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    26 Of The Best Places To Buy Home Decor Almost No One Else Will Have

    Your home is about to look like the inside of your soul, folks.

    1. Bloomist has indoor and outdoor decor that'll add some nature to your space in impossibly creative ways. That beach stone match storage/striker is my new need.

    2. Rooted has all the info you need to start up your own apartment garden thanks to its clever searching system. You can pick your own living decor based off categories like "pet safe" or even figure out what plants can handle the low light in your basement bedroom.

    3. Uncommon Goods has a wide collection of cute and kookie products for people who don't take decor too seriously.

    4. Parrish Platz has mastered eclectic decor. This small business has a collection of handmade oddities sure to be a hit with fans of breakfast cereal and horror movies alike. Oh yeah, you read that right.

    5. Firebox — a cult-classic shop for those in the know, who know a personalized pillowcase is not a want. It's a NEED.

    6. Jungalow, by Justina Blakeney, just might make all of us boho home decor fans have a little weep. The products range from pillows and bedding to planters and rugs and everything is SO. DANG. DARLING.

    7. Wayfair is a great option if you wanna buy a lot of decor at one time. Their prices are superb and they make it easy to search by style — so you can fill up your new apartment all from one shop!

    8. Novogratz is a modern shop with decor that'll add a bright, New Age vibe to your space.

    9. The Grommet is another great place to find eclectic decor that dances on the edge of silliness. This is a great stop if you'd like to support small businesses, and it's just a whole lot of fun!

    10. Linen Closet U.S. is gonna be your one-stop shop for luxury linens. Those Turkish bath towels won't last're gonna wanna get them while they're hot!

    11. Nordstrom products may already be the majority of your wardrobe, so you can be sure their home decor is also worth decorating with! Everything from their bedding to their "decorative objects" is carefully curated and high quality. I can't wait to figure out how to justify buying an amber crystal lamp.

    12. ShopDisney has everything us Disney adults could possibly ask for when it comes to home decor. If you want your home to look like it came straight off of Main Street, USA, you've gotta start shopping here.

    13. World Market has a wide range of home goods you're sure to adore. Whether you prefer a fun and frilly style or like to keep things super chic, their colorful, eclectic options are worth an impulse purchase.

    14. Apollo Box has an endless collection of fun and funky decor that'll probably verge on the edge of "knickknacks." Fine by me. If there's anything I have a knack for falling in love with, it's knickknacks.

    15. West Elm is a go-to stop for furniture for a reason, but you're gonna *love* everything they have to offer in their seasonal decor section.

    16. Boutique Rugs is sure to have you ~floored~ with their snazzy selection of one-of-a-kind runners, mats, and area rugs.

    17. Bespoke Post can help you collect a handful of products you know will go well together, thanks to all the themed boxes they have available.

    18. Food52 carries lines of luxury home goods and decor that'll all deserve to be center stage in your home.

    19. 2Modern carries sharp and sophisticated decor that's gonna complement your minimalist style while still standing out.

    20. Chicken Daddies has an annual calendar (and posters to match) for farm-lovin' folks who aren't too ~chicken~ to show off some of the funniest decor 'round these here parts.

    21. Our Dining Table is sure to spruce up your collection of cups with their unique glassware. They have everything from Japanese cherry blossom bowls to floating sprinkle mugs...magic.

    22. Northwood Supply creates framed prints that'll add a spunky touch to your bland beige walls. Their diamond-shaped frames are real gems.