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    38 Dresses You Can Wear On Literally Any Occassion

    It's time to ~dress~ to impress!

    1. A form-fitting piece for anyone who works hard so they can work it in a dress this fine.

    2. A shift in a striking hue that'll honestly lift you up anytime you're feeling blue.

    3. A bodycon dress that's gonna be comfortable enough to wear during your finals and striking enough to wear out when you go celebrate finishing the semester.

    4. A grid maxi for anyone who wants a practical dress worth keeping around for a ~long~ time.

    5. A casual pencil dress great to wear during those rare moments when you find time in your busy schedule to ~pencil in~ brunch with your besties.

    6. A shirt dress — you can tell people to button it if they ever say this button up isn't the perfect thing to wear anywhere... because it absolutely is.

    7. A skater dress with a scoop neck, breathable fabric, flowing shape... and a little bit of everything else that'll make this the perfect everyday dress.

    8. A dress you are sure to seq-win in whenever you wear it, whether it's under the fireworks at a New Year's Eve party or under a cardigan at the office.

    9. A floral cap-sleeve dress for anyone who is working on their ~budding~ fashion sense.

    10. A retro dress made to be worn with confidence (and a killer pair of shoes) wherever you go.

    11. A maxi in a natural tone that'll fit in any place you put it, naturally.

    12. A feminist dress, because a dress this delightful deserves to go everywhere that you do.

    13. A halter neck dress so you can look easy breezy and beautiful all the gosh darn time (and so you can comfortably go to your friend's work party after spending the afternoon with your grandma).

    14. A leopard print piece for anyone who doesn't mind being a little ~catty~ during the day.

    15. A V-neck piece that'll put a ~wrap~ on your hunt for the perfect everyday dress.

    16. A mid-century stunner you can throw on fast to make a statement in seconds. Just don't ~pocket~ this one for too long, it's sure to fly off the shelves just as fast!

    17. A twirly backless dress with adjustable straps for literally everyone who wants to look fantastic while frolicking, dancing, or standing over a subway grate.

    18. A long sleeve dress so you can stay warm and still look like utter perfection when you want to wear a great dress in rather blustery weather.

    19. A collar dress to upgrade your traditional T-shirt dress vibe while still keeping you so comfortable you're gonna forget you changed out of your pajamas.

    20. A jumper that'll change from a darling day dress and blouse at the office into a plunging V-neck stunner.

    21. A pleated party dress for days when you feel like adding a little spin to your style.

    22. An apron dress — you're totally gonna say, "What's cookin', good lookin'?" every time you see yourself in it.

    23. A floral midi, because when people talk about "flower power" what they are really saying is how versatile a floral pattern can be... you can wear this to anything!

    24. An A-line piece for when you realize some things from the '60s shouldn't stay in the '60s... they should stay on your body. Forever and ever.

    25. A blue velvet dress that's gonna make feeling blue feel pretty fantastic.

    26. A square neck dress with ruffles, flowers, polka dots, and enough pow to make every day impressive.

    27. A bold midi dress for days when you want to dress to impress but also just want to throw something on and go.

    28. A gold dress you'll be tied at the hip to, literally.

    29. A tunic dress for anyone who dances to the ~tune~ of their own drum.

    30. A puff sleeve midi you can wear whenever you want your ego, and sleeves, to be truly puffed up.

    31. Or a puff sleeve tie dress you're ~knot~ ever gonna want to take off.

    32. A slip dress you can slip on and guarantee your day will be silky smooth.

    33. A chiffon dress with such stunning sleeves you won't believe you got it from Amazon.

    34. A velvet dress for showing off your softer side.

    35. A colorblock number that'll be comfortable enough to wear casually but formal enough to wear to an event (while skipping the cost of traditional formalwear).

    36. A midi with metallic threading, for a look as edgy as it is elegant.

    37. A sheer sleeve dress sure to look splendid on anyone who wears their heart on their sleeve, and wouldn't mind some ~buds~ joining in.

    38. And finally, a cocoon dress interesting enough for every day and elegant enough for the rest of your life.

    When your dress fits in everywhere so well it's almost like it transforms overnight.

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