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    26 Gorgeous Swimsuits You Won't Believe Are From Walmart

    The Little Mermaid will be jealous of way more than your legs when you're wearing these gorgeous pieces on the beach.

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    1. A swimsuit as sunny and bright as the beach you'll be wearing it to.

    Price: $22.76 (available in sizes S–XL)

    2. A tasseled bikini top that'll definitely make you the next Moana.

    Price: $12.84 (available in sizes 1X–3X)

    3. A striking one-piece with a plummeting neckline sure to thrill more than the fish when you jump in the water.

    Price: $14.29 (available in sizes S–L)

    4. A pair of trunks basically begging to be worn all summer (and volleyball season) long.

    Price: $13.93 (available in sizes S–XL and two colors)

    5. A sexy piece with a sheer back you need to flamingo get right now.

    Price: $34.99 (available in sizes S–L)

    6. A sleeved swimsuit for anyone who knows if they actually wanna go in the water, sunscreen will simply not be enough.

    Price: $52.95 (available in sizes S–M)

    7. A seriously lovely ruffled suit — it'll prove you can totally dress up even when you take your clothes off.

    Price: $16.48 (available in sizes 1X–3X)

    8. An asymmetrical stunner The Black Swan will want back by midnight.

    Price: $13.37 (available in sizes S–XL)

    9. A comfortable burkini for anyone who knows you can enjoy time in the sun without sacrificing your style.

    Price: $56.48 (available in sizes S–L)

    10. A pair of trunks for anyone who knows the best part of the beach is the booze.

    Price: $29.99 (available in sizes L–XL)

    11. A bright orange suit Farrah Fawcett would flaunt.

    Price: $14.12 (available in sizes S–XL and two sizes)

    12. A gorgeous cut-out suit to get a tan line henna could never match.

    Price: $37.95 (available in sizes S–L)

    13. A classic bikini for keeping you covered and comfortable while you strut your stuff in the sand.

    Price: $18.08 (available in sizes XL–2XL)

    14. A teeny suit to show off that New Year's resolution you clearly stuck to.

    Price: $11.58 (available in sizes L–XXL and six colors)

    15. And another black and white beaut, a striped one-piece that's gonna be both bold and bitchin'.

    Price: $19.96 (available in sizes 2X–3X)

    16. A dainty floral piece to sport a subtle sneak of side-boob.

    Price: $16.99 (available in sizes S–L)

    17. A standard sized suit, so you can wear some trunks without showing your junk.

    Price: $42.99 (available in sizes L–XL and two colors)

    18. A striped piece with some pow — it may make you look like you're coming off the catwalk instead of the boardwalk.

    Price: $19.96 (available in sizes 1X–3X)

    19. A lifeguard suit that'll have you putting the "bae" in Baywatch.

    Price: $39.95 (available in sizes S–XL and two colors)

    20. A patriotic suit — it's definitely gonna be setting off some fireworks this 4th of July.

    Price: $28.99+ (available in sizes XL–5XL)

    21. A minimalist piece so beautiful you'll wonder if it's from Walmart or the MoMA.

    Price: $19.96 (available in sizes S–XL)

    22. A sleek and strappy suit that's gonna hug your body better than your Egyptian silk sheets.

    Price: $19.75 (available in sizes XL–3XL)

    23. A pair of swim shorts as hot as the sun-soaked natural pools you'll be swimming in soon.

    Price: $55.13 (available in sizes S–XL)

    24. A one-piece with a small keyhole cut out that'll definitely unlock your inner beach babe.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this swimsuit. I was looking for something quick that would arrive on time before my vacation so I ordered this swimsuit and I fell in love. The fit is great." —Brookerenae

    Price: $25 (available in sizes 3X–4X)

    25. A standard men's suit you could honestly wear anywhere, whether the ocean is nearby or not.

    Price: $24+ (available in S–2XL and four colors)

    26. And a tankini with a stunning and unique design, for bringing sexy back... to the beach.,

    Price: $18.88 (available in sizes L–3XL and six colors)

    When your suit is so cute you almost regret bringing it to the dirty dirty beach.


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