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13 Things A Kazakh Student In USA May Need To Know

If you are a new student to USA you probably would want to know what is expecting you ahead!

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Whenever you say where you are from be ready to hear "Ooh Borat". Yes! People still remember Borat!

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However, now you can proudly say, "I am not from Borat's country, I am from GGG's country!".

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When people arrive to JKF International Airport in New York City, most probably they would not find a free Wi-Fi! So make sure you have your own network supplies.

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Whenever you miss Kazakh cuisine and make "Manty" you will not be able to persuade people that "manty" is not a "dumpling".

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If you drive in USA you might be stopped by traffic police any time. If this happens, remember you are not in Kazakhstan and the police is not your brother! Never get out of the car to shake police's hand.

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Things in USA are expensive! Do not switch commodity price to Kazakh currency while you are shopping. Especially nowadays! You might end up with buying nothing!

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If you came to class on time and everyone has already started the class that's fine! Here, being on time means being late, so always try to be five minutes earlier to appointments.

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People in America know about "Sputnik" very well, but they might never guess that it took off from Kazakhstan.

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Unfortunately, you might face the question "Do you still live in tents?"

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Feed your car yourself! Although it differs from state to state, in most cases you should fill up the fuel yourself.

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Do you want by anything? Then it's good to know that swiping and chipping the card at the check desk is the cardholders' responsibility.

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Kazakh driver license is not valid as an ID, even if you are not planning to drive, try to get US license as soon as possible

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Having troubles with any course? See your professors during their office hours. It helps!

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