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    33 "Game Of Thrones" Gifts You'll Love Almost As Much As The Show

    These products'll make you wish you were a Lannister... so you could buy them all and still pay your debts.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A wine glass that'll boost your confidence and your list of hobbies, to two.

    2. A Game of Thrones cookbook — you won't have lived until you've dined on dishes straight from the Red Wedding (then again, it's likely you won't live long after eating that, as well).

    3. An ugly Christmas sweater, because you're gonna ugly-cry every time you wear it and remember the fate of your favorite medieval doorman.

    4. A transit map of Westeros can help you keep track of Daenerys mad concurring all them subway stops.

    5. A Jon Snow–inspired hoodie fit fur the Night's Watch.

    6. Or a rolling pin that'll help you make something as sweet as Olenna Tyrell's revenge.

    7. A hairy print you can put on your wall so you can get a taste of Tyrion's wisdom.

    8. A hatchling candle because you know you're meant to be the mother of (tiny ceramic) dragons.

    9. A stately decal for your porcelain (I mean iron) throne.

    10. A Cersei Lannister doll that'll be a great friend to talk about family issues with.

    11. A pec-heavy tote which is sure to be the whole kit and caboodle.

    12. A slim, stackable mockingbird ring for your littlefinger.

    13. A Stark head — it may help show that you belong in Winterfell despite that "beach is life" pic you took half an hour ago.

    14. A Game of Thrones Monopoly board, because if monopoly didn't drag on forever and kill you before... it most certainly will now (that is, if you're a major character and we haven't seen a plot twist in a whole 30 seconds).

    15. A punny T-shirt so you can show exactly what Tormund is planning for date night (other than making giant babies).

    16. A replica of the Iron Throne to, like, skewer fruit on during your next season premiere party.

    17. A set of favored character prayer candles that'll be lit in hopes that they stay alive (or just return from the dead another five times).

    18. A plushie of George R.R. Martin — it just may be the best gift you ever give.

    19. A cross-stitch Lannister pattern you can sew with the long yellow hairs Cersei no longer has on her head.

    20. A 3D wolf lamp that'll be almost as legit as having a direwolf of your own.

    21. A Christmas card with a pun sure to live on forever (according to the laws of season six).

    22. A knitted skirt with little birds who may whisper secrets only Varys knows.

    23. A dragon ear cuff can add some fire to your fringe this winter.

    24. A fleece blanket sure to keep you warm, even when there is snow.

    25. A power-quote patch for the immortal woman in your life.

    26. A shirt with no name you can wear to your season premiere party around all your overzealous costumed friends.

    27. A Khaleesi and Khal Drogo necklace set to remind you how much love they had for each other... because it was at least an entire tasty horse heart's worth.

    28. An Iron Throne pop-up card, so you'll give the gift literally everyone wants.

    29. A sassy pin fit for a queen (or rather, a Khaleesi).

    30. A house clock which just may change allegiances as often as Lord Baelish.

    31. A dragon egg cookie jar that'll definitely keep your treats unsullied.

    32. A minimalist travel print to show where you stand.

    33. And a print with a serious spoiler alert because *spoiler!* everyone is gonna make up and be best friends (George told us).

    Me after buying all of these for myself.

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