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    33 Of The Best Etsy Shops To Buy Party Decor That'll Make Your Guests Say "Ooh"

    Make up something to celebrate – these decorations are waiting.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Painted Parade is a decor store for the maximalist masses. If you, like me, realize you need a birthday-hat-wearing golden dinosaur dressed to the nines at your next party, this is the place for you.

    2. Made By Vermonters has a selection of fun paper goods you can customize with pictures of your one true love (whether that's a person or a Pomeranian) to decorate with on their special day.

    3. Anna + Pookie – this darling shop has a small selection of illustrated party decor your child is sure to adore! There's even apparel to match! Add a matching sweatshirt to your order of plates and utensils and your kiddo is sure to relive their party every time they wear it.

    4. Celebrated Party is filled with sophisticated items that are gonna make party prep breeze. Not only do they have breathtaking and unique pieces, they've also got planning guides and hosting hacks!

    5. Girly Gifts – if you're looking to have a "cheerful" party theme, then you're sure to find what you need here. The shop makes decorating easy with themed sections featuring every kind of balloon under the sun (and the sea).

    6. Blush Bazaar is a fan-favorite shop for a reason! The shop specializes in modern party themes, and even has decorative photo walls (we're talkin' full size florals and floor-to-ceiling tassels) for truly memorable photo ops at any kind of party.

    7. Ship Party Return is gonna make dinner parties (for adults *and* kiddos) a cinch! The shop has dozens of adorable themes to chose from with complete kits that include everything from plates to table runners. Be prepared, with this shop the hardest part of your party will be picking which theme you love the most!

    8. Material Gods can help you get your horror movie night started right, with dreadfully funny garlands and tree/bottle toppers featuring your favorite frightening characters.

    9. Just Add Confetti is a printable shop that'll customize your decor and send you a pdf to print out, so there's no need to worry about shipping. If party planning isn't your strong suit, pick one of these creative kits and let your printer do all the work!

    10. Allison Brights – this shop's rad collection of string lights is sure to add a cozy, cool, or mystical touch to your garden party (seriously, pick the vibe you want and they have lights to go with it). Sure, stars are great, but they've got nothing on these beauties.

    11. Chic Balloon Boutique has such a festive selection of funky balloons you just might ~burst~ with joy when you set them up around your house. Go ahead and have an Animal Planet marathon as an excuse to buy human-sized flamingo balloons. You have my full support.

    12. Party Touches is sure to satisfy your craving to host a brag-worthy event this year. Snag yourself a rocket piñata and let your overzealous party planning ~take off~!

    13. Darby Creek Trading – this shop's collection of elegant, eclectic decor is the stuff that'll make your garden party unforgettable (even if the weather forces you to move it inside). Plus all the products are reusable, so you'll have some go-to decor anytime a cottagecore kick hits.

    14. Sweetniks is probably gonna be the very best place to snag darling decor that makes post-party cleanup a breeze. I can't think of an easier way to clean up at the end of a party than by having edible decor! Sweet, right?

    15. Ivory Bloom Studios creates gorgeous botanical walls sure to be a hit with your flower child friends.

    16. Happy Party Supply has an eclectic mix of decor I couldn't dream up if I tried! You can find bubble garland streamers, jellyfish lanterns, and lovely tulle table skirts – and that's just the first few products listed!

    17. My Party Story – a custom cup and decor shop that'll put red Solo cups to shame.

    18. Catching Color Flies for creative folks who would love to make their own decorations (as long as there are instructions involved).

    19. EnFete is here to give sophisticated souls the upscale party their heart desires. Everything in this shop (you heard me, EVERYTHING) is eye-catching in a totally lovely way that's not at all over-the-top. Woodcut stamped cupcake holders? I mean, come on! Invite me to this party, please.

    20. Pepped Parties has a collection of paper goods that are *primo* treat toppers for your next movie party. Whether you and your buds are Friends fans or still quoting Mean Girls every October third, the decor in this store is here for you!

    21. Olive Studio Project designs custom treat bags that can make your party snacks seem extra special (even if you can only add in allergy-safe items).

    22. Pom Poms Art – this stellar shop has a HUGE selection of holiday party decor. If you wanna make up for all the parties you weren't able to host last year...this is gonna be the place to pick up your HalloXmasValenPatrick'sGiving day decor.

    23. Ellie's Party Supply is sure to be a fun way to surprise someone special on their special day. I don't wanna burst your bubble, but I'm sure these balloons will be selling out fast!

    24. Candy With A Twist is another fun find for folks who want everything, down to the treats they eat, to be on-theme. I want to live in a world with more flower-themed parties and these candy daisy bouquets are here to make that happen!

    25. Apricot specializes in hand-dyed, reusable linens that'll enhance any party – no matter the occasion or theme.

    26. Ford Country Trading Co. is another clever option for anyone who wants reusable decor for their parties. The shop has loads of earth-friendly Americana – we're talkin' party games, utensil pockets, up-cycled table runners, and more!

    27. The Delicate Dish has a clever dish set system where you can buy miss-matched teacups and dishes to add something totally unique to your next tea party.

    28. Ella Creates Crafts specializes in modern cake toppers that'll definitely, excuse me, take the cake.

    29. Houndsome Dog Bakery has some spot-on themed treats for your pup's next big event...whether that's a birthday, gotcha-day celebration, or (here's hoping!) a wedding. They grow up so fast.

    30. The House On Picadilly sells an assortment of themed confetti packets sure to delight the confetti yeti you know who LOVES that darling decorative dust.

    31. A Cake To Remember has edible decor that'll thrill any child who is going through a creepy crawly phase. Here's hoping you aren't ~bugged~ by their newfound passion, because you won't be able to pass these realistic treats up when you know how ecstatic your kid will be when they see them.

    32. Cake To The Top can make your adult birthday party far more fun than anything you did as a kid. After all, you get to plan this one! Thanks to this shop, your party's gonna be *exactly* your taste.

    33. And Tipsy Labels for anti-social socialites who believe in minimalist decor that says "I like to party...a little."

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