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    41 (Almost) Too Good To Be True Products That'll Help You On A Regular Basis

    Death Before Decaf coffee, memory foam slippers, a plasma arc lighter, and 38 other products you'll want in your life every dang day.

    1. An overflow cap so you can *finally* soak in a bath that's filled to the very brim.

    2. A bag of organic Death Wish coffee for anyone who truly believes in the phrase "death before decaf".

    Bag of coffee beans with skull logo

    3. A pack of pimple patches – they're gonna save your skin when you're so sick of your whiteheads you think you might pop.

    4. Hoof healer foot balm to nourish your dry, cracked, and callused feet. We're not ~horsing~ around — if your feet are no longer soft as a baby's bottom...this stuff is here to help!

    Large twisting bottle with solid balm inside

    5. A cervical neck "pillow" that'll provide ergonomic support, align your spine, and give you a much needed vertebrae massage simply by lying down.

    6. A bottle of Drop It, a natural wine sulfate and tannin remover, that's gonna save wine drunk you from those merlot-induced headaches.

    Reviewer image of glass of red wine with a bottle of Drop It, along with a caption explaining that it's been working

    7. A spiffy three-stage silicone cup designed to adapt as your toddler's fine motor skills start kicking in. Once they begin to insist on drinking from a "big kid cup," this unbreakable bud can adjust accordingly.

    8. A pair of memory foam slippers that'll totally upgrade your comfort-chic wardrobe.

    Slide-on slippers with fuzzy interior and thick sole suitable for outdoor use

    9. A rechargeable light collar you can toss on your dog to give you some peace of mind while walking around at night. This thing is especially useful if you play fetch with your dog when it's dark, or if they love running around your large yard at night. There's a reason this thing has ~glowing~ reviews!

    10. A Green Chef subscription – it's gonna help you feast on delicious, sustainably sourced meals. They're all organic *and* you can even find drool-inducing keto and plant-powered selections.

    Sesame-Ginger Beef Patties

    11. A set of outdoor string lights that'll be a particularly *bright* idea if your goal is to dazzle everyone who steps into your yard at night.

    12. A white noise machine to tune out distracting, sudden sounds – giving you a chance to enjoy a full sleep cycle without waking up from random bumps in the night.

    Small round device next to bed

    13. A fast-acting carpet spot-removing spray you're sure to be grateful to have on hand when your red wine falls out of it.

    14. A deck of empowerment cards – they're gonna be worth keeping close. Read these and enjoy an uplifting boost of positivity during extra stressful parts of your day.

    Four square cards with line drawn minimalist illustrations and affirmation phrases

    15. A reviewer-loved time-marked water bottle with a handy flip top lid, leakproof spout, and dozens of colors to chose from. This darling water bottle might actually make drinking water seem, you know, satisfying.

    16. A Sherpa storage bench — a spiffy room accent that's sure to add a soft touch to your space while ALSO giving you some much-needed hidden storage. Bless.

    plush bench ottoman with black legs at an angle. it has a removable top and is placed at the foot of a bed.

    17. A bubble pop sensory toy — a calming anxiety toy geared toward adults and children alike! Reviewers say the sound is super satisfying. Want the honest truth? This is already in my Amazon cart.

    18. A shell-shaped play mat you can keep in your nursery or bring out when you're in the mood to watch some TV while your kiddo works on tummy time. This thing is so cute it's well worth ~shelling~ out the extra money on!

    sea shell shaped mat on wooden floor. it's beside matching pillows and dried flowers.

    19. A Guac-Lock, because learning how to keep leftovers fresh is a life skill worth feeding into. Go ahead, enjoy that homemade guacamole for days on end!

    20. A hand-crafted ceramic essential oil diffuser so you can rid your space of unsettling smells and choose a scent that soothes you.

    Oval diffuser with pointed top

    21. A quilted chenille floor pillow – it's gonna be great to have at the ready when your roommate is in the living room and you and your pals would rather not socialize with anyone but each other. Simply cozy up in your room with this chic bedroom seating!

    22. A vibrating facial brush — an exfoliating skincare tool that'll take a face wash to the next level. I own this thing and IMHO, I'm pretty confident this would ~vibe~ with just about everyone.

    My hand holding up my palm-sized cleansing brush. It's the shape of a flattened egg, with soft silicone bristles on both sides.

    23. A Stealth core trainer that's really and truly gonna trick you into loving exercise. This video game balancing board is gonna be your favorite entertainment when you're lying around and looking for something to do.

    24. An essential oil roller — place this in your pocket for a quick aromatherapy restart when things get stressful while you're out and about.

    Small roller bottle with "Peace Elixir" written on the label

    25. A pair of computer glasses to block that pesky blue light, keeping it from seeping into your peepers when you're stuck staring at screens all day.

    26. An unstuffed leather ottoman you can use as secret storage in your studio. Fill this with your winter sweaters or extra blankets and enjoy some extra seating! Who knew saving closet space could look this good?

    Square faux leather pouf

    27. A moisture meter you can place deep down into the soil to know exactly how much water your plant is getting. Under- and overwatering is a thing of the past, people!

    28. A flameless plasma arc lighter with an extended handle that's sure to make lighting candles, grills, and fireplaces far easier. This really is the perfect ~match~ for anyone who always needs a little light.

    A person lighting several tall candles with the plasma arch

    29. A powder polish to give your kitchenware a well deserved scrub after you watch Beauty and the Beast with your kid and start feeling guilty about the condition of your own flatware friends.

    30. A dark floral shower curtain with such a stunning print you just might wish you could have it botanicall over your home.

    black shower curtain covered in dark marigolds and other flowers in orange, deep red, and cream colors

    31. An eye primer for anyone who spends way too much time on their smokey eye to have it sweat off the minute they hit the dance floor.

    32. An aromatherapy spray that'll soothe your senses and help you fall asleep if you're prone to stay up counting your worries rather than falling asleep by counting sheep.

    Spray bottle of product

    33. A pair of outlet lights so you can have your rooms shine even at nighttime, without bulky night lights taking up space. Plus they can make your place look fancy. Like, really fancy.

    34. A battery-powered Dyson vacuum sure to be just as fun as the Optimus Prime action figure you had as a kid. This ~transforms~ into a handheld vacuum in a cinch, making it the perfect tool to clean every nook and cranny in your home.

    Hand using Cordless blue slim Dyson vacuum and cutting through lots of dirt on floor and carpet

    35. A rapid egg cooker so you don't have to waste your precious time standing over the stove waiting for your eggs to finish cooking. This is an eggcelent way to guarantee your breakfast is always worthy of a blue ribbon.

    36. A garlic rocker that'll, ahem, rock your world. This tool is so much easier to use/clean than a traditional garlic press. It's fast and efficient, so you can cook with even more garlic! Your breath is about to be impressively pungent.

    Rolling grated rocker crushing garlic

    37. A magnetic visual timer can help kids see how much time they have left to work on homework, clean their room, be in the bath, etc. This is here to keep your home from being filled with the shrill cries of "Are we done yet?!" every 32 seconds.

    38. An air purifier that'll remove pet dander, mold, dust, pollen, and odors in your home. Grab one of these and going outside to get fresh air will feel like an oxymoron.