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    24 Gadgets That Would Make James Bond Jealous

    He may have insultingly chiseled abs, perfectly tailored suits, and the skills to make drinking a weak martini look cool...but despite all the gadgets he gets, Bond only WISHES he had a Wallet Ninja, ray gun nose-hair trimmer, LED clock/fan contraption, and all these other brilliant gadgets that deserve some serious re-spectre.

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    1. A moving alarm clock that'll help you roll out of bed in time to show M who the real boss is.

    2. An LED fan that can keep you cool under pressure when you're trying to beat the clock.

    3. A pair of flashlight gloves to help you see the light at the end of the undetonated bomb or (more likely) the light at the end of the breaker box.

    4. A security camera that'll give you a quantum of solace when you're away from home.

    5. A Wi-Fi-enabled smart plug so you can control your appliances with your voice, wherever you are.

    6. A 24/7 dog tracker that'll let you know what your pooch is doing all day, while also making sure your good boy will be wearing his black-tie best, just like Bond would want.

    7. A multifunctional Wallet Ninja — it's gonna be the most useful card you can play at the Casino Royale (it's also particularly useful for opening bottles and for emergency screwdriver situations).

    8. A handheld circuit synthesizer, so you can create and play "Skyfall" from your pocket all day, every day.

    9. A ray gun nose-hair trimmer that'll make Bond wish he had such a clean-cut arsenal collection.

    10. A GoPro to record all your "jumping off a boat over a helicopter onto a moving train" antics. Or just to use the next time you're surfing.

    11. An Apple Watch that'll do way more than Bond's Rolex.

    12. A 3D pen kit to let out your creative side on a craft table instead of a poker table.

    13. A device that gives you server-free connection so you can hike anywhere there's a view to kill without killing your cell service.

    14. A cell phone attachment that'll make sure your doggo takes a selfie so cute she'll end up being cast in the first dog-themed Bond movie, Homeward Bond.

    15. A magic soap odor remover to rid yourself of the stubborn smell of garlic and onion without it ever running out. Because diamonds are forever, and so is this soap.

    16. A smart notebook that can download your notes and then erase everything with a microwave — totally worth testing out, I mean, you only live twice.

    17. A moldable mount that'll hold on to your every appliance, and your every word.

    18. A touch-free vacuum, because after you see how clean your floors are with this thing, you'll know it was worth every (money) penny.

    19. A secret key chain so you can drive with a license to kill (LOL JK this is useful to open packages with).

    20. A four-pack of LED smart bulbs that'll scare the living daylights out of anyone who tries to sneak into your house when you're not home.

    21. A waterproof, Bluetooth-enabled speaker so you can blast your theme song from the teak deck of your megayacht.

    22. A grip strip that'll hold your stuff whenever you've come up with a brilliant plan and have gotta stick to it.

    23. A see-through Swiss Army knife, because having a tool this useful is worth showing off.

    24. A portable projector, because you used to think you couldn't get a good picture from a portable projector, but after using this you'll never say never again.

    When people ask me who I am after I get my hands on even one of these gadgets.

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