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    32 Incredibly Cool Gifts You Won't Believe You Can Get At Walmart

    These gifts are gonna make Wally World look like Disney World.

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    1. A basket of snacks carefully curated for movie connoisseurs.

    2. A Himalayan salt lamp that just may be what your frazzled friend needs to breathe easy.

    3. A pair of matte gold headphones to give a lavish gift of good music.

    4. A chunky knit blanket so warm it could melt the ice between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

    5. A rather direct coffee mug to end all early-morning arguments.

    6. An unbelievably adorable unicorn bike helmet someone convinced manufacturers to make in adult sizes, which means we're gonna have to thank the bronies for the rest of our days.

    7. A mid-century–modern end table to give to your boyfriend's apartment (actually yourself).

    8. A Frenchie throw pillow to give your actual French bulldog the brother he has always wanted.

    9. A popsicle float for Christmases in the sun (or for making the most ironic sled ever).

    10. A piggy bank that'll make you actually want to save your pennies, for a kitten.

    11. A faux-leather bag so chic you can definitely justify keeping it for yourself.

    12. A sushi maker for your friend who needs to stop spending their paycheck on all-you-can-eat sushi nights (while still letting them eat all the sushi).

    13. A game of Social Sabotage complete with 500 playing cards that are a bit like truth or dare...but on social media.

    14. A VR bundle to buy for them but play yourself.

    15. A 10-piece Pioneer Woman bakeware set you can give as a gift while not-so-subtly hinting that you want some homemade gingersnaps in the near future.

    16. A coloring book your one friend who is secretly hella foul is gonna love.

    17. A wooden chalkboard sign made for friends who love to host Pinterest-worthy parties.

    18. An 11-piece set of nourishing sheet masks that'll cover everyone on your list this season (depending on how well you know their skin type).

    19. A hanging fish bowl to make you the king of white elephant gifts, the literal king.

    20. A game you've seen so many videos of that you think you hate it, but you're still gonna laugh out loud the second you see your dad get a pie to the face.

    21. A cactus light to add some desert warmth to your brother's arctic apartment.

    22. A modern sunbeam clock for the person whose decor is always on point.

    23. A book about Bill Murray for anyone who needs a little laugh in their life.

    24. Or a book by Bill Nye, because every '90s kid is gonna have a hard time deciding if they prefer Science Bill or Movie Bill.

    25. A box of bath bomb bonbons as the perfect gift for your girlfriend, since she told you she doesn't want a box of chocolates again this year.

    26. A mod winter coat that may be the most loved gift you give all year — those massive pockets are a girl's best friend (after you, of course).

    27. A snuggly sock monkey for keeping your roommate company while you're home for the holidays.

    28. A pretzel knot pillow for your foodie friend who is always right on trend.

    29. A practical gift that's sure to help help you espresso your self.

    30. A bright, shock-absorbing cell phone case to save the life of your little sister's (third) iPhone 6.

    31. A 2018 typography calendar for everyone who appreciates a good saying and a great typeface.

    32. And a literal Polaroid drone that'll give the most epic selfies your Instagram-addict friend could ever hope for.

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