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    31 Gifts For Friends Who Are Basically Family

    Because they've been with you through it all and you want to give them everything.

    1. A letterbox you can fill with heartfelt letters they can read anytime they need you.

    2. A rose and oud scented candle they'll love, because you know puns make them light up.

    3. A MantraBand silver cuff for you and your soul sister (your regular sister is still just getting some hand soap).

    4. A peachy coaster to give the only person you'd ever talk about your booty with.

    5. A unicorn ramen set, because when ramen is all either of you can afford you wanna make theirs a little more magical.

    6. A potted succulent that'll remind them life would succ if you two weren't together forever.

    7. A smiling stapler to help them thru the crummy receptionist job you both took so you could work together.

    8. A cutie cookbook perfect for treat days or every day you're together and craving a panda-shaped cake.

    9. A gorgeous RumbaTime watch that may remind them that a friendship like yours is (rose) gold.

    10. A Reese's Peanut Butter Cup lip kit so they can cover their lips in something as sweet as they are.

    11. A Go Girl, that'll be the best gift you ever give her, because you know the one thing she wants most in life is to be able to pee standing up (we get that).

    12. A reusable bag for filling up with produce when they get on their annual clean-eating kick (and this time you're gonna be supportive instead of throwing bags of Cheetos into their grocery cart).

    13. A pair of incredibly realistic temporary cattoos so you can show off your forever friendship (for about two weeks).

    14. A toddler plate to give your friend (or your 2-year-old nephew) who can't stand having their food touch.

    15. A bicycle pizza cutter — it just may be the most obscure (and perfect) gift you could ever get your fixie-loving BFF.

    16. A stunning belt bag that'll help you willingly go out in public with your best friend, despite their fanny pack addiction.

    17. A donkey note dispenser they'd have to be an ass to not love.

    18. A milk and cookies shot maker, because you know these are gonna taste way better than the Grey Goose you both stole from your parents' liquor cabinet in high school.

    19. A plush organ doll to let them know they always have your heart (or stomach or bladder or spleen).

    20. A flower lipstick that'll be the perfect gift for your brother from another mother or sister from another mister.

    21. A pair of sushi socks, because you're the only person who can tell them when their feet smell fishy, and these are probably the best way you can go about doing it.

    22. A blunt coffee mug that'll be the perfect passive-aggressive gift for the person you love who does not love mornings.

    23. A book on adulting you're both gonna need if you're really gonna be roommates this year.

    24. A Fondoodler, because no gift could melt your best friend's heart like melty cheese.

    25. A pack of perfectly packaged face masks to make up for all the pudding packs of theirs you stole when you were four.

    26. A totally not noticeable, subtle, inconspicuous notebook where you can safely store all your shared secrets.

    27. A Lisa Frank sticker sheet that'll be a hit (or at least, it was when you gave it to her in the 2nd grade).

    28. A funny ray gun nose hair trimmer, because it needs to be done and you're gonna have to find a nice way to tell them.

    29. A beautiful children's book about coping with depression, for the best friend who helps you with your heavy things.

    30. A pre-made mystery box, 'cuz they love you so much they won't care what you give them (but also with wrapping that bad they'll definitely know it's from you).

    31. And a book on makeup application that's gonna be your last attempt at helping them create the perfect cat-eye, they're definitely worth it.

    When your friends open up their Christmas presents.

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