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    27 Cross-Stitch Patterns That'll Be As Fun To Display As They Are To Make

    It's time to get your craft on.

    1. A record player pattern you can work on when you want to ~tune~ out everything else around you and focus on a soothing activity.

    2. An abstract piece for artistic folks who know how to properly appreciate a well-executed terrazzo pattern.

    3. A botanical beaut that'll fill your home with greenery despite your villainous history with actual plants.

    4. A jam-packed pick full of references The Office fans are never gonna forget, particularly when this glorious piece is placed right above their bed.

    5. A statue set with such a realistic look they'll practically seem chiseled right out of the fabric.

    6. A wild one for people who like to embrace their more colorful language.

    7. Or a salt girl cross-stitch that'll appropriately set the mood when you try and craft away your angst.

    8. A baby seal cross-stitch so darn adorable you're gonna get your daily dose of endorphins just by sneaking a peek every time you walk by it.

    9. An ocean pattern that'll help you feel calm when life's a ~beach~.

    10. A pastry piece — you dough-not wanna live your life without this on your walls! I promise thee.

    11. A purrfect pick for cat lovers who don't mind ~kitten~ around with their home decor.

    12. A pastel sky set that'll weather any storm your baby brings into the nursery.

    13. Or a botanical set so cool your house guests are not gonna beleaf you actually made them with your own two hands.

    14. A beach piece with cheery, bright colors that'll go ~swimmingly~ with the rest of your decor, no matter what that decor may be.

    15. An abstract pattern that, when finished, is sure to have your friends say, "I've gotta ~hand~ it to you, this is really impressive!" Because it IS!

    16. A boho rainbow – it's gonna be a charming reminder that things always get better when worries in life are raining on your parade.

    17. A living room pattern sure to make your *actual* living room all kinds of envious.

    18. A delightfully cheeky piece — your parents are gonna love that you've found a creative outlet, until they see what you've been doing with that creativity.

    19. A Guy Fieri pattern you can confidently display in your living room to show everyone just how great your ~taste~ is.

    20. A balloon animal beaut that just might cause your ego to inflate when you finish it and see how doggone great it looks.

    21. A dumpster fire for embracing all of life's little disasters in a semi-constructive way (i.e. stabbing something over and over and over).

    22. A floral hedgehog for the outdoorsy among us who love all flora and fauna.

    23. A Death Star II pattern any Star Wars fan would probably Jedi for.

    24. A tattoo cross-stitch that properly celebrates your one true love!

    25. A rainbow anatomy pack for med students who know how colorful Grey's Anatomy textbooks really are.

    26. A wacky rainbow so earily adorable you just might wanna make one for all of your friends!

    27. And finally, a brutally honest piece that'll be the perfect craft for the impatient among us.

    When my savings account finds out how many of these I plan to purchase:

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