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    26 Cheap Things From Anthropologie You May Want To Buy ASAP

    Anthropolo-gee these prices are good.

    1. A floral bouquet diffuser — ~plant~ this on a table or shelf, add your favorite oils, and...presto! You're gonna have a lovely, low-maintenance bouquet for good!

    A display of four faux floral diffusers placed in clear jars filled with water

    2. A mercilessly soft T-back bralette that'll show your radiant rack a grand ol' time, even though it didn't rack up the price. Seriously, take it from me...this thing is incredibly comfy.

    3. A soap gift set that's sure to be L.O.V.E.d by anyone who receives it.

    A set of four bar soaps wrapped in packaging that spells out the word love

    4. A leather belt with an adjustable buckle closure for fashion-savvy folks who love a high-quality accessory at a great price.

    Three leather belts with gold, oval buckles over a solid green background

    5. A braided headband that's gonna make every hairstyle look chic, no matter how many days you've gone without washing.

    6. A pack of small or large zipper bags designed to look like mason jars *and* designed to delight everyone who whips these out at snack time.

    7. A pair of wool slippers with a removable, contoured footbed and sturdy rubber soles for anyone who knows that sometimes slippers are the only acceptable form of footwear.

    A pair of gray slippers with fuzzy interior, one laying on its side

    8. A cookbook wedding gift filled with great, basic meals to learn while couples are learning to live together.

    9. A sinfully chic convertible wristlet you can wrap around your wrist or wear as a classic crossbody. Get you a bag that does both!

    A black wallet with wrist strap on a white background

    10. A multicolored glass candle that'll add a bright lil' spark to your home decor, even when it's unlit.

    Three multicolored candles, each with two lit wicks, on a white background

    11. A novelty glass everyone is gonna find ~beary~ cute.

    A bear shaped glass cup filled with a pink smoothie, raspberries, mint, and a striped straw

    12. A cross-body phone case that's so darn spiffy, and at such a great price, it's sure to be an easy ~cell~.

    13. A delicate monogram necklace with tiny gem details and in a complementary gold. I alpha-bet this would be a great gift...to get yourself.

    Three separate intertwining gold necklaces with the letters A, B, and C on a white background

    14. A beaded bracelet that's gonna be the bee's knees for any anxious souls out there who need the reminder to breathe.

    A boho beaded bracelet with two floral details and two tie charms, displayed on a mauve stand

    15. A reversible seamless tank — you can wear this as a V-neck or turn it around to sport a lil' scoop neck situation. Either way, this is a basic you'll basically adore.

    16. A movie trivia game with eye-popping illustrations that might just be as fun as the movies themselves. This unique game is easily gonna be loved by every movie buff.

    An illustrated movie trivia box with the game title "Movie Geek" laying on a beige background with loose cards outside of it, each featuring a stylized version of famous characters in hit movies

    17. A lovely soap pump so cute it's sure to have you feeling all bubbly inside.

    A black, gold, and white subway-tile patterned pump soap dispenser that says Wash Rinse, pictured on a white background

    18. A perky face vase for folks whose homes exemplify kitschy-chic style.

    Four vases that look like people, each painted in black and white with red lips. All vases are filled with a different green plant.

    19. A pair of clasp hoop earrings — a wardrobe staple that'll upgrade every pair of sweatpants you own. Although I suppose these could also go with, you know, grown-up clothes.

    20. A giant gold satin headband you can wear on days when you're werkin' it and know you really deserve to be wearing a crown.

    A model wearing a large gold satin headband, accessorizing with a smaller diamond headband and hair down

    21. A botanical umbrella that'll help you celebrate spring even if April's showers are sneaking in and raining on all our May flowers.

    22. A dainty pearl necklace you can layer or wear as a simple, striking statement piece all on its own.

    A gold necklace with white pearls spread out around it, laying on top of a sketch of a person's face

    23. A cotton tote bag (with an inner pocket) that'll help you spread positivity *while* you carry all your treasures. You multitasking master!

    A cotton tote bag that says "Cultivate Kindness" hanging from a wooden hook on a brown wall

    24. A stunning pair of drop earrings that'll be the golden ticket to accessorizing success.

    A pair of golden disc earrings, each made of two intertwining pieces, displayed on a white background

    25. A translucent bubble vase that'll give your plants something to brag about.

    Four translucent vases that are round at the bottom and taper in, each a different size and color

    26. And finally, a painfully precious hand-painted mug that just might be the only friend you wanna wake up to in the mornings (particularly when it's filled with a darn good Dalgona).

    A wide handle mug with painted eyes, eyelashes, a sculpted nose, and painted cheeks. The bottom half is leopard print that is also seen on the handle

    My wallet after seeing how much I was able to buy at Anthropologie without obliterating my bank account:

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