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    19 Gifts For Serious Design Snobs

    If they had it their way, they'd make their own presents (but those would be way less fun to unwrap).

    1. A book on color theory they're sure to find fascinating (even though you'd only read a book about colors if it started with "50 Shades" and ended with "of Grey").

    2. A set of hyper-sanitary minimalist toothbrushes for your spouse, because you're a dentist but you married a graphic designer, so those toothbrushes better be good looking.

    3. An aluminum Alessi espresso maker that'll be adored by your roommate who thinks drinking Folgers is a crime.

    4. A pair of geode bookends sure to rock their world (and look utterly sophisticated while keeping their collection of Swiss typography books in place).

    5. An EcoSphere AKA the best gift a control-freak could be given (what with ruling over an entire eco-system and all), while also being an aesthetically pleasing blend of art and science.

    6. A geometric Pyro Pet for your bougie bestie who keeps it lit.

    7. A Philippe Starck Salif Citrus Squeezer to make their morning routine way more juicy!

    8. A rustic decorative ladder sure to help your gift giving reach new heights.

    9. A metal toilet paper holder, because even their toilet paper will need proper placement.

    10. A NASA standards manual you can surprise them with, because you know a standards manual has the only rules creative types would ever actually follow.

    11. A pocket-knife kitchen gadget that's gonna help them perfectly (and by that we mean "pretentiously") grate up some goods whenever their meal calls for some hard Italian cheeses.

    12. A glass teapot for making tea time an even more serene (and aesthetically pleasing) experience with visible blooming tea flowers.

    13. A Charles and Ray Eames shirt and slippers with patterns to please the design couples in your life.

    14. A mini cardboard synthesizer that's gonna delight the friend of yours who loves making something out of nothing.

    15. A retro poster designed by SpaceX.

    16. A pack of glow-in-the-dark playing cards to make playing Gin Rummy in their apartment's snooty mood lighting a little more manageable.

    17. Or a deck of cards that'll be as vibrant as their senior thesis on color gradients.

    18. An oatmeal bath mix, because even their baths have to be Instagram-worthy.

    19. And a pair of dainty bulb planters displayed beautifully on a wooden frame for making simple plants fancy.

    When they open your gift and have to admit it'll look great in their apartment even though they didn't pick it.

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