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    39 Gifts That'll Probably Be Automatic Hits

    Finding gifts by this point of the year is so stressful...just go ahead and grab one of these surefire hits.

    1. A eucalyptus farmhouse wreath sure to add a cozy, festive touch to their door no matter what holiday is on its way.

    Round eucalyptus wreath

    2. A preserved floral bundle, because adding a cheery bit of color to their life is the best thing about buying flowers. Finding cool florals that won't wilt? Now, that'll be even better.

    Fuzzy floral bundle in warm tones and cream

    3. An almond orange body scrub from Zum, the mother of spunky soaps, that's gonna lift their spirits with its lovely scent and smooth out their rough edges with its soothing texture.

    Jar of Zum scrub inside a soap basket in my bathroom

    4. A Stagg pour-over kettle so you can give your decidedly snobby friend a gift they can't help but applaud.

    White modern kettle with long thin spout

    5. Or a coffee of the month subscription for anyone you've ~bean~ meaning to reach out to lately with a thoughtful little something.

    6. A BuzzFeed x Birchbox filled with hair and skincare products that'll truly make them look and feel fab.

    A shot of the shoebox-sized packaging and several beauty products found in the box

    7. A tobacco and patchouli candle in an amber apothecary jar that's waaay too pretty to be this price — snag this steal of a deal and give your best friend's bookshelves something to brag about.

    Candles in amber glass with round tops

    8. A tortilla blanket for foodies who would like nothing more than being wrapped up in the cheesiest gift of all.

    Two people sitting on circular tortilla blanket

    9. A pair of high quality Vuori leggings — they're gonna be worn and adored *literally* all year long. Fortunately, they're built to handle the love.

    Person wearing high waisted black leggings that hit above ankle

    10. A candle kit great for both kids and adults — this is a ~bright~ gift idea if I've ever seen one!

    Three geometric standing candles in different colors with tools and ingredients from the kit around them

    11. An air bazooka sure to prove you weren't just full of hot air when you told your brother's kids you had a gift in mind that'd blow them away.

    Two children launching air with toys

    12. A pack of three death's-head moths for friends who like somewhat dark and dreary decor (as long as it's also covered in gold).

    Three paper moths with gold detail and skull pattern

    13. A pair of 1460 smooth leather lace-ups available in enough colors to truly spice up your BFF's all-Doc shoe closet.

    14. A wall mounted rainy pot that'll help your summer-loving sweetheart see that even dreary weather has a darling side.

    Teeny succulent mounted planter with cloud water holder on top

    15. An optical illusion print so you can prove to naysayers that minimalism can still be mind-boggling, and give them a gorgeous gift while you're at it.

    Framed wall art that looks like several pieces of thick paper ripped into a hole

    16. A chocolate bash cake for rambunctious kiddos (or adults) who would probably love a gift they're allowed to break more than anything else. Getting to eat it after is a major perk.

    17. A handcrafted Italian leather bag, a splurge-worthy gift in a timeless style that'll look equal parts smart and chic, giving your birthday bud something they'll truly use forever.

    Black handbag with crossbody strap and triangular flap

    18. A pom-pom throw so you can give them a soft gift that shows you appreciate them dealing with all your rough edges.

    Three fleece blankets with pom pom edges

    19. A turtleneck waffle tee in a warm honey color. This is gonna keep them cozy and lookin' cute while you go leaf peeping every single weekend.

    Model wearing long sleeved turtleneck

    20. A sheer matte lipstick with a freshly-blotted look that adapts to your natural lip color, to give anyone who is all about embracing a natural glam glow-up.

    Model applying lightweight lipstick

    21. A Cinderella's carriage diamond ring sure to be the greatest gift you could ever give a true Disney adult. Give a gift like this and enjoy your real-life happily ever after.

    22. A ceramic vase that'll certainly put a smile on their face!

    Hand painted vase that looks like person in blue dress

    23. A wood bottle lock brain teaser — a fun (and infuriating) gift for your favorite wine connoisseur.

    24. A Baker's Dozen box from Hunt A Killer, for true-crime sleuths with a sweet tooth who have officially exhausted the crime documentary and podcast world. Drop the electronics and give them this *series* letting them solve a (faux) murder with some hands-on fun!

    25. A light saber umbrella that changes colors, allowing the receiver to decide if they're leaning toward the light or feel forced to chose the dark side on a cloudy day.

    Person holding black umbrella with glowing blue handle

    26. A snazzy sportcoat to save the day when weddings pick back up and your S.O. wants exactly one thing they can wear to each and every postponed event.

    Model wearing multi-colored sportcoat over jeans

    27. A pair of cross-band indoor/outdoor fleece slippers that'll have the receiver feeling all warm and fuzzy.

    28. A pair of handwoven huaraches sure to put a skip in their step when they slip into these and realize how breathable, lovely, and comfortable their new shoes are.

    A model wearing the shoes without socks

    29. A personalized candle you can cover in photos of your favorite memories together. Hey, what's that smell? Oh that's right, it's (gift giving) success.

    Candle with two wicks and photos on outside cup

    30. A graphic tee for giving them some unsolicited advice they actually *do* want.

    White shirt with flora detail and words "Grab Life by the Balls"

    31. A pizza pocket lanyard so they can enjoy an accessory they can really sink their teeth into. No, really.

    32. A digital touch-screen photo frame that'll be a ~picture~ perfect way to connect with your family and see what everyone is up to, without having to keep up on the family group chats.

    The frame plugged into the wall displaying a photo of a baby on its screen

    33. A teaching keyboard that connects with lesson apps so they can become a maestro all on their own.

    Keyboard with iPad app playing

    34. A pack of 24 outlet decals so funny they'll certainly wonder aloud, "I ~mustache~ you, when did you become a gift-giving genius?"

    Teeny mustaches on outlets

    35. A pack of unique Montessori wooden teether rings – you can leave them in a drawer and snag some when baby fever hits your friends and your life is officially filled with baby showers each weekend.

    Natural wooden teethers shaped like animals with small black dot eyes

    36. A 7-in-1 Instant Pot — a practical gift that'll basically replace their entire kitchen, saving them space and money.

    Instant Pot

    37. A scratcher lounge to give cat parents who feel like finding sleek cat furniture has been an itch they can't scratch.

    Mod pressed oval cat scratcher

    38. A tissue box cover — a sentimental gift for anyone who gets teary-eyed when thinking about home.

    House shaped tissue box with tissues coming out of chimney

    39. A customized pet portrait to bestow upon pet parents who treat their four-legged babies like royalty. As! They! Should!

    And that's a ~wrap~ on your holiday shopping!

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