved T-shirt for anyone who wouldn't mind some unsolicited advice from a wise baked good on their birthday.

    39. And finally, a funny wall clock you can give someone even if you miss their actual birthday. The gift of a good laugh (and a great clock) is the best gift anyway.

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