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    We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page.

    35 Comfy AF Dresses You Won't Want To Take Off

    Because comfort is the new black.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A glittery silver dress made specifically for nights when you plan on shining bright like a diamond.

    2. A T-shirt dress with ruffles on the sleeves, a roomy pleat in the back, and pockets to hold all of your snacks!

    3. A striking-yet-casual geometric dress you can wear out whenever you want to show off your shape.

    4. A dress literally inspired by Moses, that'll be so comfortable you'll feel like you're in the promised land.

    5. A flowy songbird dress — it just may make you wake up singing.

    6. A wrap dress we already know will look excellent on you so, that's a wrap.

    7. A turtleneck mini dress for the rare winter days when you actually shave your legs.

    8. A loose tunic, because holiday dinners are no joke and you deserve to give yourself some room for dessert, all of the dessert.

    9. A fun shift that'll make you the bell of the ball or, at the very least, the bell of Friday night karaoke.

    10. A plaid dress to wear while casually bringing up the well-dressed hottie woodsman you've been dating, whose shirts just happen to fit so well!

    11. A form-fitting sweater dress so comfortable you can dance in it, dine in it, and promptly fall asleep in it (and probs never take it off again).

    12. A lovely, loose maxi made for nights when you need a little black dress that costs a whole lot less.

    13. A flawless floral party dress that'll make every one of your hand-on-hip photos look totally unique.

    14. A snug jersey dress to look like you're walking the red carpet when you're really running (late) to your 9 a.m. Physics exam.

    15. A dress that, when in a list about dresses that don't look like potato sacks, might be the closest we get, but I'd be pretty chill with looking like a potato sack this chic, wouldn't you?

    16. An insanely comfortable muumuu, because literally you won't have felt true freedom until you get/devour all-you-can-eat pizza in a vertical-striped dress with zero shape, bless.

    17. A plus-size dress which, let's be real, is gonna give you the cold shoulder, but it'll also be your go-to anytime you need to look casually fantastic.

    18. A colorblock shift for moments when you're feeling sporty and pretty and pretty sporty.

    19. An oversized T-shirt dress just may become your favorite basic.

    20. A satin dress to wear when you feel like walking around in slightly risqué, almost-lingerie (as if that isn't all the time).

    21. A knitted dress which'll be necessary when you've got more than one trick up your sleeve, and arms that are cold enough they need some extra sleeve.

    22. A stretchy sheath dress, because winter will be cold but you'll still look hot.

    23. A relaxed chiffon maxi dress Mother Earth would want to wear.

    24. A casual checkered smock that can inspire the artist inside of you.

    25. A flowy velvet dress perfect for wearing while casually standing under the mistletoe all night.

    26. A fitted black dress we'll be wearing all winter long, hbu?

    27. A charming plaid dress to wear when you want to look like a Disney princess in disguise (looking at YOU, Ariel).

    28. A convenient swing dress with ruffled sleeves — it just may add a pleasant pick-me-up to a dreary gray day.

    29. A sweatshirt dress perfect for when you're on your period. Period.

    30. A sweater dress with daring sleeves and a gorgeous knit finish, because if you'll be cozy and cute this winter, you'll be wearing this dress.

    31. An elegant green dress with a high collar and lush color, made specifically to define your wardrobe as, "gaudy gothic."

    32. A basic block shift dress that can move, breathe, and make all of your minimalist powerhouse dreams come true.

    33. A see-through mesh dress for when you wanna cover up and show off your limber lady-limbs at the same time.

    34. A brilliant blue dress long enough it'll hide your unshaved winter legs and light enough it'll hide your unshaved summer legs, what could be more comfortable than that?

    35. A pleated velvet dress you have to feel to believe, and have to buy to enjoy.

    Get ready to feel pretty, oh so pretty.

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