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    20 Of The Best Dog Beds You Can Get On Amazon

    These dog beds are here to encourage your K9 to cat-nap.

    1. An incredibly fluffy doughnut cuddler for your sweet little ball of fluff.

    2. An elevated cot that's gonna protect your furry friend from laying on hot concrete and keep them feeling cool even when you're all outside on hot summer days.

    3. A velvet sofa sure to have your disobedient dog finally learn to roll over and play dead...for eight hours straight.

    4. An end table dog crate that'll be a great snoozin' spot without being an eyesore in your small space.

    A lifestyle shot of a chiwawa laying inside of the side table crate with the door open. The table is beside a sofa and has a plant, clock, and book as decor on top.

    5. A memory foam bed made for massive dogs, so even your Great Dane can have a great night's sleep.

    6. A deep dish bed that'll definitely be just their taste.

    A lifestyle shot of three different medium-to-small dogs sitting in the cushy beds. The sides of the beds come up and hug around each dog as they sit.

    7. A portable dog bed for when Fido is ready to get up and go (and then promptly lie down for a nap when you get there).

    8. A squishy car bed to give your pooch the ride of their life (even if they sleep through it).

    A lifestyle shot of a corgi sitting on top of this bed while in the car. The dog also has a seatbelt harness on.

    9. A bolster bed that's gonna make your pup snug as a pug in a rug.

    10. A faux fur bed for your favorite fur baby (just kidding, we know you could never pick a favorite).

    11. A dog cave, because your pup loves to burrow in your blankets and you wanna get him the ~sheet~ out of your bed.

    12. An orthopedic dog bed so your senior dog can spend their days snoozing in the sun and you can sleep soundly knowing they're comfortable.

    13. A charming metal bed frame pet bed because your baby deserves furniture as darling as they are!

    A product shot of the curved metal bed frame that looks like a human daybed in miniature. There is a puppy laying across the padded pillow.

    14. An impressively elegant faux leather sofa for your favorite couch potato.

    A product shot of the tufted leather sofa with two medium-sized dogs sitting on it

    15. A bagel bed your dog will love ~everything~ about.

    16. A pet-sized bunk bed that'll spoil your dog on a whole new level.

    A dog walking up the two steps to the top half of the bunk bed. The bed is placed beside their owner's bed, giving them an easy way to get on and off their human's bed and letting the dog sleep beside them at night.

    17. A plush bed tent for letting your pup have some camp-like fun even if they're more of an inside cat.

    18. A heavy duty sleeper that'll drift your doggo off to dreamland.

    19. A portable pet house so dang darling you just might want another dog or two to start up your own campground.

    A lifestyle shot of the triangular, elevated dog bed with canvas covering and a French bulldog chilling out inside

    20. And finally, a hot dog bed you'll know was condi-ment to be in your home from the very moment your dog jumps in.

    When your dog hears you're thinking of getting them a bed and you realize they've been holding out on you:

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