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    32 Colorful Products From Walmart To Brighten Up Your Home And Wardrobe

    All I want are products as colorful as my language.

    1. A Kendall + Kylie for Walmart mini backpack made from a translucent material with such fab colors you're gonna want this neon your body every moment of every day.

    2. A rainbow-mirrored flatware set that'll turn any stale table setting into a mirroraculous masterpiece in moments.

    3. A pair of scratch-resistant polarized sunglasses in a blush rose gold or silver blue, so you aren't stuck seeing the world in sepia every time you go out in the sun.

    4. A glamorous dark teal comforter set sure to give you some lush (and literal) beauty sleep.

    5. A single serve coffee maker in darling pastel colors that'll lift you up just by looking at it, and do it even faster than the cup of joe it makes.

    6. A bold leather belt for fashionable folks who aren't afraid to ~buckle up~ and embrace a statement accessory.

    7. A floor pillow almost too chic to toss on the ground, but you should do it anyway β€” this thing is sure to make your place look heckin' ~cush~.

    8. A framed print sporting strong lines and a striking design that'll have you feeling anything but blue.

    9. A flashy cooler bag with a retro pattern that's seriously chill.

    10. A sea foam marble shower curtain you're gonna ~marble~ at every time you suds up.

    11. A simple LED light you can get as a pine tree or pine apple β€” either way I guarantee your friends are sure to be ~pining~ after one the minute they set their eyes on it!

    12. A round beach towel blanket so darn welcoming you're gonna have to tell jealous beach-goers to flamin-go away and get their own cutie blanket!

    13. A set of four natural agate stone coasters so you can protect your table with some colorful coasters that really ~rock~.

    14. A canvas wall art that's sure to look perfect botanic-all over your home.

    15. A tiger bedding set that's gonna have your kiddo roaring in delight when they see it.

    16. A mandala yoga mat bag with a handy adjustable strap β€” it won't be a ~stretch~ to see why this is as useful a choice as it is fun to look at.

    17. A sunny pair of slip-ons with a big bow detail and clean design β€” you're gonna be ~tied~ to these forever from the moment you try them on.

    18. A peel and stick wallpaper so you can have some greenery in your home without having to ~stick~ to a watering routine.

    19. A pair of patterned knives that'll be a ~cut~ above the rest of your kitchen decor.

    20. A multi-colored Moroccan-style rug so you can still fill your home with timeless, traditional decor even if you'd love a bunch of color.

    21. A floral chiffon top that'll go with everything you own, because it includes about every color under the sun.

    22. A BuzzFeed Tasty gadget set so you can have the primary colored kitchen of your childhood dreams.

    23. A rainbow bookcase and headboard that'll fill your kiddo's room with details that'll never rain on their parade.

    24. A Pioneer Woman patchwork laundry bag so gorgeous even your dirty laundry will look lovely.

    25. A light teal Joy razor with two blade refills and a look as smooth as the shave it will give ya!

    26. A stamped ceramic side table to add a little flower power to your living room.

    27. An inflatable chair with a pattern that's gonna prove how great it is when you loosen up your look and start ~monkeying around~ with your furniture.

    28. A standing mixer for home chefs who want a professional kitchen tool worth keeping on the counter.

    29. A set of rainbow blocks with a limitless shape that'll spark your child's imagination and a pleasant vibe that'll make the toy box (or your bookshelf, if it's really for you) look lovely.

    30. A floral duffle bag sure to encourage you to put the ~petal~ to the metal and get yourself to the gym each morning.

    31. A twelve-piece porcelain dinnerware set with a geometric design so delicious you're gonna wish you could eat it right up.

    32. And finally, a vintage-inspired apron with a bright outline and lovely floral pattern that'll help you cook up something bright and beautiful every time you put it on.

    When your monochromatic-loving friends see your bright new colorful stuff:

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