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    49 Splurge-Worthy Gifts To Surprise Your Dad With This Father's Day

    Caution: dad jokes (and dad gifts) ahead.

    1. A sturdy doormat that's so your father's sense of humor you may find him standing outside yelling "ding dong!" all day long.

    Doormat reads "Doorbell Broken Yell 'Ding Dong' Really Loud"

    2. A cooling and non-iron dress shirt that'll give your no-fuss father a nice piece of clothing he doesn't need to treat with the same tender, loving care he gives you (on occasion).

    A model wearing a white button up dress shirt

    3. A coffee-of-the-month subscription for dads who are always talking about how tired they became after having kids.

    4. A steel log hoop to make storing logs by the fire easier and help his home feel very cozy. Incredibly cozy. You ~wood~ not believe how cozy.

    Steel log hoop holding dozens of pieces of wood

    5. A funny wall hook that'll keep your pop's keys in place and possibly make up for the fact that you weren't exactly ~handy~ when you lived at home and your parents asked for help around the house.

    A wall-mounted hand with a finger sticking out to hold hanging objects

    6. A two-person tent you can give your pa if he's been trying to get the family camping since the day you could crawl. Unfortunately, camping just isn't in your ~nature~ but gift-giving is!

    A multi-colored dome tent with double zipper doors and indoor pockets throughout the interior

    7. A pair of snazzy dress shoes for letting your dad know you've always wanted to follow in his footsteps, even if you've never wanted to walk in his (choice of) shoes.

    Chamberlain Penny Loafers

    8. A custom skincare set that comes with four products (made with personalized ingredients) to give your dad a customized skincare experience only a day at the spa could provide before.

    A skincare kit with a cleanser, face cream, night cream, and eye cream

    9. A bamboo grill kit and a BBQ smoker wood chip set for the father who loves a good BBQ and who is always (lovably) getting up in your grill.

    10. A pair of sunglasses so snazzy they're sure to make up for the years of ~shade~ you threw him when you were in high school.

    Round Tortoise Sunglasses

    11. A NASA standards manual — a gift your dad will truly think is out of this world.

    12. A pair of Bose noise-cancelling headphones so you can give him the peace and quiet he is always asking for, without actually having to be peaceful or quiet.

    Bose QuietComfort Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

    13. A bottle opener (made from genuine baseball bats used in major league games) that'll seriously make up for all the times you drove your dad ~batty.~

    A bottle opener made from the bottom of a baseball bat, with a rope attachment for hanging and an inscription of the team who used the bat

    14. A chocolate treasure box so your dad can know who the ~sweetest~ person in the family really is (it's you).

    15. A baby carrier for new dads who want their kiddo wrapped around them as tight as their newborn has them wrapped around their little finger.

    Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier

    16. A machine-washable hiking blanket that's lightweight and incredibly cozy, for fathers who know it's great to have some time in the great outdoors.

    A puffy blanket with a multicolored image of Yellowstone hot springs

    17. A DIY cocktail kit — a tantalizing kit that'll be just about every dad's taste.

    A box filled with two labeled bottles, a stainless steel funnel, and 12 vials of herbs

    18. A leather belt-making set he can enjoy working on even if he tends to live in his sweats.

    A strip of worn leather, a metal buckle, a leather attachment, two metal bits, and instructions

    19. An EcoSphere sure to prove your dad was right when he thought it was ~fishy~ that you decided to get him a gift this year.

    EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

    20. A marble pastry board that'll help your dad keep his cool, because it'll help his dough stays cool when he's baking up something brilliant.

    Fox Run marble pastry board

    21. A bidet, because your old man used to wipe your tush and you may wanna return the favor. So thoughtful!

    22. A lightweight parachute hammock to let your dad know how much you appreciate ~hanging~ out with him.

    Legit Camping hammock attached to two trees

    23. A pair of Peruvian pima cotton sweatpants for the dad who always asks for a nap for Father's Day and is currently wearing worn-out pajamas that look even more tired than he does.

    Daniel Buchler lounge pants

    24. Or a Casper glow lamp with a self-dimming light designed to lull your dad to sleep (a well-rested father is a happy father).

    25. A leather portfolio that'll keep him organized on the go.

    An open three ring portfolio with pockets for cards, an Ipad, and pens

    26. A woven basket, because your father could use some decor in his bare-bones den — whether he notices it or not.

    GooBloo Large Woven Rope Basket

    27. A pair of ceramic grinders for fathers who know that cooking a good meal helps ease the stress of the daily ~grind~, especially when they can set the table with classy kitchen tools.

    Menu bottle grinder with steel lid

    28. A seriously good-looking charging dock that's gonna help any dad whose phone never seems to be above 52% — this just might help him get that satisfying full battery he deserves.

    Native Union Dock Wireless Charger Stand

    29. A Saturn fruit bowl that'll complement your dad's elegant taste and have his entryway looking straight-up celestial.

    Light + Ladder Saturn Bowl

    30. An Inflat-A-Bull pool float to ~steer~ your dad in the right direction and convince him to finally put in that pool he's always talked about.

    A bull pool float attached in the middle of an open inflatable ring. The bull has horns, a tail, and a handle on its back

    31. A pour-over kettle so chic all your dad's dad friends are gonna be jealous. He won the child jackpot when he got you, it's true.

    Stagg Stovetop Pour-Over Kettle

    32. A cool gel memory foam pillow, because your pop sometimes says you're a pain in his neck and this can help solve that problem...without you having to stop all your hilarious practical jokes.

    Classic brands cool gel reversible gel and memory foam bed pillow

    33. And a set of cooling sheets "made specifically for men" (who are said to tend to sleep hotter) to keep him cool when you've done something to make his temperature rise.

    My Sheets Rock "The Regulator" bed sheets

    34. A pair of beer foaming stones — your dad is gonna appreciate knowing you have been ~brewing~ up something special for him all this time.

    35. A metal wall mirror with an embroidery hoop-turned mirror vibe that's ~sew~ cool your appreciative pa is gonna want to hang it up stat!

    Kate and Laurel Yitro metal wall mirror

    36. An indoor growhouse you can give your green-thumbed father as a thank-you for helping you grow inside and out.

    Mindful Design indoor herb garden

    37. A backpack recliner for dads who deserve a day where they can simply sit back and relax.

    38. A monogramed leather wallet your dad will love so much, he may even give you some of the cash he puts inside it.

    39. An Echo Spot, because Alexa will be way better at doing what he asks than you ever were.

    An Alexa Echo Spot

    40. A Mirror, a personalized at-home gym (complete with lessons and real-time training sessions), for fitness-focused fathers who know that the home (gym) is where the heart is.

    41. An iPad Mini that's sure to show your father you're the ~apple~ of his eye.

    An iPad mini with multiple people FaceTiming

    42. A mixed-textile pom pom throw blanket to thank your dad for always cheering you on.

    A blanket with tassels and pom poms of varying shapes, sizes, and colors

    43. A Nintendo Switch Lite you can get your dad just so you can play Animal Crossing together. You've been playing so long Tom Nook is starting to feel like your actual father...it's probably time to bring your dad back into the family.

    Man holding yellow Nintendo Switch Lite

    44. A sailing ship kite that'll be a total upgrade from the ship in a bottle you get him every other year.

    45. A snazzy watch display case for fathers who always have time to show off their favorite watches.

    A wood and glass display box with room for six wrist watches

    46. A fly fishing rod and reel combo pack that'll have your dad's heart (and lures) soaring.

    Sougayilang rod fishing combo set

    47. A genuinely lovely towel warmer to give your dad a spa-worthy, fresh-outta-the-dryer, feel every time he grabs a towel. At home hot-towel facials? Yes and yes.

    A model pulling a full-sized towel from a knee-high, standing towel warmer

    48. An 82-piece rotary tool that's like getting your dad 80 different gifts, so you're gonna be covered every Father's Day for the rest of your days.

    A rotary tool grinding a hammer head in a vice

    49. And finally, a woven throw blanket so your dad can show off his most impressive skill.

    A model holding up a blanket that says "Good At Naps"

    When your dad wakes up on Father's Day:

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