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    37 Bras Your Boobs Are Practically Begging You To Buy

    Treat yourself (and your shelf) because you're gonna be breast friends forever.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A seamless ribbed bra in what may be the best place to rock some horizontal stripes.

    Promising Review: "This is the comfiest and best fitting bra ever! I bought it in multiple colors after falling in love with the first one. Because why is one enough? I wear it around the house and also to workout. Your bewbz will look so good in it too! It's just very flattering overall. You’ll put it on and wanna send a mirror selfie to someone’s dms." —Peachiebeepy

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $16 (available in sizes S–L and eight colors).

    2. A front closure bra that'll be the best way to dramatically reveal your beauties, Clark Kent style.

    Promising Review: "I wanted a bra without underwire for lounging on weekends. This is the most comfortable bra I've ever worn. Planning on ordering again in another color." —Adele C.

    Get it from True&Co. for $66 (available in sizes XS—XL and three colors).

    3. An adhesive push-up bra you're gonna cleave to whenever you wear your little black dress.

    Promising Review: "This is a great option for backless dresses or halters (anything you wouldn’t want your straps to show in). The push up gives you good coverage – enough that it is even comfortable wearing this bra with a sheer top. This pushes my breasts together and works great for me! I love using this as an alternative to wearing a bra instead of going totally braless." —Amanda

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99 (available in sizes A–D).

    4. A lightly lined base bra to adjust your bewbs and your attitude about wearing a bra all day.

    Get it from Harper Wilde for $35 (available in five colors and sizes 30–40 with cup sizes A–DD) or get a similarly lightweight bra from Amazon for $11.98+ (available in six colors and sizes S–2X).

    5. A Disney bra so cute, you'll fall in love with every ~stitch~.

    Get it from Hot Topic for $26.32 (available in sizes 14–28; also available in sizes XS–2X for $19.92).

    6. A high neck lace bra to conservatively cover your collarbone (and not much else).

    Get it from Free People for $48 (available in sizes XS–L).

    7. A floral appliqué bralette your buds may seriously love.

    Get it from Free People for $110 (available in sizes XS–L).

    8. An unlined bra that'll be more comfortable than your birthday suit.

    Promising Review: "I spent that last year searching for the perfect bra for me; one with no underwire and that doesn't make weird impressions through shirts. Essentially, I wanted a supportive bra that wore like a sports bra. I didn't want one that squeezes and leaves weird rolls on me that can be seen through shirts. And I found this! This is truly the most comfortable bra I have ever worn in my entire life. It slips over my figure like a caressing rose petal and actually does make my boobs happy! It doesn’t pinch or wind up. If I had the funds, I would buy them all and make sure every woman I know had one." —Ashten

    Get it from True & Co for $49 (available in sizes XS–XL and seven colors) or grab a similar product from Amazon for $9.04+ (available in sizes S–3X and 13 colors).

    9. A nighttime nursing bra for easy boob access when your milk-drunk baby doesn't understand the meaning of the term "last call."

    Promising Review: "I tried this bra on and immediately fell in love. It's seriously like wearing a cloud. My breasts have been extremely tender in these last few months of pregnancy, so this bra is a most welcome addition. It's also perfect for night-time breast feedings, as well, because the cup is easily moveable." —EB28

    Get it from A Pea in the Pod for $38 (available in sizes XS–XL and four colors) or get a similar bra from Amazon for $7.86+ (available in sizes S–XXL and five colors).

    10. A holographic bra that'll help you ~reflect~ on how good you look in shiny things.

    Get it from Nasty Gal for $25 (available in sizes 2–8).

    11. A Nulux fabric sports bra — it may make you actually want to sweat it.

    Promising Review: "I bought this bra in three colors, so I think I clearly really like it. When I bend over, lower cut bras tend to gape. I like the higher neck this has and like the mesh cut out. I pair this bra with either a high neck or a scoop neck to show the cut out. It's a nice detail whether I wear a racerback or a muscle tank. This bra is one of my go-to styles!" —cleonut

    Get it from Lululemon for $39 (available in sizes 2–12 and three colors).

    12. A bra that is full-coverage and yet barely there, because you, and your boobs, can have it all!

    Promising Review: "This is my new favorite bra! It’s so comfortable and light that I forget I’m even wearing it. The wire doesn’t dig in, the straps don’t either. This has perfect coverage and is so comfy." —Jenny

    Get it from Aerie for $25 (available in sizes 30B–38BB and nine colors).

    13. A magic, strapless microfiber bra designed specifically to never let you down.

    Promising Review: "I haven't had to pull up my strapless bra once. I don't know what magic you put into these, but in all my years of wearing a strapless bra, this has never happened." —Natalie

    Get it from Harper Wilde for $35 (available in four colors and sizes 30–40 and cup sizes A–DD) or get a similar product from Amazon for $21+ (available in sizes 32A–38D and three colors).

    14. A classic lace bralette that's gonna make you question the necessity of shirts altogether.

    Promising Review: "I have tried many different bralettes in the past and all of them have been the same; itchy and just uncomfortable to wear. But when I finally tried this one, my opinions changed. This is the most comfortable bralette I have ever owned and it fits so well. I will definitely order more colors! I recommend this product." —arden612

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $16 (available in sizes XS–XL and six colors).

    15. A dainty bralette just as lovely as Cinderella on her wedding day... or at least her wedding night.

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $14.99 (available in sizes S–XL).

    16. An invisible bra for when you want a little coverage and a lot of boobs... I mean boost.

    Promising Review: "I’m seriously impressed! This fits PERFECTLY and is very comfortable! I’m already ordering more. I’m used to spending over $50 on bras... not anymore!" —Cece

    Get it from Amazon for $12.25+ (available in sizes 32A–38D and six colors).

    17. A plus-size sports bra to lift your ladies so you can focus on lifting those bar bells.

    Promising Review: "This is the best bra I've had in a LONG time! I'm a 42DDD so I need support, but hate underwire. With this bra I get firm support where an underwire usually is, without the wire. It's just what I needed! The solid padded cups don't add to my bust size and don't let the 'headlights' show. The straps are wide and don't dig in and the fabric 'breathes' so I don't have sweat drench at the end of the day. Never discontinue this! Us bigger gals don't have many non-underwire options that give real support! I will be buying more." —SuzieQ2

    Get it from Lane Bryant for $59.50+ (available in sizes 38D–48DD and three colors).

    18. A bold embroidered piece that's gonna knock their socks off when they see it on your knockers.

    Promising Review: "This bra is very sexy and my husband really likes it! I thought it would uncomfortable because of the many straps, but it's actually comfortable to wear. It's clearly made from very nice material, and very stretchy! It fits quite well!" —Tonya Duty

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99 (available in sizes S–XL).

    19. A sturdy seamless bra to hold down the fort (your boobies) while you get to work (lounge on the sofa).

    Get it from Bandier for $36 (available in sizes XS—XL and three colors).

    20. A gorgeous galaxy bra that'll definitely keep your stars aligned.

    Get it from Torrid for $52.90 (available in sizes 36C–44G).

    21. A pair of Pokémon cups which can cover up your jigglypuffs.

    Get it from Geek Crafters on Etsy for $128.95+ (available in sizes S–XL).

    22. A supportive and comfortable lined bra, because underwear does not have to mean underwire.,

    Promising Review: "This thing is so comfortable, it's the only bra I wear now. I have a very difficult time finding a bra with an underwire shape that does not dig into the sides of my breasts. It quickly forms to your body and fits perfectly. " —seaofkel

    Get it from American Eagle for $25 (available in sizes 30B—36D).

    23. A delicate lace bralette that'll be a much sexier bib than the one you'll wear during your dinner at Red Lobster beforehand.

    Get it from Asos for $32 (available in 0–14).

    24. A diverse bra basically made for vacations — it can work with every outfit you pack, so def pack it in.,

    Using the adjustable straps this dress can either be strapless (with enough support it won't fall down), standard (for comfortable support under t-shirts and sweaters), or with an added lift (by crossing the straps in the back).

    Get it from American Eagle for $25 (available in four colors 30A–38DD).

    25. A daytime nursing bra that'll make you feel sexy even while leaking liquid from strange parts of your body, this is a darn good bra (language edited for baby).

    Promising Review: "This bra is comfy and fits well. It's difficult to find nursing bras that actually have a band and cup size, which makes this bra my favorite because it comfortably fits all around." —Tdr13

    Get it from A Pea in the Pod for $24.99 (available in 34C–40DD).

    26. A candy bralette that'll be both sour and sweet, like a Sour Patch kid.

    Promising Review: "This bra is perfect!!! It fits great and covers everything. I was worried about it being itchy or irritating but it's not at all — it's super soft and comfy! Definitely a good purchase. Yes, I recommend this product."—Kuzco2311

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $19 (available in sizes S–XL and four colors).

    27. A cute lace bra for lazy days when you feel like hanging (a little) loose.

    Promising Review: "I bought two of these! The straps adjust, they wash and dry great, they fit perfectly, and are very comfortable. The first thing I do when I get home is take off my bra and shoes. These I can leave on when I get home and I've actually slept in them! I’m am not a person who sleeps in a bra usually. They are that comfortable." —Beckperk

    Get it from Lane Bryant for $32.50 (available in eight colors and sizes 14–28).

    28. A set of bra and panties that'll complete your Valentine's night (as long as your boo brings the champagne).

    Promising Review: "This is one of those sets that you feel sexy in all day. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! It's super sexy, comfortable and flattering." —Katrina W.

    Get them from AdoreMe for $59.95 (available in sizes 38DDD–46DDD and two colors with pantie sizes M–4X).

    29. A sugary sweet candy bra — it's gonna be exactly their taste.

    Get it from Spencer's for $9.99.

    30. A memory foam bra so you never forget how great your babes really are.

    Promising Review: "I was skeptical about purchasing a bra online, but to my delight, this bra fits better than any bra I have ever owned! It's clearly made with higher quality fabrics and built to last. I'll be a customer for life!" —Elina J.

    Get it from ThirdLove for $76 (available in five colors and sizes 30–40 and cup sizes A–F).

    31. A sports bra that'll have you covered, even if it's the only thing you wear.

    Promising Review: "I love the length and full coverage provided by this bra. I always have trouble finding bras that keep everything in and snug. I honestly do 'feel covered and confident' wearing this bra in my pilates and yoga classes, even when I'm in my 100+ degree yoga class." —Onesie

    Get it from Lulu Lemon for $44 (available in two colors and sizes 2–12).

    32. A white push up bra so heavenly soft it's sure to lift your spirits.

    Promising Review: "I think I've finally found a bra that fits right! I've been dealing with some bra cup gap, and had a hard time figuring out what size would solve it. Turns out this slightly bigger band and a slightly smaller cup was the right combo! This bra is very comfortable, it almost doesn't feel like I'm wearing one. It gives my 'girls' a nice little boost. The lace detail is lovely and it isn't noticeable under my clothing. I highly recommend this and will definitely purchase again!" —lauren827

    Get it from Aerie for $25 (available in three colors and sizes 30A–38DD).

    33. A seam-free scoop front bra to remind you that love does exist, at least between you and your underwear.,

    Promising Review: "This is the only bra I ever want to wear again. Seriously, after buying one, I got rid of a bunch of my old bras and bought a few more of these. I'm pleasantly surprised by the support and how good it looks under t-shirts. I'm a 34D, and the medium fits perfectly with ample support. It's the only bra that I forget that I'm wearing!" —Heather

    Get it from American Eagle for $20 (available in six colors and sizes XS–XL).

    34. A floral triangle bra that'll have you feeling perky and poppy all day long.

    Get it from Nasty Gal for $21 (available in sizes S–L).

    35. A sexy mesh number to help you see clearly now.

    Get it from Torrid for $28.90 (available in sizes 0–6).

    36. A set of bra and panties so sexy you'll have his heart and... his heart-on.

    Get them from Adore Me for $59.95 (available in sizes 38DD–46DDD).

    37. And a breathtaking illusion bra you just may have to see to believe.

    Get it from Free People for $128 (available in two colors and sizes XS–L).

    When you can't stop thinking about how good your new bra is.

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