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    20 Creative Ways To Use Embroidery Hoops

    Without having to embroider!

    1. Use the embroidery hoops as cork boards.

    2. Coolest kid art project ever: this stained-glass sun catcher.

    3. Or you can also make a photo mobile by stringing three of them together.

    4. Or display photos IN them.

    5. Use one as a blackboard.

    6. Or hang a bunch from the ceiling.

    7. But if you've got a few of them, you should probably make a pendant light.

    8. Make a pin cushion.

    9. On another sewing tip, use one to organize your spools of thread.

    10. Or show off your favorite fabrics.

    11. Create a mobile for a baby's room.

    12. Put more birds on it.

    13. Display your grandmother's doilies.

    14. Stick your notes on an embroidery hoop bulletin board.

    15. It's a cute way to display earrings and brooches.

    16. The kids can easily make these works of string art.

    17. Hang a bunch from the ceiling just like so.

    18. Mind-blowing thing of the day: you can use one to screenprint t-shirts.

    19. Got a drawstring cloth bag lying around? Make a laundry hamper.

    20. Another no-sew project: create the bed nook of your dreams with this embroidery hoop canopy.