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    31 Cheap Products That Will Actually Help You Sleep Better

    These products are a real snooze.

    1. A relaxing sleep sound machine that'll lull you into a deep sleep with white noise, brown noise, and a variety of other soothing, nature-y sounds.

    2. Or a rain app to save some space and cash — just tap your phone for a gentle rain or crackling fire on the Rain Sleep Sounds app.

    3. A cushioned, quilted comforter so you can live your best burrito life.

    4. A plush fortune cookie friend for anyone who would feel fortunate to get a great night's sleep sometime in their near future.

    5. A pair of blackout curtains that'll block out all the light from your windows — letting you sleep so soundly you'll think you literally blacked out.

    6. A calming mushroom hot chocolate for people with busy schedules that don't leave ~mushroom~ to relax before going to bed.

    7. A cool gel memory foam pillow that will help you chill out before bed, so trying to fall asleep isn't a pain in the neck.

    8. A four-piece set of satin sheets to make going from wide awake to fast asleep a silky-smooth transition.

    9. An elevated foam eye mask that'll block out all light and feel comfortable even when you blink.

    10. A standing or wall-mounted fan so comforting, the ease of falling asleep with this on is gonna ~blow you away~.

    11. And if you hate white noise, a pair of earplugs to drown out every single sound (including, but not limited to, your sweetheart's snoring).

    12. A neck wrap pillow for when traveling has you so exhausted, you're ready to hit the snooze button and say, "That's a ~wrap~!" on your day.

    13. A curved body pillow that'll be the perfect outer spoon for everybody (especially mamas-to-be).

    14. A caffeine-free herbal tea to help you wind down and induce relaxation-filled ZZZs.

    15. A silk pajama set that will have you, and your sleep routine, covered.

    16. A lavender and frankincense pillow mist you can confidently use and know that sound sleep is just a spray away.

    17. A pack of weatherstrips that'll seal gaps in your doors and windows to prevent pesky outside noises and draftiness.

    18. A small-but-mighty aromatherapy oil diffuser so you can breathe easy on your way to dreamland.

    19. A soothing peppermint foot lotion to relieve the aches and pains that may leave you feeling de-feet-ed when trying to fall asleep.

    20. A pack of two smart lightbulbs controlled by Alexa, that can turn on and off, change color, dim, and set timers, all with the amount of effort it takes to fall onto your bed and ask.

    21. Or if Alexa isn't your thing, a nightlight projector — it's gonna let you zone out to a calming rendition of ocean-wave-like lights and sounds.

    22. A cozy headband for when you need to listen to music while you sleep but your partner needs to listen to NOTHING.

    23. A foam bed topper so you can soften and upgrade your cheap-o mattress faster than you can say "I hate my cheap-o mattress."

    24. A cool mist humidifier that'll alleviate a stuffy nose or dry skin while you sleep.

    25. A knee cushion — a real leg-up for side sleepers who suffer from back/hip/knee/ankle pain.

    26. A scalp massager to gently relax your anxious mind by massaging your scalp before bed (turns out there's no better way to clear your mind than by shaking things up a little bit).

    27. A teensy dab of tiger balm — it's sure to be the ~balm~ for anyone who suffers from aching pains and sleepless nights.

    28. A melatonin gummy or chocolate sleep-aid you can turn to when all you want is the sweet taste of sleep.

    29. A salt rock lamp that'll get rid of your salty attitude after a tough day by giving you the perfect nighttime ambiance.

    30. A NightFood bar made specifically to let you indulge in a delicious and snooze-inducing snack when you get the bedtime munchies.

    31. And finally, a knit blanket that'll have you snuggled up and snoozin' in a stitch!

    These really are the perfect products to help you out when you're poohped.

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