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    Home Items For Anyone Whose Favorite Color Is Black

    Black is the chicest of all shades, there's no denying it.

    1. A pair of burlap linen throw pillows for anyone who loves a summary long as it's as dark as summer nights.

    Two square pillows in soft black color with burlap sewn edges

    2. A pair of Victorian curtains to complement your grown-up-goth home with some dreadfully romantic details.

    3. A gorgeous apron front sink, because adding permanent fixtures into your place is gonna prove your love of black is not just a phase, DAD.

    Black sink with detached gold faucet

    4. A stainless-steel kettle that'll be as black as the coffee you make with it.

    Stout kettle with thin, curved spout and large handle

    5. A ladder bookshelf you can basically store everything you own on, saving you ~space~ by blending all your dark decor together into one satisfying black hole.

    6. A four-piece canister set to store sugar, spice, and everything nice. And like, a ton of pepper. BLACK pepper.

    Four canisters and a spoon rest in black ceramic with metal details and wooden spoons on the sides

    7. An abstract calligraphy print I have an inkling you're gonna love hanging up in your home.

    8. A swivel chair for adding a fun ~spin~ to your dreamily dark home office.

    Armless cushioned chair with four angled mid-century legs

    9. A solid wood bench that'll add a sophisticated touch to your entryway. Don't sit on this purchase long, I'm sure it'll be gone before you know it!

    Simple black entryway bench with four slightly poited legs and a leather detail on the tops and sides with thin strips in a crossing pattern

    10. A cushy three-piece bedding set in a matte black, for anyone who wants their bed to be the same color as the back of their eyelids.

    Matte black bedding with duvet cover and matching pillow cases

    11. A piping bookshelf sure to prove to the naysayers that minimalism is brilliantly bold.

    12. An enameled Dutch oven so you can keep your color scheme going strong in every nook and cranny of your kitchen — kitchen tools included!

    Black crock pot on open flame stove

    13. A black area rug with dark gray details. People who haven't figured out that black rugs hide EVERY stain are really missing out on "eat spaghetti on the floor" night. Grab this and you'll be drinking red wine on the rug without a worry in the world!

    Black rug with faded gray Turkish rug pattern

    14. A hand-crafted ceramic essential oil diffuser so you can cover up the smell of your bulldog (who is definitely not supposed to be your roommate) and breathe easy when your landlord comes over and says, "That's a dog...gone beautiful diffuser you have there!"

    Oval diffuser with pointed top

    15. A modern coat rack your friends are sure to ~marble~ at when they're able to hang their stuff up in the hall instead of tossing everything onto your bed. What a grown-up place you have!

    Rectangular mounted coat rack with rounded edges and five gold hooks with marble details

    16. A pair of blackout curtains for night owls, like myself, who like sleeping in waaay past sunup. Sunrise is for suckers!

    Window with regular black curtains on one side with light shining through. The blackout curtain is on the other side and has no light shining through at all.

    17. A futon that's gonna be a great bed when your pets shove you off of your *actual* bed. Again.

    Mid century legged futon with straight back and square arm rests

    18. An elevated cat bed for fancy cats who like sleeping in a secure space (the rounded shape and raised frame makes them feel extra safe) and fancy cat parents who like pet furniture that isn't an eyesore.

    19. An orb chandelier that'll delight modern design-minded folks who want a statment piece that'll really light up a room.

    Black pole chandelier with several round lights around the straight across design

    20. A gray and black crocodile peel-and-stick wallpaper for giving a wall or old piece of furniture some texture and depth. This is no croc — this material is *made* for sprucing up your rental's plain white walls.

    21. A bubble candle — this tiny piece of decor is sure to be a centerpiece in your place.

    Cube shaped candle made of 26 small bubbles

    22. A negative space vase you can brag about to all your ~buds~.

    23. A bathroom rug with tiny diamond patterns embroidered on top. Honestly? It's gonna be a real ~tassel~ finding another rug this perfect. Better get two just in case.

    Black rug with tassels on either end and embroidered white geometric patterns

    24. A mod take on macrame that'll add a subtle nautical touch to your home, because watching The Lighthouse inspired you to decorate your entire place in black and white.

    Black robe in large nautical tied design

    25. A bed canopy (that doesn't require bed posts!) for massively enhancing even the barest of bedrooms. Have a mattress on the floor? It's about to look magic.

    26. A really rad Ouija board woven throw that'll delight your dark dearest when you gift them this, thus finally accepting home decor in their favorite shade (i.e. scary).

    Black blanket with illustrated ouija board and tassels on edges

    27. A handcrafted rocking chair made of natural rattan for anyone willing to invest in their favorite color. Rock on.

    Curved rocking chair with rounded arm rests and woven back

    28. A black tux candle sure to make lounging around your living room smell like a black tie event.

    29. A matte black flatware set so even your utensils can look so good you'd gobble them up.

    Knife, fork, and spoon

    30. A mounted desk that's gonna give you a prime workspace when you need it with the ability to tuck it away when you don't. Who wants to look at all the homework on their desk when procrastinating an assignment? Not I. Close that stuff up!

    Square shelf system on wall with six spaces for storage and a pull down desktop

    31. And finally, a shaggy bed set for folks who cringe at the site of a nightlight...make that bedroom as dark as possible!

    Black duvet with matching pillow cases in fluffy material

    When someone acts clever and tells you black can't be your favorite color, because it technically isn't a color:

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