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    34 Products That Are So Dark, You May Want A Light On While Reading This Post

    Mom? Please make this scary post go away.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Dangerous Games To Play In The Dark, a frighteningly informational book for brave readers who want to know the rules, alleged results, and history of some of the most bone-chilling games of lore we humans have dared to play.

    2. A planter bowl with an intricately carved pattern (and rather gruesome subject matter) that'll seriously turn heads.

    3. Hex, a brilliantly unique horror novel sure to redefine what you think of witchcraft. After finishing this, the only question will be ~witch~ episode of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood is happy enough to help you forget everything you just read?

    4. A pack of three deaths head moths – morbid decor that's likely gonna ~bug~ your more upbeat buds.

    5. A pair of paranormal bar soaps that'll put your friends to the test – if they ~ghost~ you after seeing your spooky soap, you'll know to wash your hands of the relationship.

    6. A ceramic mug you can hand to a sleep-deprived soul who needs an extra jolt from their coffee in the morning.

    7. A classic ouija board to guarantee you're never sitting around ~board~ (or alone) ever again.

    8. A serial killer coloring book – it's gonna be the purchase that forces your roommates to finally draw the line when it comes to the creepy things you bring back to the apartment.

    9. A pack of window cling sheets that'll be loved by all your house guests...unless they decide to B-negative.

    10. A barbed wire necklace and bracelet for making your everyday attire look especially ~sharp~.

    11. An enamel pin that's sure to leave you with a glaring, gloomy reminder.

    12. A pair of Fugglers, best fuzzy friends that'll definitely ~creep~ it real.

    13. A VVitch poster that's gonna scare your friends silly – Black Phillip is not ~kidding~ around.

    14. A toilet scrubber for anyone who feels like death every time they have to clean the toilet.

    15. A massive clown decal that's got far too strong a John Wayne Gacy vibe if you ask me. But if you aren't afraid of horrifying clown eyes peaking at you from a crack in your wall, you may wanna Pogo grab this quick!

    16. A laser engraved spoon that'll make your brunch squad quake in fear.

    17. Behind You, a compilation of short stories made more terrifying with the illustrations that add to each tale. You better go enjoy your bed right now, because you're gonna stop sleeping the second this ships.

    18. A zombie face mask sure to make your skin as soft and supple as a nice, juicy brain.

    19. A mouse trap cheeseboard for dinner hosts with a deadly sense of humor.

    20. A salt and pepper shaker holder so cool I can practically hear you saying, "Socket to me."

    21. A talking board tapestry that'll be dream long as you can fall asleep with this above your bed.

    22. A porcelain vase that's gonna ~pump~ some life back into your home decor.

    23. Or an anatomical print that'll give your squeamish friends a scare, while giving you a heart-y laugh.

    24. A grisly garden gnome sure to make any dead plants in your garden look less out of place.

    25. Stiff, a book on the many uses of human cadavers, is gonna pique curious minds who hear the words "body farm" and actually want to learn more.

    26. A leather wallet that'll help you save money, because you'll always think twice about whether it's worth looking at this horror scene just to grab a couple bucks.

    27. A hinged pin for accessorizing with a deliciously dreary piece.

    28. A set of coffin coasters sure to please anyone who would rather be caught dead than leave a watermark on the coffee table.

    29. A ghoulish bag of loose leaf tea or coffee beans – the designs are so scary you can leave these in the kitchen and know no naugh-tea roommates will try and steal your stuff.

    30. An embroidered beanie – I'm gonna go ahead and say it's probably gonna be a penny-wise decision to not purchase this. But ~eye~ can't stop you.

    31. A witchy tapestry so you can cover up the truly scary wallpaper on the walls of your rental.

    32. A horror coloring book – a poetic choice for artists who love coloring outside the lines...of what normal people consider appropriate doodling material.

    33. An oozing eye socket candle to give curious folks with enough ~brains~ to realize how stunning this particular piece really is.

    34. And finally, Donner Dinner Party – a board game that's certainly gonna be everybody's ~taste~.

    When I try and sleep after bringing these products home:

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