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46 Food Gifts For People Who Have Very Particular Taste

If it can't be eaten, is it even a gift at all?

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!)

1. A festive gift tower full of snacks that treat fiends would love to see underneath, or in this case, *inside* of their Christmas tree.

Christmas tree colored boxes stacked with red ribbon. All treats around packaging.
Gourmet Gift Baskets

This includes peppermint hot chocolate, red velvet cookies, chocolate wafer rolls, stoned wheat crackers, garlic cheese, jalapeño Monterey jack cheese, summer sausage, garlic sausage, chocolate cubetti wafers, dark chocolate almonds, cinnamon yogurt pretzels, caramel popcorn, roasted and sea salt pistachios, chocolate mint cookie bites, and chocolate covered cherries.

Get it from Gourmet Gift Baskets for $139.99.

2. A set of four gingerbread house mug buddies — a charming and deliciously ~homey~ gift perfect for your most festive friends. I wanna say...Hansel and Gretel?

Tiny gingerbread house cookies placed on edge of cups
Uncommon Goods

The only question is ~witch~ one should you keep for yourself??

Promising review: "These things are adorable!! The detail on such tiny little mug cookies is great. They are exactly as pictured and come in travel friendly packages. My family is going to love them Christmas morning when I serve them coffee and hot chocolate." —SHRBT

Get them from Uncommon Goods for $20.

3. A summer sausage and cheese set from holiday faves, Hickory Farms, to give your meat-and-potatoes pa a classic gift with some extra bite.

Box with packed sausage, cheese, and mustards
Hickory Farms

This box includes two sausages, a smoked cheddar blend, farmhouse cheddar, gouda, honey pineapple mustard, and sweet hot mustard.

Promising review: "This was a delicious birthday gift! I bought this gift box for my husband and he really enjoyed it." —MaryLou

Get it from Hickory Farms for $47.99.

4. A soup dumpling kit that'll make your friends ~bao~ down to you — you gift-giving king!

Soup dumplings in wooden basket with tools and dough out around them

This kit includes woven bamboo steaming baskets, agar agar, a dough roller, spatula, and instructions.

Promising review: "My kids love soup dumplings but I don't know how to make them so I got this as a fun gift activity to do with them. It was AWESOME. The kit was really easy to follow, with step-by step-instructions. My kids had so much fun using the dough roller and it let us get the dumpling wrappers nice and thin. It was easy and, although it did take some time in the kitchen, it was fun. I would definitely do this again and I could see it also being a fun night with friends." —Nicole Fuentes

Get it from Amazon for $59.99.

5. A pack of eight blooming lollipops – they can literally plant the sticks in the ground and grow flowers after finishing up each spiffy sucker. Get ready to bask in some praise, because you can count on them talking about your flowers-meet-treats gift botanic-all over town.

Several small suckers with herbs around them
Uncommon Goods

How does the planting work? The lollipop sticks have seeds inside! Once the receiver finishes their treat, they can plant the sticks horizontally and cover them in soil, give them some sun and water, and watch their plants grow! Each set includes unique flavor combinations that grow different plants: sage/marshmallow (grows sage), lavender/lemongrass (grows lavender), peach/marigold (grows marigold), strawberry/basil (grows basil), champagne/rose (grows rosetta cosmo), rosemary/mint (grows mint), lemon/thyme (grows thyme), and vanilla/hibiscus (grows baby blue eyes).

Promising review: "I like to garden and my grand-nephews like coming to the garden and picking plants they like. These lollipops are a great way to get them started planting, watering, and watching!" —Lori

Get them from Uncommon Goods for $20.

6. A homemade gin kit here to help them drink to the new year in a whole new way.


This kit comes with two glass bottles, a funnel, two botanical blends, and instructions.

Promising review: "I've bought this kit in the past, and I was so satisfied with the results that I bought two this year. The gin came out delicious, and my friends and I enjoyed it very much. I love this gin kit, and I definitely will buy it again. It's so awesome to make your own gin. I even bought the refill packs that offer different flavors, too. Can't wait to see how good those come out. If you like gin, then I would definitely recommend the Homemade Gin Kit." —Reub

Get it from Amazon for $49.70.

7. A fine meats gift box — a one-and-done gift for your entire family. This won't just ~meat~ their expectations, it'll totally exceed them.

An uncooked piece of steak beside a tabletop of salt
Certified Piedmontese

This gift set includes four 8-oz. New York Strip steaks, four 10-oz. center cut boneless ribeye, and four 16-oz. 85% lean ground beef.

Get it from Certified Piedmontese for $141.95.

8. A hot chocolate kit inspired by traditional Mexican methods, by melting solid chocolate into milk and using a Molinillo whisk for a full, foamy drink. Get them this and their hot cocoa nights are gonna be choco-lit.

Bespoke Post

The set includes a Molinillo chocolate whisk (handmade in Mexico from ayacahuite pine wood), an aluminum chocolatera (for mixing and pouring), two red terracotta ceramic mugs (also handmade in Mexico), with two cacao, two salted almond, and two Guajillo chili chocolate disks.

Get it from Bespoke Post for $55 (or $45 as a club member).

9. Or a green tea tin for fans of The Mandalorian who eat, drink, and breathe baby Yoda.

Tin with round tea bags and baby Yoda from The Mandalorian on case

Excuse me, the child. BTW, this has a whopping 36 tea bags inside.

Get it from BoxLunch for $15.90.

10. A box of sunshine — bright and sunny treats that just might lift up your summer-lovin' sweetheart, who would far rather snack inside than hang out in the snow.

Gift box with goodies like popcorn, cookies, tea, and more

This box of spiffy snacks includes a box of turmeric ginger tea, peanut butter puffs, lemon sugar cookies, daffodil goat milk caramel mix, popcorn, and a peanut-chocolate granola bar.

Promising review: "I had this delivered to my mother-in-law for her 85th birthday!! She called me today to tell me how delighted she was as she munched in my ear while eating the peanut butter puffs!! She said she loved everything in this box, and everything she tried was so fresh! She was extremely delighted! Thank you for putting together such a wonderful box! If you are reading this review with any doubt don’t hesitate to place an order!!" —Nancy S.

Get it from Mouth for $63.

11. A chocolate bash cake – a whack-y gift (with a nine-month shelf life!) for secretly storing somewhere in your home if you're notoriously known for forgetting holiday gifts.

Dylan's Candy Bar

Each bash cake is 7-1/2 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and has about 8 ounces of pretzels inside.

Get it from Dylan's Candy Bar for $50.

12. A DIY kimchee kit to teach them how to make probiotic-rich kimchee at home. This step-by-step kit is a great way to give them confidence in the kitchen and, after their first batch, the tools are at-the-ready every time they get a hankering to monch on some delectable sour cabbage.

Full jar of DIY kimchee
Kimchee Rules

The kit includes a half-gallon glass fermenting jar, a pair of rubber gloves, brining sea salt, an airlock, two airtight lids, one jar of kimchee paste, and instructions. Founder Kheedim Oh started Mama O's to bring quality, hand made kimchee with traditional methods to the marketplace and TO YOUR KITCHEN.

Get it from Kimchee Rules for $45 (available in three flavors).

13. A vegan power pack from Peta that'll show your plant-focused friend you support their dietary choices and let ya both bond over something you love very

Tote bag with several vegan foods and ingredients

Each tote includes Bragg nutritional yeast, Modern Table Vegan Mac, Hippeas, Vegan White Cheddar puffs, two Primal Strips, a Chocolate to the Rescue bar, two cans of Gardein soup, Daiya dressing, Hellmann's vegan mayo, Bob's Red Mill egg replacer, RISE Brewing Co. Oat Milk Latte, and vegan Alfredo sauce.

Get it from Peta for $49.99.

14. A jar of Zach & Zoë Creamed wildflower honey from a family honey bee farm that uses all-natural processes, so you can give a sweet and responsible gift that's truly the bee's knees.

Honeycomb on cutting board
Zach & Zoë

Zach & Zoë is a Black, family-owned business that cares for the bees AND produces the honey themselves. If you'd like to shop directly from their site, be sure to browse through all the flavors they have available.

Promising review: (creamed wildflower honey) "My kids have just found the joy of peanut butter and honey sandwiches and this is perfect for them. They love it so much, I'm back for more." —Shannon

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 or from Zach & Zoë for $20.

15. A box of 24 customizable shortbread cookies sure to help you say "I love you" in the most universal way possible, through their stomach.

Scalloped edge rectangular shortbread cookies with pressed words on top
Uncommon Goods

These are made to order but still ship fast! Pulled from the small print; "This is a made-to-order item. If you order today your item will ship no later than 11/20/2020." Each cookie has room for three lines with up to 12 characters per line. You write up your personalized message by hitting the "personalize" button. Simple as that!

Promising review: "We used this to declare the start of our daughters 21st birthday month. Our daughter is away at college and unable to come home due to Covid-19 rules at her school. We decided to send her a box of small gifts and told her to open one a day ending on her birthday. These cookies were the first gift. She enjoyed the special message. I will be buying these cookies again." —Proud Mom

Get them from Uncommon Goods for $38.

16. A Santa's Bakeshop platter so they can enjoy cheesecakes, a brownie, and tons of chocolate strawberries — main food groups our man Santa lives off of all year long.

Plate with three pastries and several strawberries

Ho-ho-hold on while I go ahead and buy this for myself. Merry Christmas, Me.

Get it from Edible for $42.99.

17. A bottle of Patrón Reposado Tequila to give the Meredith to your Yang before you both dance off all of 2020. And then restart Grey's Anatomy. Again.


Promising review: "This is my absolute go-to reposado tequila. It's excellent for margaritas, palomas, and tequila mules. It's well worth the money." —Brian

Get it from Drizly for $28.99+ (available in two sizes).

18. A mango hot sauce mix — a gift that'll ~spice~ up your parents' life (at least at dinnertime) if they tend to think that plain boiled chicken is an appropriate main course.

Bottled hot sauce and ingredients

This includes nine customizable ingredients, tools, glass sauce bottles, stoppers, caps, and labels. The homemade sauce takes about 30 minutes to make.

Promising review: "Holy!!!! This kit is fantastic. It comes with everything you need to make amazing sauce that will have all of your friends raving. The directions are very easy to follow. I ended up letting it simmer and my sauce thickened a little too much, but no worries, it's still delicious! I kept two bottles and gave away the rest to friends. The next day I received a message that my hot sauce was a hit and my friend was drowning everything in it and they couldn’t have enough. This is great if you are just getting started making your own sauces or makes a great DIY gift as well. I recommend this 100%" —Ninna

Get it from Amazon for $25.

19. A mozzarella and ricotta DIY cheese kit — a gift that's sure to help bring back your boo's ~cheesy~ side when you run out of at-home date night ideas.

Williams Sonoma

This includes 1 ounce of vegetarian rennet, 3 ounces citric acid, 3 ounces cheese salt, a metal cooking thermometer, fine cheesecloth, and two instruction/recipe books.

Promising review: "My wife and I were inspired by a recent visit to an Italian restaurant that served mozzarella cheese made in the restaurant. Online recipes were a bit daunting and required up to four hours to complete. This kit seemed tailor-made to introduce us to the process and the instructions made it incredibly easy. Good fun to do with kids, especially the quick transformation after you add the rennet." —BiscardiCreative

Get it from Williams Sonoma for $29.95.

20. A tin of 12 gluten free fruity marshmallow cookies from the cult-favorite Milk Bar, for gluten-intolerant folks who feel connected to Cookie Monster on an almost spiritual level.

Gooey cookie being broken in half
Milk Bar

Promising review: "How could something so simple literally make my whole day! Who needs more clutter when you can have COOKIES!" —Jasmine R.

Get them from Milk Bar for $36.

21. A spice blend box so you can gift some hand-selected blends from a specific country or region. Each set includes curated recipes, shopping lists, and instructions that highlight each spice's flavor. Um, yum.

Spice packets and meal info on cutting board
Erik Mathes / BuzzFeed

Read our full review of Piquant Post to find out if this is the right gift for you!

Get it from Piquant Post for $9.99+/month (available in multiple subscriptions).

22. A candied bacon kit — a delicious way to let your best friend know how happy you are that you two were able to ~meat~.

Syrup-covered bacon drying on rack
Maple Craft Foods

I got Maple Craft Foods sampler pack a few weeks ago to sweeten up some basic oatmeal breakfasts. I don't know if I'll ever use another type of syrup again! Every flavor is unique and delicious. This stuff is good stuff.

Promising review: "You know the old saying 'Bacon makes everything better?' Well who knew that it was possible to make bacon itself better!? OMG, this hot honey barrel aged maple candied bacon is sooooooo good! The kit came well packaged in a cooler box and the instructions were easy to follow. I had never cooked bacon in the over before, and don't think I'll ever do it differently again! Highly recommend!" —Bert

Get it from Maple Craft Foods for $30.99+ (available in three sizes).

23. A coffee of the month subscription, because your marital mornings have ~bean~ a little less than their best since you accidentally brought home decaf. An official subscription is the kinda gift that can keep that from happening ever again. Whew.,

Each box includes delectable single origin coffee from around the world and comes with a postcard from a new country every month. They'll also have tasting notes and brewing tips for each individual batch.

Get it from Atlas Coffee Club for 9+/month (available in three subscription sizes and customized frequency/taste selections).

24. Or a box of Verb energy bars that'll delight people who need a pick-me-up but aren't into coffee. These have as much caffeine as an espresso – without the post-coffee slump and/or jitters.

The Verb Energy bars in the salted peanut butter, vanilla late, coconut chai, and lemon raspberry flavors

Wish you could have a salted peanut butter, maple blueberry, lemon raspberry, coconut chai, cocoa, vanilla latte...that's chewable? Here ya go! You can even try them for free (just pay $3.95 for shipping) and see what you think!

Promising review: "I struggled for a long time to find something to fuel me before my early morning workout. I'm up early, roll out of bed and work out before the day gets away from me. Thankfully a friend recommended Verb bars! They are perfect for me! Love the bars, this company, and their customer service." —Leah

Get a box from Verb Energy for $22+ (available in multiple flavors and bundles).

25. A kombucha starter kit with pH test strips, starter, sugar, looseleaf tea, and a lovely glass jar perfect for creative friends who love learning new skills (particularly when they can consume them after).

A large jar of kombucha with a fabric lid

Promising review: "I've been wanting to try my hand at making kombucha for a few years now but was afraid of making it wrong and becoming deathly ill. One of the blogs I follow recently reviewed this kit and I decided to go for it (and besides, paying upwards of $3.50 per bottle at the store was getting ridiculous). I am so happy I bought this kit! I'm currently brewing my second batch as my first batch came out awesome! I made a ginger/orange flavor and a strawberry/lemonade flavor from that first batch and they taste even better than what I can buy at the store. I actually enjoy looking at it daily to see what new changes have occurred overnight. I think its safe to say I will never buy store-bought kombucha again!" —Cheflene

Get it from Amazon for $44.99.

26. A vegan cheese wheel — a lactose-free gift that's gonna make their charcuterie boards daaang beautiful.

Five cheese wheels stacked together
Miyoko's Creamery

This 6.5 oz. wheel is organic and Non-GMO and free of cholesterol, lactose, gluten, and soy. You can also get an herbes de Provence and smoked farmhouse option.

Get the sharp English farmhouse from Miyoko's Creamery for $10.99.

27. A bag of Wilde chips, made from chicken — a powerhouse protein present for carnivorous kids and adults who aren't too ~chicken~ to try a rather unique treat.,

I. Love. These. Chips. I have several bags of these, all different flavors, in my apartment right now because I can't ever be without them. The texture is exactly what you'd expect from a classic potato chip, without the grease or feeling gross after. These chicken chips are wild, and one of my new favorite snack discoveries. Check out all the available flavors aaaand then get them all.

Get a bag of six from Wilde for $29.99 (or subscribe and save for $26.99).

28. A biscotti box to give your BFF if you haven't been able to go on a coffee date in ages and want a fun way to make your virtual brunches extra special.

Chocolate covered biscotti on a plate

Promising review: "I'm not really a biscotti fan...usually...however, these are absolutely WONDERFUL! I purchased several boxes of these and everyone I game them to just LOVED them. They aren't the usual hard kind of biscotti, they are more like a cookie, but not too sweet, and the frosting and variety of toppings just complete them. I would definitely buy them again." —Avid Shopper

Get it from Amazon for $36.99.

29. A jerky bouquet you can pull out when the holiday stress gets the best of you, to say you're sorry in a funny and fun way after you realize the silly ~beef~ you two had was probably your fault.

Triangular bouquet with several sticks of jerky

This will solve both the apology and the hangry, so you're covered for sure. BTW, this bouquet includes five sticks of buffalo, five hot venison, five mild venison, and five sticks of elk...that's 20 ounces of meat altogether!

Promising review: "This was a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband. It arrived on time, nicely packaged. He really liked it. This is the perfect gift for a man or woman who appreciates thoughtfulness and practicality. The meat sticks are delicious and are not just beef but four gourmet game meats. I would recommend this gift." —Fan Girl

Get it from Amazon for $59.99.

30. A mustard sampler pack for taking their sandwich game to new heights.

A cardboard tube with five mustard sample jars

It comes with ballpark black pepper, black truffle, chipotle, classic, garlic dill, golden dijon, heirloom blueberry, honey curry, and sweet beet.

Promising review: "These five assorted jars of mustard come in a tube, which makes it a fun gift to give. The flavors are interesting and should be enjoyable to cook with. They include some suggested recipes, too." —Peg

Get a set of five from Amazon for $24.99.

31. A Pickle of the Month subscription – a fun gift that'll, at the very least, give them a good chuckle (and a great snack!) if you're shopping for someone impossible and finding them a gift is a real and true pickle.

Three pickles jars with one extra in wrapping

Each delivery will have three canned pickle assortments paired with something a little bit different and unique (things like: extra-crunchy spears with salty Old Bay seasoning and garlicky, dilly Kirbys).

Get it from Mouth for $53+ (available in multiple subscription plans).

32. A Beehive Cheese Co. box for people with a refined cheesy palate.

Harry & David

I seriously think Beehive Cheese Co. is the best thing to come from Utah. It's creamy, creative, and has a great bite to it. I, too, come from Utah. And I'm not half as great as this cheese. BTW, this includes five 6-oz. blocks of cheese: Seahive Barely Buzzed, Pour Me A Slice, Apple Walnut Smoked, and Red Butte Hatch Chile.

Get it from Harry & David for $79.99.

33. A peppermint chow package that'll be so fun to snack on your anti-romantic boo just might say, "We were pepper-mint to be" after a handful of this delicious gift.

The peppermint chow
Man Crates

This incudes two 12 oz. bags of chow in a festive collectable tin.

Get it from Man Crates for $29.99.

34. A jerk rice and chana masala backpacking meal for making sure the hiker in your life is getting some real food while hanging out in all that...nature. Bugs only look delicious on The Lion King, cooked food is the way to go.


Promising reviews: (jerk rice) "I can always get behind a good jerk meal and this was oh-so satisfying." —Asa

(chana masala) "This tastes great, is easy to make, and keeps you fueled up on your backpacking adventures. It's a lot of food for one person, so you can eat half, close the bag, and pull it back out for a quick trail snack without having to bust out the cookset again. I did this a couple times on a recent trip – the bags stayed closed inside my pack." —John Blume III

Get the jerk rice for $8.95 and the masala for $6.95, both from Backcountry.

35. A DIY mochi ice cream kit that's equal parts satisfying to make and eat. Plus, this kit is great for kids, so you and your family can have a blast creating this buzz-worthy treat. You can officially call yourselves the coolest parents on the block.

Mochi inside silicone mold beside ingredients and packaging
Uncommon Goods

This kit includes sweet rice flour, potato starch, matcha green tea powder, cocoa powder, a dough cutter, a silicone mochi mold, and step-by-step instructions. It makes up to 32 pieces.

Promising review: "My friend's daughter had to have her graduation party via Zoom this year. Mochi is their favorite, so I thought this would be a great kindergarten graduation gift. It was a huge hit! They had so much fun making them and at the end they said it tasted just like 'real mochi' :). True praise from a 5- and 7-year-old!" —Kim

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $32.

36. A pair of truffle-based sauces (black truffle *ranch* and *Sriracha*) to give friends who pride themselves on their sophisticated palate, even when they live off of microwave dinners. What better way to upgrade instant mac 'n' cheese than with truffle oil, I ask you?? There is none. Stop guessing.


Trufflin is a Black- and woman-owned small business founded by a French woman with a family history in the truffle business and an Atlanta-based chef.

Get it on Amazon for $47.99 or from Trufflin for $59.99.

37. A mushroom-growing kit for anyone who would love a large garden but doesn't have ~mushroom~ for anything other than some of these fun-guys.

Box with tons of mushrooms growing out of it

Promising review: "This is such an awesome purchase!! I soaked it overnight like the directions tell you to — if you follow them you will get the desired outcome. I soaked Monday and then Tuesday morning I dried it, stuck it back in the box, and placed it next to a window. The curtain was drawn, so it didn't get too much sunlight. I've sprayed it daily since then, and here on Sunday, five days after, I already have a beautiful batch of gorgeous-looking baby mushrooms. You won't be disappointed. I will most likely buy this again!" —Breanna

Get it from Amazon for $19.93.

38. A holiday tea chest filled to the brim with beautifully packaged tea time bliss. Hope they like Olaf, because every time they sip these teas they're gonna feel like they're getting a warm hug.

Large box with several triangular tea bags
Tea Forte

I did not like tea until I tried Tea Forte. This is the honest truth. I had this very holiday package aaand it's now my go-to treat when I need to feel lifted up.

Promising review: "I bought the Warming Joy Tea Chest last winter and I fell in love with the wonderful flavors. The packaging was perfect and added in the fun of making a cup of tea. I thought I had a favorite, until I'd try another one. So I'd say I really enjoy them all. It became my daily routine to have a cup or two from the chest. I enjoyed it so much that I bought a box for my dog sitter and for my masseuse for Christmas gifts. They couldn't stop talking about how much they enjoyed the gift. With such a wide variety of flavors, it isn't hard to find many to enjoy! This is for sure my go-to tea company and I look forward to many cups of wonderful tea this winter." —Joy C.

Get it from Tea Forte for $60.

39. A movie night popcorn kit with enough popcorn and seasonings to satisfy your BFF during their marathon movie nights — the Twilight series won't watch itself! Who has 10 half-hours to spare?

Popcorn kernels and seasoning in packaging

Promising review: "The amount of seasonings and different kinds of popcorn kernels were exciting for my boyfriend and me on Valentine's day. The popcorn alone tastes fresh and clean, much better than store bought popcorn packets! The seasonings are high quality and have a great clarity to their flavor, I would definitely recommend this package as a gift to someone and would repurchase for someone in the future. We love our popcorn and movie nights, so this gift was perfect for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day." —Leah

Get it from Amazon for $23.50.

40. A Haus apéritif sampler kit with four unique flavors, each blended with tantalizing natural botanicals, for friends who love a good drink so much you know they'll say "Sip Sip Hooray!" when you give them this gift.

Four bottles of Haus styled on a table

This set includes four 200-ml bottles, each with an 18% ABV. Drink. It. In.

Promising review: "I really enjoyed this sample kit. The packaging is lovey (I will definitely reuse the small glass bottles). I enjoyed all the flavors- citrus was my favorite. I think the clove flavor will be nice over ice during the cooler months. The Rose, Citrus, Lavender flavors are nice on their own with ice and are a fun addition to prosecco. I really enjoy complex flavors, and these apéritifs are a wonderful way to mix things up." —Erica R.

Get the sampler kit from Haus for $40.

41. A brunch box sure to bring a tear to every brunch lover's eye, knowing they will be able to feast on a brag-worthy brunch from the comfort of their kitchen counter.

Skillet with stack of pancakes, maple syrup, and bloody Mary mix
Bespoke Post

This includes a cast-iron skillet, a leather pot holder, Bloody Mary mix, pancake mix, and Vermont maple syrup.

Get it from Bespoke Post for $55 (available for $45 as a club member).

42. A Home Chef membership designed with step-by-step cooking instructions – a gift for folks who are ready to embrace home cooking, as long as they have a meal service holding their hand while they do it.

Home Chef

Home Chef uses basic ingredients and creates clever twists with their recipes, so you can make new foods without being intimidated by ingredients. And there's no need to worry about time, each meal takes 30 minutes or less to make!

Get it from Home Chef for $6.99+ a meal (available in multiple memberships).

43. A Sips by subscription — a tea-riffic gift to snag if you're looking to get something your entire family would love.

Sips by

This includes four premium, top-rated teas chosen based on personal preferences – they make 15+ cups. Just choose from loose tea or tea bags and you are G2G.

Get it from Sips by for $45 for a three-month subscription (available in multiple subscriptions).

44. A pack of 25 mini vegan cupcakes for friends who could use a bit of bite-sized bliss.

Baked By Melissa

This vegan mix includes five strawberry, four peanut butter, four chocolate vanilla chip, four triple chocolate chip, four dark chocolate coconut, and four maple cinnamon bun mini cupcakes.

Promising review: "My best friend loves these cupcakes. It was the perfect treat for a vegan birthday. Highly recommend" —Bryanna

Get them from Baked By Melissa for $49.

45. A truly mouthwatering caviar flight with enough caviar to serve up to 10 people. Simply select from the domestic, international, and imported caviar options (you get three!). This gift is so good they just might think it's ~fishy~ that they're getting it. And let's be real, they totally owe you after this.

Full caviar kit with three jars, packet of blinis, creme, and carrier bag
The Caviar Co.

The entire pack includes a caviar cooler, cocktail blinis, creme fraiche, and mother-of-pearl tasting spoons. Every product is packed fresh and lasts up to six weeks, unopened and refrigerated. Once opened, consume within three to four days. My husband and I got this set (it was the first time either of us had enjoyed caviar before) and we loved it! It's a fun way to make a night at home something really special.

Get it from The Caviar Co. for $217.

46. And finally, a box of Liquid Death (a ferociously funny sparkling water) to help keep them hydrated while scarfing down all of these delicious gifts!

Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed,

I received THREE seperate boxes of Liquid Death for my birthday this year because I talk about this stuff so often, whether people want to listen or not. This is marketing genius, I'm a sucker for fun packaging, and the water is...TO DIE FOR. I also have...lots of their merch. Lots of it.

Get a 12-pack from Liquid Death for $15.99.

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