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37 Gifts To Make Them Feel Like A Real Life Inspector Gadget

Go go gadget rainbow maker, bed cooler, therapy get the idea.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!)

1. A rainbow maker pieced together with visible cogs, screws, and a pretty prism that they can place in front of a window to create some club-worthy DIY the middle of the afternoon.

Urban Outfitters

This is solar-powered, so there's no need to buy batteries or a USB. Just place it in front of the sun and *bam* rainbows.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $44.95.

2. A microneedle derma roller that uses the same system as professional microneedling (utilizing a bunch of tiny, controlled pinpoints to stimulating the body's natural healing response). This may firm up skin and shrink pores while helping the products they already own absorb easier and thus, work better.

Love & Pebble

This includes a travel case, a complete derma roller, and three extra roller heads. BTW, I use this! When I first started wearing masks outside I'd get painful, deep, red blemishes. They weren't quite whiteheads or open acne, so zit stickers and my daily cleanser and moisturizer weren't cutting it. I started using this when I heard that microneedling could help with that deep-set pressure. I use this a couple days a week and it was exactly what I needed in my routine to relieve my skin. I'm stoked I found this!

Get it from Love & Pebble for $25.

3. A pair of long-distance touch bracelets you can pair with Bluetooth so they'll light up when touched, to let your long-distance love know you're thinking of them in a way that'll totally brighten their day.

Two models with the black bracelets on their wrists

Because this is light-based, you can make your own color codes, where blue could be "I miss you," pink might be "something just reminded me of you," purple could be "I love you" — you get the idea.

Promising review: "My love is being deployed across seas to Kuwait for the Army and we both know that there aren't going to be too many times where we are able to chat on the phone or Skype/FaceTime each other with the time change and her schedule over there. I wanted to find something that would keep us close even though we are going to be so far away. These are so awesome. The touches are vibrant and every time I receive one from her, a huge smile comes across my face. It's a simple, yet amazing way to let your significant other know that you're thinking about them. You don't need Wi-Fi, just a Bluetooth connection to your phone. Thank you Bond for keeping us close. PS. Our 15-month-old loves feeling the touches and loves sending his mom touches as well." —Amazon Customer

Get a pair from Amazon for $98.

4. A chiliPAD bed cooler to make one or both sides of the bed cold from the bottom up, so the human heater you sleep beside can finally sleep as cold as they want (even with the covers on).


This includes a reversible, hydro-powered Chili Cool Mesh™ Pad, thermal regulating control units, and a remote. The system uses hydropower and operates within 55-115 degrees F. They can also get the Ooler app to control their bed's temperature from their phone.

Promising review: "This has been a game changer for me. Hot flashes and night sweats are gone and my sleep is much improved. I highly recommend this product." —Jenny D.

Get it from ChiliSleep for $499+ (available in two styles and three sizes).

5. A Vitamix immersion blender because soup season is upon us aaaand if you give this to the home chef in your life you MIGHT get some sensational dinners from it. Just be sure to help with the prep work.

Person using blender to make an iced drink inside a glass jar

Promising review: "I saw Bobby Flay use this and I wanted to make something I saw on his show. It's so powerful and won't ever scratch any dish you use! It's well made and will last, just like my 25-year-old blender!! Top shelf! I always purchase top of the line appliances and Vitamix is the best. This is easy to use, is versatile, and powerful. It's now more convenient to make food and beverages." —Chris65

Get it from Vitamix for $149.95.

6. An Airfly wireless transmitter that'll connect their AirPods (or any wireless headphones) to things like airplane seats, no Bluetooth needed!!


Promising review: "These work amazingly well. I was surprised that you can charge and use them at the same time. I use them on planes to listen to the in-flight entertainment with my AirPods. I also use them to listen to music on my laptop with my AirPods. They work really well. Now, I don't have to carry my wired earbuds with me when I travel anymore. They really work as advertised. I have not had any issues with them since I started using them." —RPL

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

7. A 10-motor massage mat — the lumbar area heats up to 140 degrees in less than eight minutes and it has three vibration intensity levels to choose from. This is the perfect gadget to get anyone who thinks you're a (lovable) pain in the neck.

Person laying on padded massage mat that's slightly larger than a yoga mat. It has a connected remote.

Promising review: "Very easy to use! I like the versatility of the zone settings and varying intensities. The cushioning is quite nice. I lay it down into my La-Z-Boy recliner and it is very relaxing!" —Donna Shreve

Get it from Amazon for $66.97.

8. A diamond neck roller — a spiffy beauty tool for folks who are on a ~roll~ with their new beauty routine. Throw all those splurge-worthy skincare bits in my stocking, thanks.

Kaplan MD

I own this magic gadget! I have always made sure my neck and décolletage have been part of my daily beauty routine, but I hadn't ever used a product that was made specifically for that area until this. It has made SUCH a difference on my skin. My neck looks and feels smoother. I love the roller application and the feel and smell of the serum. Bliss.

Promising review: "It only took one day to see the results. My neck and décolletage are smooth and silky and soft. I’ve been using Dr. Kaplan’s fabulous products for nearly a year. At last, I have found the holy grail of skin and lip care. I have never looked better!" —June S.

Get it from Kaplan MD for $115.

9. A bidet because your mom has a strict "no potty humor" rule when everyone visits for the holidays. Finding a gift that's gonna say it for you is *chef's kiss* perfection.


Promising review: "I am loving my Tushy! It is powerful and so easy to install! Not gonna lie, I wish my sink was on the same wall so I could do the warm water option but it is super effective and definitely wakes you up! I believe this is the best way to keep things happily clean." —Natalie D.

Get it from Tushy for $69 (available in nine colors).

10. A rechargeable light necklace they can toss on their dog to give them some peace of mind while walking around at night. This thing is especially useful if they play fetch when it's dark, or if their dog loves running around at night. There's a reason this thing has ~glowing~ reviews!

Chewy, Khaos

Promising review: "Everyone should have one of these! It's great quality! I love how it alternates colors and how you can make it stick to one color. My dog loves his necklace. This is a fabulous purchase. Get one right now!" —Khaos

Get it on sale from Chewy for $15.99 (originally $19.99).

11. A Tchibo bean-to-brew single-serve coffee maker — an eco-friendly gift for coffee consumers who want a luxe roasted brew (without a bit of climate change guilt). Single-use pods are a thing of the past, people!, Tchibo

This is the very first coffee machine I've had in my home (I figured it was time to make a break room in my apartment, since my husband and I weren't taking nearly enough breaks to chat by the water cooler). I wanted something that was more eco-friendly than traditional K-Cup pod machines, but didn't need a whole pot of coffee in the mornings. This machine is intuitive, easy to clean, and makes a boast-worthy brew. I think it's 100% worth the splurge for earth-conscious coffee drinkers.

Get it on sale from Tchibo for $349 (originally $399, purchase includes two bags of whole bean Röst Frisch coffee).

12. A vibrating facial brush — an exfoliating skincare tool that'll take a basic bath to the next level. I own this thing and IMHO, I'm pretty confident this would ~vibe~ with just about everyone.

My hand holding up my palm-sized cleansing brush. It's the shape of a flattened egg, with soft silicone bristles on both sides.
Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

Promising review: "Before getting this device, although I have a very strict skincare routine, I really didn’t exfoliate often enough. Now being able to gently exfoliate whilst I cleanse morning and night is so great, especially as I have been able to add this into my skincare routine without any additional time! I have super sensitive skin which gets red very easily but this device is gentle enough for me on the middle speed setting (or even higher) with no irritation. You can play around with different levels of vibration, which is great, and I find the highest level is great for massaging the forehead (also try the back for this area) and it's really relaxing!! I’ve had mine for a few weeks already and it still hasn’t run out of charge yet, so will be great for travel! Important to note that I did follow the instructions to charge mine as soon as I received it. Plus the super cute pink color looks so nice in my bathroom!" —Sophie

Get it from Amazon for $69.99 (available in two colors).

13. A pair of aerating wineglasses – they're really and truly gonna improve the taste of the cheap wine you and your BFF gulp down on all your The Bachelorette viewing nights.


Give them the gift of drunk TV time. They're worth it.

Promising review: "I got these for my mom and she loves them! They are great conversation pieces, and fun to use. The wine fans out and falls into the glass as pictured. She runs them through the dishwasher and hasn't had any issues cleaning them that way. These are fun for wine drinkers." —Kaitlyn G.

Get them from Amazon for $55.27.

14. An eye massager — it may help ease migraines and act as a source of stress relief for anyone whose tension is not just a weight on their shoulders.

Reviewer wearing massager and smiling

This uses air pressure and light vibrations to relieve fatigue, pain, stress, and puffiness around the eyes. And it decided to keep the luxury coming with a heat compress and built-in music settings to help you really relax. It uses a rechargeable lithium battery with USB and it'll last a full week when used 15 minutes a day, so feel free to treat yourself daily!

Promising review: "This eye massager holds multiple functions that can make me feel heating, extrusion, kind of like shiatsu and kneading, and vibration. All are able to combine in a 15-minute session or switch/turn off freely. It has air compressions that tighten and release at just the perfect moment at the ideal strength. There are three modes and I think the hard mode is a little hard for beginners, I would recommend more on the first and second mode.

After 15 minutes of massaging, I removed the massager and still kept my eyes closed for 30 seconds, as the seller suggested, and when I opened I felt SO refreshed and lifted! Really the strains all melted away!!" —Angela

Get it from Amazon for $79.99.

15. An AeroGarden that'll be a fool-proof way to grow fresh herbs outside of a garden and inside their fifth-floor walk-up.,

This six-pod kit includes Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil and mint, with a bottle of plant food. It works thanks to its energy-efficient LED lights (that automatically turn on and off every day, no need to deal with them yourself). It grows up to six plants at a time, that can grow up to 12 inches. The plants grow in water, not soil, so there's not even a mess.

Promising review: "I have a black thumb, which I think is important to add to this review. I planted everything photographed Jan. 3, 2019 and I took this photo this morning (Feb. 5, 2019; above left). It takes care of itself and the plants grow a little bit more each day. It's the most exciting part of my morning routine — while my coffee brews I admire my plants!" —Kristy Campbell

Get it from BuzzFeed's Goodful line on Amazon for $99.97 (available in three kits).

16. A portable ice cube maker so your roommate can have all the ice they want, without needing to remember to fill the ice cube trays ever again (which means you, finally, will get some ice). Passive-aggressive presents are worth their weight in gold!

White ice maker with removable ice cube cubby sitting on kitchen counter

Promising review: "I love this. It’s the perfect ice maker for my condo. I don’t have a lot of counter space and this doesn’t take up much space at all. I wish I bought one sooner." —Susan

Get it on sale from Wayfair for $132.31 (originally $149.95; available in five colors).

17. A Roomba 614 — the robot vacuum that uses a three-stage cleaning system to pull dirt from both carpets and hard-surface floors. It has brushes for cleaning edges and corners, sensors that help it navigate under furniture, and a smart cleaning system that deep cleans high-traffic areas in the home. You're gonna win family gift-giving in one clean sweep!


This runs for up to 90 minutes and then automatically docks itself to recharge. It also has a cliff sensor, so it won't fall down your stairs!

Promising review: "I really love my vacuum. It's super efficient, I have five pets and it does a really good job." —Maraih

Get it on sale from iRobot for $224.99 (originally $249.99).

18. A ball launcher for making sure your grandpa's dog (and your grandpa's rotator cuff) enjoy their days at the dog park.


Promising review: "I don’t know who has more fun, my dog or me. LOL. I’ve used this for fetch every day for over a week now. It’s a ton of fun! I like that you can pick the ball up with the end of the gun. It saves your back and while my dog isn’t a slobber hound like others I’ve’s nice you don’t have to touch the ball after it’s dog slimed. Get the mini model for small tennis balls and the large gun shoots conventional size tennis balls! Get it! You and your dog will thank me!" —workoutnut2010

Get it from Amazon for $19.95.

19. A solar-powered charging bank to give avid hikers who love going on outdoor adventures almost as much as they love posting about them on Instagram.


This is waterproof and USB compatible.

Promising review: "This works like a champ. I was out camping in the mountains for five days with no electricity. I followed the instructions and made sure the unit had a full charge prior to its first use. The first night my cellphone was down to 10% and my tablet down to 5%. I turned them both off and plugged them in (at the same time) into the solar charger. When I woke up the in the morning they were both at 100% charge. During the day I left the solar charger exposed to the sun. Each night it charged my cellphone and my tablet to 100%." —Rover Rover

Get it from Amazon for $46.99 (available in three colors).

20. A therapy lamp that'll let summer-lovers soak in some "sun" no matter how dreary the weather is outside.


Promising review: "This light has helped me feel like an actual human again and I could almost cry, honestly. I've only used it a handful of times, but I've already noticed a significant boost in my mood and energy. I enjoy doing chores again; I don't lay in bed when I am off work and cry; I get as excited as my dog when I ask if she wants to go for walks. My friends have noticed an uptick in my mood too, as have my coworkers and family. I've found that I have energy to take up my old hobbies such as writing and drawing again, too." Hailey

Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

21. A handheld mixer to save them a bundle when they stop spending their hard-earned money at coffee shops and can enjoy their favorite, frothy brew from comfort of their kitchen counter instead.


This runs on two AA batteries, not included.

Promising review: "This has revolutionized my coffee routine and allows me to make lattes, like they do at Starbucks, at home. I have used it exclusively with plant-based milks (coconut, almond, etc.) and it perfectly froths nondairy milks. I actually found that plain almond milk froths better than any other plant-based milk, for all you vegans out there. I can't tell you how much money I have saved not having to go to the coffee shop every time I want to have a delicious latte. It makes a beautiful, delicate foam that holds up for the whole cup of coffee. I love that there's still foam even in the last sip. Also, you can use this for the fancy cold foam to have with iced coffee drinks. I love this device so much! I have recommended it to literally everyone I know and plan on purchasing another frother in the near future just so I can keep one at the office to make sure I never have to make coffee without it. I couldn't go back to just coffee and cream after having tried the perfect lattes made by this." —Lindsey Catherine

Get it from Amazon for $15.95 (available in 10 colors).

22. An Apple Magic Keyboard designed with quick scrolling, document navigation, full-sized arrows, and increased stability in the keys, so they'll be able to work (and, more importantly, game) with ease.

Keyboard beside reviewer's laptop

Promising review: "Truly I am obsessed with this keyboard. It connects to both my Mac and my PC desktop (not at the same time though) and it's lightweight but quality in its design and structure. Everyone laughs when I whip it out to use but hey, I don't care for the Mac keyboard anyway. LOL" —Martina Britt Yelverton

Get it from Amazon for $139.

23. An adjustable baby carriage that's gonna help your younger sibling see that strolling around with a colicy newborn, fidgety baby, and active toddler can still be a walk in the park. Um, sort of.


Promising review: "I am very happy with the purchase of this stroller. It's very easy to assemble. This comes with a bassinet for a baby and a chair for a toddler, and a rain/mosquito cover." —Maria

Get it from Amazon for $459+ (available in four colors).

24. A Dyson blow-dryer so well-made, it's sure to prove it's not just a bunch of hot air.,

Learn all about why this is the best blow-dryer you can buy in one BuzzFeeder's review. It's also our top pick for hairdryers in BuzzFeed Reviews.

Promising review: "I have been eyeing the Dyson Blow-Dryer for a while. I knew it was expensive, but I was still determined to gift it to myself. So far, I have only used the diffuser to dry my curls and nozzle blow cold air into my scalp. The diffuser is an excellent tool. The lowest heat option is sufficiently hot enough that I’m able to dry my hair after styling it (soaked and wet) in under 20 minutes. I have 3C, bra length hair, medium thickness. It took 30-40 minutes with my previous dryer with a diffuser attachment, but it never dried my roots fully. I’m very impressed with the heat, strength, and effectiveness. This is my holy grail." —Anonymous

Get it from Dyson for $399.99 (available in four colors).

25. A portable projector — this thing can project a 150-inch DLP picture and *somehow* also has powerful speakers built into its tiny frame. Get this for your kids or partner and your family movie nights are gonna a big hit, huge.


Promising review: "This thing is fantastic. For more than a decade I’ve had a dedicated home theater projector setup in my home. I recently moved to a property with a rooftop deck and was interested in this device to create the opportunity for movies under the stars...this thing delivers. The speakers are more than adequate for this type of setup. It has the streaming apps I need (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube). It is the perfect size for portability. The perfect portable projector." –Andrew

Get it from Amazon for $419.99.

26. A 3D effect essential oil diffusing LED light that's waterless and changes into seven different colors, so you know it'll go with their decor (no matter what they've done to their place lately).,

Promising review: "This is a gorgeous oil diffuser! I purchased this and I LOVE it! It's so beautiful, I get countless compliments on it, and several friends have now purchased their own. It looks expensive, not cheap or cheesy. You won't be disappointed!" —Brooks Family

Get it from Amazon for $38.97 (available in two styles).

27. A runaway alarm clock – it plays music and runs around the bedroom until someone grabs it. This thing is sure to have your kid up and ~on a roll~ in plenty of time for homeschool to start.

Includes four AA batteries.

Promising review: "This is the most amazing ALARM clock EVER!! I have had trouble for years waking up on time, but not any more thanks to this alarm clock!! You can't help but jump out of bed to the alien sounds and runaway movements of the clock. It's annoying at 5 a.m. BUT it does what it's supposed to do...WAKE YOU UP!! I will never live without this clock!!!" —MC Florida

Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in eight colors).

28. A tug-of-war toy for your pupper that'll suction cup to your floor, giving you the gift of alone time when Spot doesn't want to stop playing.,

Promising review: "We bought this for our 7-month-old labradoodle and he absolutely loves it. He is a big fan of tug-of-war so this toy is great to just leave on the ground and let him have at it. It certainly helps distract and burn his puppy energy. You can hide treats in it as well which was a bonus. This also comes with two sticky pads for extra suction. I give 5 stars all around!!" —P. Bom

Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

29. And a strategy game to help your pet stay entertained and engaged during the day by working to get their meals. They are little hunters, after all!

Stand with three turnable tubes filled with treats

I have the cat version of this food puzzle and it's been a fun (and infuriating, for the cats) way to get my kittos to slow down while eating. The great thing about this is that it's rather tricky, which means that even after they've figured it out it's still a challenge to get the food (unlike other treat puzzles). It's been a great way to keep my cats entertained for an extended period of time!

Promising review: "I have a Jack Russell terrier and she absolutely loves this! Even though she is short and small, she is still able to flip the beakers with her snout and paw. She looks forward to this game every day. We fill it with her food and some cut-up carrots. She loves to keep flipping, knowing there are different treats." —Angie

Get it from Chewy for $14.98.

30. An electric bubble massage mat that's waterproof and has a built-in heater for some truly spa-level soaks. It even has an aroma clip for essential oil aromatherapy!

Promising review: "This product provides a great massage technique for my back muscles. I experience a lot of pain and tension in my shoulders. And I have chronic pain in my lower back. I also like the aromatherapy pad. What a great soothing and relaxing experience for the low cost." —Octavia

Get it from Amazon for $117.02.

31. A gadget-filled office chair with adjustable lumbar support, a heating feature, AND MASSAGE SETTINGS. Even though a chair might not feel like a gadgety gift, once they see all the un-chair-acteristically cool things this does, they'll totally get it. And love it.

Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

Promising review: "This chair exceeded my high expectations for comfort, utility, and adaptability to my spinal and gluteal in keeping my back properly postured and my butt comfortably positioned. The price is still reasonable, consistent with its sturdy composition and its many adjustability features. I am delighted that I executed my well thought-out decision to purchase this office chair for my study!" —TonyO

Get it from X-Chair for $1,149.99 (customization available).

32. A spiffy smartphone printer — it's gonna send your grandfather over the moon when he is able to get physical prints of the 427 photos he took at your kiddo's kindergarten graduation last year.

Small printer beside iPhone and photos

This uses a USB to charge and prints out high-quality photos in 10 seconds!

Promising review: "This is a huge hit with the teenagers in my household. We bought an Instax Mini camera last year, but we can rarely capture good photos on it. They are nearly all washed out or out of focus. It is also difficult to bring the big bulky camera along on trips. My kids love that they can snap photos on their phones and come back to print Polaroid photos. We have had no issues connecting to the printer. We've downloaded the app to our smartphones, and it has worked perfectly every time. Highly recommend!" —Sussya

Get it from Amazon for $79.99+ (available in two colors).

33. A Furbo for pet parents who hate leaving their little one at home. Get this for easing their separation anxiety — it allows them to throw treats, talk, and look in on their pupper any time of day.


Promising review: "As the owner of a new puppy I couldn't imagine how anxious I would be able leaving the puppy for the day. I made the leap into what I thought was crazy-pet-parent territory and bought a camera. Best. Purchase. Ever. It works like a dream. I was worried that it might not pick up because our Wi-Fi isn't the strongest or the fastest, no problem. The app (mine is on an iPhone) is very easy to use. The quality of the image, both regular and night vision, is excellent. We use her kibble as treats and it fires several at a time, which doesn't bother me. We angled it so it shoots into her kennel. It is such a huge relief to see her whine for just a few minutes and then settle in to sleep for hours. I even talked to the dog walker through the camera when he arrived." —Teresa

Get it from Amazon for $198.95.

34. A silicone egg cup — this'll be an, excuse me, egg-cellent gift for your BFF if you've both missed your brunch dates dearly.


Promising review: "This was seriously the BEST $10 I have ever spent! Mix your ingredients, pour it in the molds, add a bit of water to your Instant Pot, and steam for eight minutes...job done. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. It's great for tasty, quick, homemade sous vide." —Polly Robinson

Get it from BuzzFeed's Goodful collection at Amazon for $9.99.

35. A moisture meter they can place deep down into the soil to know exactly how much water their plant is getting. Specifically, the plant you gave them on their birthday that *you* would very much like to see alive the next time you visit., Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

Promising review: "This item is great. I can check how wet my plants are down where the roots are. So no more over watering! It is very accurate. This works great!!" —Terri Carlson

Get it from Amazon for $10.97.

36. A USB cord bracelet for those people in our lives (you know who you are) who always seems to need a charge at a moment's notice.


This specific bracelet is compatible with Apple, but you can also get one for Samsung products.

Promising review: "I usually have every sort of cable that I could possibly need when I'm at work, but I don't usually carry one on my person when I'm elsewhere. It looks sharp, and isn't obviously a cable, but its always available should you need it. One thing I have found is that the cable is compatible with Apple CarPlay, and when plugged into a computer will function like a default Apple cable. I am incredibly happy with it and would recommend it to anyone who might ask." —Patt Duffy

Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in three styles).

37. And finally, a pair of color-changing LED faucet lights that'll light up their life every time they turn on their water. Need a gift that'll convince your kids to wash their hands more often? Have I got a ~bright~ idea for you.

A faucet in three different shots, glowing a different color in each image

These lights use a built-in generator, so no need to worry about batteries or electricity! Each light has three colors that will change depending on the temperature of the water being used.

Promising review: "Love love these LED lights. It's very easy to set up, the price is right and it's durable. I bought these lights over two months ago and they are still working. When the kitchen lights are off and the faucet is on it brightens up the entire kitchen sink. I love that it changes colors when the temperature changes, that makes it easier and safer for the kids to know when the temperature is hot or cold. I would buy these again in a heartbeat." —Judean C.

Get them from Amazon for $14.99 and get a shower head version for $27.99.

Me, wondering how to convince my husband I need a showerhead light for Christmas:


Reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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Reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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