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    Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

    Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: a windshield snow cover, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, unicorn makeup brushes, and more!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    Amazon has a list of products called "Movers and Shakers," which is pretty much fancy talk for things that are ~trending~.

    Here are some of the coolest and most useful things found on the list this week:

    1. An inspirational book made to help you follow through on your New Year's resolution of getting unfu... I mean, unstuck.

    Promising Review: "I've read an abundance of self-help books on motivation, self-discipline, and self-love. This book really sums it all up. I could have saved so much money if I read this book first. It cuts through all the nonsense and gets straight to the point. I highly recommend reading this when you are ready for change." —MelGLover

    Price: $11.54

    2. A luxurious memory foam mattress with a price that'll have you sleeping easy all night, every night.

    Promising Review: "Okay, y’all. I was SO skeptical about purchasing a mattress on Amazon. But I have zero regrets!! I was having severe back pain all day long. I thought it was just part of turning 30. False! It was my old, garbage mattress. After the first night on this mattress my life was changed for the better. Gosh, I love it. GET THIS!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $91.41 Sizes: twin–California king

    3. A set of rainbow unicorn brushes for creating the most whimsical contour of them all.

    Promising Review: "Honestly it took me a week to use these because THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I couldn't even bring myself to dirty them with makeup. But then I finally did. AND THEY ARE AMAZING. HEAVENLY. Seriously, they apply makeup so well it's insane. I have never experienced a brush this nice before and I own $100 brush sets. No joke. I expected these to be subpar because they were so inexpensive. I literally bought them just because they are pretty. Turns out, they are the NICEST BRUSHES EVER. They don't soak up any product and they blend phenomenally. I have been using way less makeup since I have been applying it with these. They are absolutely beautiful and so soft and the sizes and shapes are what EVERY makeup lover needs! I am obsessed and my $100 brushes have been benched." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $11.99+ Colors: two

    4. A sloth tea steeper you can ever-so-slowly dip to get the absolute perfect sip.

    Promising Review: "This little tea infuser works great and is super cute. I ordered it as a gift for a tea drinker who certainly did not need another tea infuser. But this is so charming that they use it AND leave it out as a decoration, perched on their glass or on a vase. It's a hit." —E. Weiss

    Price: $7.99+ Animals: four

    5. A box of massive gluten-free chocolate chip cookies that are gonna take the health food world (and dessert world) by storm— say, "Goodbye, Girl Scouts!"

    These cookies are gluten-free, have only four grams of net carbs, and use natural Allulose sugar to give them their delicious taste. That way you and your body feel great even after having a satisfying treat (other than the guilt you'll feel when you refuse to share them with anyone else).

    Promising Review: "I've gotta say that I am surprised by how good these cookies taste...and I'm picky! There are coconut flakes, the texture is good, and they are soft and chewy. I'll definitely buy these again and try a few other flavors while I'm at it. I should also mention that the cookies are ginormous! I can eat half for a snack in the morning and finish it up later in the afternoon. Surprisingly good!" —Edna M Hazel

    Price: $10 Flavors: five

    6. A set of nine Kawaii cats which'll squish out all your stress.,

    Promising Review: "So adorable! These are way too cute, I bought them as gifts but I will probably keep them for myself! They are so fun! These squishy toys are also way nicer quality than I thought they would be. I'm super happy with this purchase!" —Nicole

    Price: $9.99

    7. An instant camera for getting the perfect shot in the perfect moment.

    This mini camera includes a built-in battery, a self-timer, six picture modes, and a Micro SD card slot.

    Promising Review: "I love this camera so much. My mom got this for me. We were looking for cameras like this for a while and finally found the perfect one. Honestly, I didn't think the quality would be this amazing but it is. The pictures are very clear and I love how you can change the colors of the pictures and add a boarder. I am very happy and I highly recommend this item." —Carey S.

    Price: $79.99+ Colors: six

    8. A nail curer to give you salon-quality nails at home (because once you've had gel polish you'd rather drink the old stuff than put it back on your nails).

    The Sunuv nail curer can cure gel polishes including, LED gel, UV gel, Builder gel, Sculpture gel, and more. Its low-wattage design is safe for your hands and eyes yet dries twice as fast as regular nail dryers.

    Promising Review: "I love the versatility of this nail dryer, its lightweight, cute design, and multipurpose use. Its powerful LED lights dry gel nail polish super fast. I love it!" —Loverika

    Price: $24.99 Colors: three

    9. A bluetooth speaker so powerful you can even play it on the go, you know, if you had somewhere to go.

    Promising Review: "This speaker is well worth the price. Nice sturdy construction, good bass response, and holds a charge for hours. It's also quite easy to connect with Bluetooth. I'm pleased with this product." —Brad Macdonald

    Price: $19.99 Colors: 4

    10. A pack of five socks that'll properly bare your favorite friend's bold, beautiful belly.

    Promising Review: "I love these socks so much! They are so soft and comfy and they keep my feet nice and warm. I'm definitely buying these again." —cool game

    Price: $18.99 Colors: six

    11. A snow cover to enthusiastically (and easily) pull off your clean windshield while your unprepared neighbors spend 15 minutes scraping ice off their windshields with credit cards.

    Promising Review: "I got to use this snow cover for the first time the other day. We got our first freezing rain/snow day. The night before, I put the cover on without much confidence. In the morning, I was surprised by how well it worked. While everyone around was scrapping away, I just pulled off the cover and was off to work. It saved me at least 15 minutes of time. Great that it works for both ice and snow." —Matt F.

    Price: $16.99

    12. An 9-in-1 Instant Pot for when you can't decide what you want to make for dinner, just make it all!

    The Duo Plus replaces nine common kitchen appliances. It can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, and egg cooker, with the ability to sauté, steam, warm, sterilize... and oh, it makes cakes too.

    Promising Review: I deliberated about buying one of these for so long (over a year). I regret all of this deliberation, because now that I have it, I'm not sure how I lived without it. Rice turns out perfectly every time. It's amazing. I push a button and walk away and end up with edible rice every single time. I love that this has so many uses in our combined vegetarian/omnivorous household. This Instant Pot produced the only pork dish that my husband has ever liked. I made an amazing vegan curry. I've made soy milk, almond milk, and cashew milk yogurts, and they've all been fantastic. I'll never 'boil' an egg any other way ever again. Eggs turn out perfectly every time and they are so easy to peel. Stop deliberating and buy this now!" —Laura

    Price: $119.95

    13. A winter accessories set so you can add a little sunshine to your winter layer game.,

    Promising Review: "Perfect color! It came just as pictured. The texture is also very nice. I love that the gloves have a hole for your thumb and the fact that they go up your arms to keep them warm as well." —Trina Y. Williams

    Price: $14.99+ Colors: five

    14. A reversible, waterproof, windbreaker for your pup that'll have him looking like a cozy AF J. Crew model all winter long.

    Promising Review: "The best thing about this dog jacket (besides its great quality and warmth factor) is the clever way it goes on the dog. The jacket wraps around their body and fastens with a velcro-like strip, then when closing around the dog's neck, the design actually creates the second leg hole. It's so easy to put on, our dog looks just great, and she is warm even in cold weather." —Kelvin

    Price: $14.99 Sizes: XS-3XL

    15. A pair of hedgehog dryer balls cute enough to convince you to actually do your laundry.

    Promising Review: "I was skeptical of these but got them because they're adorable. I used them with a comforter I have that always has to go through the dryer at least three times. With these little guys it dried on the first try! I've used them in every load for two weeks now and they work great!" —Holly A.

    Price: $6.99

    16. A diaper wipe warmer that just may make diaper changing a pleasant experience (LOL JK not true, but at least your baby might not freak out from having a cold cloth on her bottom).

    Promising Review: "We use this wipe warmer in Colorado, where temperatures are very, very cold! This well designed, affordable device is a lifesaver. I can change the baby at night and she barely makes a peep with the warm, moist wipes instead of getting shocked with a cold wipe. The glowing light makes it easy for sleep deprived parents to find the wipe container. The green lid easily flips open with one finger to access the wipes. The white top has two side slide latches to keep the top closed, but is super easy to slide the green latches open to refill with more wipes. They never get dried out, we don't ever add additional water, and the wipes do not get discolored. We refill the container with a new stack of wipes about once a week. There is no maintenance or cleaning required." —MeiLien

    Price: $27.29

    17. A perfect shift dress with pockets — it'll change the way you basic.,

    This dress is available in both long and short sleeves.

    Promising Review: "This dress fits perfectly! It hangs just enough to show your figure and not look like a trash bag, but is still perfectly loose! I'm pretty impressed with the pocket as well, being such a cottony dress I figured it would be flimsy. I put it to the test with my big bulky phone and it barely nudged! It's great!" —Olivia

    Price: $9.97+ Colors: 12 Sizes: S-XL

    18. A 14-piece set of leak-proof containers made specifically for all the winter soups that soothe your soul.

    Promising Review: "These are the nicest storage containers I have ever owned. My favorite thing about these is that if you are storing anything with sauce in it, they don't stain. There is no way any liquid is ever going to leak out of these. They are really great storage containers." —J. Marino

    Price: $20.49

    19. An adult onesie, because you deserve to sleep like a baby.

    Runs large, it may be worth going down a size if you wanna be snug as a bug in a rug.

    Promising Review: "This thing is amazing! I'd recommend this for anyone who wants to be nice and cozy." —Christine Rodriguez

    Price: $29.99 Colors: 10 Sizes: XS-XXL

    20. A Wallet Ninja you'll use even more than the credit cards it shares a space with.

    Promising Review: "I got home from work a few weeks ago and realized I needed to drain my sprinkler system. I did the whole job with this thing before I even walked in the house." —B. Shepard

    Price: $9.98

    21. And a pair of compression socks to save your aching feet after spending this holiday season working retail. You deserve all the socks. All of them.

    Promising Review: "I waited a week to write a review because I wanted to make sure these socks really work. All I can say is, THESE SOCKS ARE A MIRACLE!! I have severe plantar faciatis in my feet and I stand the majority of the day. These socks are AMAZING!! I have never had anything work this well. My feet do not swell either. You need to try these socks!! I will definitely be ordering several more pairs soon. Now I never leave home without these socks on!!" —Amazon Customer

    Price: $14.95 Colors: five Sizes: S-XL

    When people tell me to stop spending my paycheck on random things from Amazon.


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