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    27 Craft Kits You'll Actually Want To Use

    These crafts are the whole ~kit~ and caboodle.

    1. A natural dye kit that'll color up to 5 pounds of fabric, giving your wardrobe a personalized touch with some snazzy hand-dyed statement pieces.

    2. A bonsai starter kit sure to dazzle the green thumb in your life. But even if you're brand-new to planting, you won't beleaf how easy this starter kit is!

    3. A customizable DIY rope rainbow for adding a cheery element to any room, ~weather~ you like classic rainbow colors or prefer a less traditional palette.

    4. A hand-crank, wooden music box build set that'll help you ~tune~ into a new (incredibly cute) creative outlet.

    5. A daaarling bath bomb box with information on what ingredients can be soothing for your joints and senses, customizable aromas, essential oils, and more. This kit is sure to make bathtime so much fun (even if you don't have a rubber ducky).

    6. A Harry Potter or Star Wars crochet kit you can get to make your friends something extra special, no matter what fandom they're a part of.

    7. A massive ship model for landlubbers who wanna make waves with their newfound crafting skills.

    8. A kitten kit so you can make your own fur-iously cute friend.

    9. A DIY mason jar sconce — a warm and rustic piece of home decor you'll love having in the house, especially when you're able to tell guests that you made it with your Own! Two! Hands!

    10. A DIY coiled rope basket your friends are ~knot~ gonna believe you made all on your own.

    11. A mini Bob Ross paint-by-numbers for easing your worries away with the only thing better than happy little trees...happy, practically microscopic trees!

    12. Or a Tiger King paint by number you can work on if "I Saw A Tiger" is *still* playing in your head.

    13. A DIY cocktail kit — a tantalizing kit that'll be everyone's taste.

    14. An embroidery kit for everyone who knows exactly how much thought should go into a craft. And everything else in life.

    15. A soy wax candle set that'll smell like craft-making success.

    16. A Dala horse carving kit is gonna be a ~cut~ above any other craft. We're not horsing around, this kit is awesome!

    17. A DIY string art pick you're sure to get hooked on from the minute you start!

    18. A geometric cat sculpture made entirely of paper for people who wanna get their origami on! 3D wall decor that'll looks picture perfect in your place? Purrfect.

    19. A metal stamp set with every letter in the alphabet for personalizing jewelry and trinkets to your heart's content!

    20. A felt wind chime that'll add some instant serotonin to your place and weather any storm your baby (or roommate) starts brewing.

    21. A leather belt-making set you can enjoy working on even if you haven't put on pants (let alone a belt) in over two weeks.

    22. A mozzarella and ricotta DIY cheese kit that'll help bring back your ~cheesy~ side when the hanger starts setting in.

    23. A natural lip balm kit for tired, chapped lips that won't stand for that commercial muck anymore. Use this natural mix and your lips will be so happy and soft they're gonna wish they could kiss *you*!

    24. A sock sloth so easy to make you won't have to feel de-feet-ed by a daunting craft. Just remember to take it sloooow.

    25. A hand dye kit sure to help you create unique, personalized pieces that are (and I can't stress this enough) to ~dye~ for.

    26. A mango hot sauce mix to prove that crafting is the ~hot~ new thing to do.

    27. And finally, a craft subscription designed for adults who don't have the attention span to stick with just *one* hobby. More! Is! More!

    When you're low-key waiting for someone to compliment your creation:

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