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    34 Dresses You Can Wear On Basically Any Occassion

    Good morning, sunshine. It's time to get up and get ~dressed~.

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    1. A super soft cowl neck dress with long sleeves, so you can stay warm and still look like utter perfection when you leave your cozy home and venture out into rather blustery weather.

    2. A form-fitting piece for professionals who know how to werk it at work (or at home, a bar, a church, a theme park... you name it).

    3. A shirt dress so effortless it's gonna make you wonder why pants even exist. Who needs those clingy leg sleeves to complete an outfit?! Not me!

    4. A bell sleeve beaut that'll delight fashion-savvy folks who want a comfy, dressy, and darling outfit ALL IN ONE.

    5. A dreamy slip dress for gaudy goths who want a gorgeous everyday dress that compliments their deeply romantic, and equally dark, heart.

    6. A bodycon dress that's gonna be comfortable enough to wear all of final'=s week and yet formal enough to wear on graduation day – which is a good thing, considering you're gonna be wearing this dress until you've paid off your student loans and can afford clothes again.

    7. A velvet wrap with a straight, relaxed fit and a luxe woven pattern, so you can feel good wherever you wear it and show off your softer side – both inside and out.

    8. A strapless maxi with a unique porcelain pattern and a blissfully boho vibe that's sure to please both your lovingly persnickety grandmother and your frighteningly pretentious roommate. And, most importantly, YOU.

    9. A maxi in a calm, natural tone that'll have you looking cool and collected wherever you wear it, naturally.

    10. A casual pencil dress you can wear on those rare moments when you find time in your busy schedule to ~pencil in~ brunch with your besties.

    11. Or a long sleeved tie dress you are ~knot~ ever gonna wanna take off.

    12. A skater dress with a scoop neck, breathable fabric, flowing shape...sugar, spice, and everything nice + whatever else it takes to make a dress that'll be eternally on-trend.

    13. A floral mesh-sleeve dress for anyone who is working on their ~budding~ fashion sense and wants a bold option that works everywhere they go.

    14. A dress you are sure to seq-win in whenever you wear it, whether it's under the fireworks at a New Year's Eve party or under a cardigan at the office.

    15. And a sequin blazer dress so brilliant you can *and SHOULD* rock it lit'rally everywhere.

    16. A simple slip dress so easy to accessorize with you'll easily get away with wearing it every single day of the week. It's so good lookin' no one would even think to complain.

    17. A halter neck dress you're gonna have on your body during every wedding, vacation, and mandatory traffic-violation class you have for the rest of forever.

    18. An A-line number – this is sure to be the ~golden~ ticket that makes your closet deliciously sweet.

    19. A V-neck piece that'll put a ~wrap~ on your hunt for the perfect everyday dress.

    20. A belted midi sure to have people asking if you're on your way to a gallery opening. Go ahead and tell them yes, they don't need to know you're just looking *fabulous* on a quick tampon run.

    21. A twirly backless dress with adjustable straps for literally everyone who wants to look fantastic while frolicking, dancing, or standing over a subway grate.

    22. An emerald dress that's the color of money and likely gonna have you looking like the successful *paid* intern you told your mother you are, instead of the unpaid (but impeccably well dressed) intern you actually are.

    23. A doll collar dress you can wear whenever you feel Wednesday Addams calling your name.

    24. A pleated party dress that'll look prim and proper and show your parents you haven't grown out of your polite, ~pleats~ and thank yous.

    25. A floral midi so you can look darling and dressed up botanic-all over the place.

    26. A vintage-inspired piece for the retro at heart who know a crisp A-line is forever.

    27. A blue velvet dress that's gonna make feeling blue feel pretty fantastic.

    28. A bold midi dress for days when you want to dress to impress but also just want to throw something on and go.

    29. A puff sleeve mini you can wear whenever you want your ego, and sleeves, to be truly puffed up.

    30. A chiffon dress so stunning people are gonna tell you to shut your lying mouth when you tell them you got it from Amazon.

    31. A slip dress you can slip on when you're heading to a job interview, final exam, first date, or any other life moment when you need things to go smoothly.

    32. A colorblock number that'll be comfortable enough to wear casually but formal enough to wear to an event (while skipping the cost of traditional formalwear).

    33. A cold shoulder sweater dress for keeping yourself all kinds of cozy even when your FOMO calls for a night out in the cold.

    34. And finally, a show-stopping sequined tunic that's sure to make you the life of every party this holiday season...even if that party is just a secret staff social in the break room after lunch.

    When your outfit practically transforms from day to night wear:

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