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    37 Gifts That'll Probably Be Automatic Hits

    Why yes, I would like all of these. Thank you very much.

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    1. A cotton or eucalyptus farmhouse wreath sure to add a cozy, festive touch to their door no matter what holiday is on its way.

    2. A Stagg pour-over kettle so you can give your delightfully snobby friend a gift they can't help but applaud.

    3. A cool gel memory foam pillow that absorbs body heat and releases it from the other end of the pillow — with this, your hot-headed S.O. is gonna be able to *literally* cool off at the end of a long day.

    4. A pack of rainbow fire packets — a gift that'll turn your camping trip into the magical rainbow unicorn vacation your seven-year-old has been begging for.

    5. A tortilla blanket for foodies who would like nothing more than being wrapped up in the cheesiest gift of all.

    6. What if?, a book of fun hypotheticals with impressively scientific answers — this is gonna entertain inquisitive folks who want the answers to life's most dramatic questions.

    7. An origami lunch bag that folds flat into a placemat for loved ones in your life (or A-type associates) who like things just so.

    8. A stunning celestial Timex — astrology lovers are gonna be totally starry eyed when you give them this.

    9. A hanging bookshelf — a gift they won't even be able to see but also won't be able to stop talking about.

    10. An LED arch lamp that'll be arch-way cooler than gaudy table lamps and truly brighten up their life.

    11. An air bazooka – it's gonna prove you weren't just full of hot air when you told them you had a gift in mind that'd blow them away.

    12. A Grilled Cheesus sandwich press sure to make your favorite chef say, "~Holy~ moly! This gift is something special!"

    13. A pack of three deaths head moths for friends who like somewhat dark and dreary decor (as long as it's also covered in gold).

    14. A wall mounted rainy pot sure to show your friend who misses summer that even dreary weather has a darling side.

    15. A pom pom throw so you can give them a soft gift that shows you appreciate them dealing with all your rough edges.

    16. An eye massager — it may help ease migraines and act as a source of stress relief for anyone whose tension is not just a weight on their shoulders.

    17. A ceramic vase that'll certainly put a smile on their face!

    18. A wood bottle lock brain teaser – it'll be fun (and infuriating) for your favorite wine connoisseur.

    19. A silly ceramic planter that'll be loved with every rabbit of their heart.

    20. A pack of VSCO girl stickers for keeping their Hydro Flask lookin' fresh and on-trend. Sksksksksk.

    21. A lightsaber umbrella that changes colors, allowing the receiver to decide if they're learning toward the light or feel forced to chose the dark side on a cloudy day.

    22. A pair of cross band indoor/outdoor fleece slippers — you won't have a reason to feel ~sheepish~ about giving these to your recently official S.O. They're gonna be the perfect pick.

    23. A chocolate chip shopping bag for earth-friendly folks who know how ~sweet~ it is to find a good looking reusable bag.

    24. A 150th Anniversary edition of Little Women, with illustrations and type from early editions, to give avid readers who know life is more beautiful thanks to stunning, classical text.

    25. A graphic tee for giving them some unsolicited advice they actually *do* want.

    26. A pizza pocket lanyard so they can enjoy an accessory they can really sink their teeth into. No, really.

    27. A mod "mason jar" that'll let you add a sophisticated touch to your rather rustic friend's growing jar collection.

    28. A game night masterpiece, Escape Room In A Box for people who love game night... as long as they don't have to leave their house for it.

    29. A teaching keyboard that connects with lesson apps so they can become a maestro all on their own.

    30. A pack of 24 outlet decals so funny they'll certainly wonder aloud, "I ~mustache~ you, when did you become a gift-giving genius?"

    31. A pack of unique Montessori wooden teether rings — you can leave them in a drawer and snag some when baby fever hits your friends and your life is officially filled with baby showers each weekend.

    32. A pack of six animal face masks for friends who use face masks anim-all the time.

    33. An oversized sweater that's sure to keep your VSCO friends warmer than their beloved oversized shirts this winter.

    34. A 7-in-1 Instant Pot — a practical gift that'll basically replace their entire kitchen, saving them space and money this year.

    35. A scratcher lounge to give cat parents who feel like finding sleek cat furniture has been an itch they can't scratch.

    36. A tissue box cover — a sentimental gift for anyone who gets teary-eyed when thinking about home.

    37. And finally, a customized pet portrait for pet parents who treat their four-legged babies like royalty. As! They! Should!

    Me, before they've even opened their gift:

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