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    52 Valentine's Day Gifts For When You're Totally In Love, But Broke

    I hate how much I love Valentine's Day.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 14th!

    1. A fragrance sample pack with lavender, rose, mint, citrus, and pine, so you can be sure your Valentine finds an aroma they particularly love. Wait. What's that smell? Oh, that's right. It's gift-giving success!

    2. A burlap print with a charmingly honest note, for showing your sweetheart your love is real...really real.

    3. A ceramic mug to give a S.O. who loves alliteration (and Dwight Schrute) almost as much as they love you.

    4. A fishnet-and-lace teddy to be the perfect attire when you and your boo just wanna sit at home and watch Pretty in Pink this Valentine's Day.

    5. A couples' card game – the conversations that stem from this game, and the quality time you both take to play it, are sure to create some truly tender moments in your relationship.

    6. Tasty Dessert: All The Sweets You Can Eat (from BuzzFeed), a visual learner's cookbook that'll leave your sweet-toothed sweetheart drooling. This takes the simple, above-view style from BuzzFeed Tasty videos and puts it into a picturesque cookbook form.

    7. A DIY adventure book you can use to record the memories of your greatest adventures with the Ellie to your Carl. This cheery gift is guaranteed to lift any wanderlusting Pixar fan right on UP.

    8. Or a Mickey T-shirt here to help ease the anticipation while you're both saving up to go on your next Disney trip.

    9. A picture frame they're gonna love seeing on the bookshelf once it's filled with a picture perfect photo of you two cuties.

    10. A personalized handwritten bracelet that'll tell your loved one you made the ~write~ decision when you chose to spend your life together.

    11. A pack of four Popin Cookin candy kits so you can finally be the one to make dinner for your boo. It may not fill them up, but it's certainly sweet!

    12. A pair of socks to let your own personal football fanatic know that you think life with them is a ~ball~.

    13. A strawberry cutter – it'll take exactly one batch of perfectly decorated cupcakes for this useful little tool to totally and completely steal your favorite chef's heart.

    14. A custom cartoon you can get of you two cute critters.

    15. A pair of hypoallergenic stud earrings that'll have your partner feeling like a million bucks, without you spending a fraction of that.

    16. A simple Mr. Rogers sticker – the most heartily wholesome way to show the person you "like like" that you like them exactly as they are.

    17. A stovetop tea kettle made with a heat-resistant glass, a steel mesh filter, and an ergonomic handle that's gonna please your sweetheart if they thought the lingerie you got them last year was a little too naughtea.

    18. A 3D popup Star Wars card for the fan in your life who you would Je-die for. Yo-duh, you've gotta get this.

    19. A gorgeous storage case because your stomach, and your partner's jewelry, was in horrible knots the last time you touched their stuff. Best to just keep everything organized and orderly.

    20. A mini drawstring bag for reminding the light of your life that spring, and the sun, are gonna be here soon!

    21. A pack of daaarling fruit coasters that'll be a little ~slice~ of heaven if your A-type lover hates water rings.

    22. Cooking with Nonna, a cookbook packed with 100 classic Italian recipes, so you can have a real *bella note* even if you're staying in – make some spaghetti, turn on Disney +, and watch the greatest romance of all time, Lady and the Tramp.

    23. A pocket-sized beer journal to record the "appearance, aroma, taste, mouthfeel, and overall impressions" of 124 beers. A gift like this sure to have them feeling all bubbly inside.

    24. A cold brew coffee maker that'll save the day (more specifically, the mornings) when the night owl in your life often needs more than a little pick-me-up.

    25. A pack of foodie and candy socks – you can pick a pack based on your best bud's taste buds.

    26. An anti-Valentine's Day card for the humorously hangry human you care about most.

    27. A box of assorted gourmet cookies that'll certainly make this holiday choco-lit.

    28. A beanie warm enough to wear when you're worried the weather will freeze their ears off. You love those ears and you plan on keeping them toasty warm!

    29. A pack of six wine condoms for keeping that leftover bottle sealed if you decide to *really* drink responsibly.

    30. A silly stress toy that'll make them say, "Potat-oh, I love this *and YOU* so much!" I promise. They will say it.

    31. A coloring book with some heartwarming humor for couples who aren't afraid, and even enjoy, laughing about how wild married life can drive them sometimes.

    32. A choker necklace to give a certain special someone who loves a delicate, layered look.

    33. A gift set filled with cinnamon cereal chocolate, waffle cone chocolate, popping candy chocolate, bacon chocolate, and even more! These treats aren't for the faint of heart, but they *are* for your sweetheart.

    34. A mini waffle bowl maker to make ice cream bowls, taco bowls, chicken-and-waffle bowls...the fight about what to have for dinner is a thing of the past! The answer is...everything!

    35. A fill-in-the-blank book specifically designed to create fun conversations about the dream-life you and your lover would live...even if it's rather fantastical.

    36. A 300-piece puzzle that'll give you and your wanderlust partner a ~license~ to kill...at puzzles.

    37. A chew toy for the four-legged Valentine you love a ~latte~.

    38. A guitar pick sure to delight musicians (and pun enthusiasts) so much they just might write a song about it.

    39. A pregnancy journal (arranged by trimester) packed with checklists and fill-in the blanks for the loved one who is expecting a new pint-sized Valentine.

    40. A pocket-sized beard kit because your partner needs to stop brushing off the beard burn they give you and start brushing that beard instead!

    41. A glass cup you can give the person you love so much you can hardly ~bear~ it.

    42. A set of pens – a gift that's sure to al-paca punch with your studious sweetheart.

    43. A chocolate decadence cake your Valentine certainly couldn't eat all alone, so you can offer to share. Sharing is caring.

    44. A body pillow that'll be the purrrfect cuddling companion when you aren't around.

    45. A box of personalized M&M candies so you can both snack on something special.

    46. A pair of non-slip socks for the romantic in your life who would love nothing more than to put their feet up and be given a glass of merlot without having to ~wine~ about it.

    47. A v-neck chemise made from a soft, silky material that's gonna make your nights lounging around at home together comfortable *and* lovely.

    48. A pair of front-back earrings with a look that'll be as unique and surprising as your significant other.

    49. A house shaped tissue box that's gonna look so cute on their shelf they just might get the sniffles.

    50. A lunar garland for anyone you love "to the moon and back."

    51. A wall-mounted rainy pot to give your glass-half-full partner who even seems to find a way to love rainy days.

    52. And finally, Much Loved, a coffee table book you can give to the person in your life who still has their OG valentine (who is probably named Pooky Bear or Mr. Snuggles). You might as well give in, no one could ever compete with a darling, deteriorating, stuffed animal.

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