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    41 On-Sale Items From Free People That Are Basically Already In Your Cart

    Body butter, a destroyed denim skirt, a wide-legged romper, and 38 other things I told my bank are "investments."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Free People up and decided to take all my money because everything in their sale section is an extra 25% off until the 25th. Have your tissues at the ready because the price drops below are gonna make you feel things.

    1. A boxy top with a sheer crochet detail only your grandma could make so nice, and only FP could make so sexy.

    2. A destroyed denim skirt for people who like to keep things ~relaxed.~

    3. A two-piece that'll make you say, "That's a wrap!" on your summer accessorizing.

    4. A pair of classic braided leather clogs for anyone who loves to have braids from their head to their toes.

    5. A lightweight tee is gonna save your skin from the summer sun while also saving you from sweating through your shirt.

    6. A body butter, because like your mother always says, "Everything's better with butter!" including your body.

    7. A pair of printed jeans you can wear on nights when you plan on ~painting~ the town.

    8. A delicate romper for days when you plan on adding some side-boob to your sassy side-eye.

    9. A racerback crop with a tonal contrast fabric that'll have you looking cute as a button.

    10. A suede flat with ruffle detail sure to be your favorite accessory when you're feeling a little ~ruff~ around the edges.

    11. A strappy shift with tie details you can adjust for any occasion.

    12. A bodysuit honestly everybody is gonna love on you.

    13. A flowing blouse for moments when you're really starting to get the ~hang~ of things.

    14. A plunging bodysuit with massive sleeves because your fashion sense starts and ends with The Princess Bride.

    15. A bright yellow two-piece complimented by stunning embroidered detail that'll make you the sunshine on a cloudy day.

    16. A smocked tank top sporting a strong patterned print for people who believe in being bold from top to bottom.

    17. A brami you can ~twist~ to work with every single thing you own.

    18. A studded dress for the gaudy goth in all of us.

    19. A short and juicy jumper you know you'll look just ~peachy~ in.

    20. A pair of block heels for anyone who prefers a peep-toe to a peep-show.

    21. A pair of cargo pants with enough pockets to make up for the last century of women's fashion.

    22. A pair of shoes you can wear when you're ready to ~buckle~ up and go!

    23. A daring dress with intricate beaded detailing, a fitted waist, and sheer mesh lining, for people who know their body is a canvas and their outfits are works of art.

    24. A minimalist skirt that'll make you look like the kind of person who would say things like, "My sche-du-al is very busy darling, but I'm sure I can ~pencil~ you in."

    25. An oversized dress for all you over-achievers out there.

    26. A tight turtleneck sure to give you the Rory Gilmore vibe your adolescent self always wanted.

    27. A slip dress you'll refer to whenever you say, "Let me ~slip~ into something more comfortable."

    28. A shirtdress for all those days when you can't quite get yourself to put on pants (oh hello, all of the days).

    29. A luxe soaking salt is gonna ease you into a sense of serenity even though the state of your shared tub suggests you're not exactly at the spa.

    30. A pair of polka dot leggings you can wear while you do sits ups or while you sit down on the couch.

    31. A jumper you're gonna want to jump in right this heckin' second.

    32. A classic T-shirt with an added V-neckline that is sure to update your graphic-T game.

    33. An oversized V-neck tee for collarbones that deserve their day in the spotlight.

    34. A green tea skin scrub, because if you could absorb your green tea latte through your pores, you would. Boom! Now you can.

    35. A pair of carpenter boyfriend jeans to help you ~build~ up your wardrobe.

    36. A maxi dress for making a silky-smooth entrance every time.

    37. A pair of sandals so comfy your feet will want to give them a standing ovation all day long.

    38. A two-piece that'll give you an elegant dressy look you can also move in, proving that two is sometimes better than one.

    39. A billowy pajama set you're gonna find excuses to grocery shop in. I've already come up with 12.

    40. A floral mini you already love, but it'll still ~grow~ on you more and more.

    41. And an effortlessly retro button-up for some timeless fashion you can wear the rest of your days (and nights).

    Me racing to fill my cart like.

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