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Beyonce Is Not A Queen

I know this may come as a shock to you, but not everybody likes Beyonce.

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Everywhere I look there someone worshiping Beyonce, and by "someone" I mean everyone. But maybe, just maybe, she is not that divine creature everyone's referring her to.

Everyone knows who she is and what she's all about, but no one seems to think about what kind of an artist she really is and if her music really is that good as everyone seems to think. I see her as a person who just was rich and married rich and now she can do whatever she wants. As an artist she has a great potential but she's still determine to make bad music and be all like "I'm making an influence". As for me, her music comes down to shaking her ass, making a show and letting people know that they'll never be on her level. Argument: her concert in Belgrade. My friend is a huge Beyonce fan, and she, of course, attended the concert. As a huge fan, she got the same treatment as any other huge fan - "You cannot stand near the entrance, move way over there, on the street. It was your Queens request" said the guy from the security. She posted this on her FB profile and added that it doesn't matter and that she loved Beyonce anyway. Needless to say that the ticket way very expensive for Serbian standards. Regarding that concert, remember how awesome the pictures were? Well, that's because Queen B didn't want any photographers who weren't payed by her to take pictures because of those "fierce" pictures from the Superbowl performance. So Mrs Carter, and I'm saying that because that's what she is - she climbed her way up by marrying rich - decided to make people more inferior by making a song "Bow down, bitches" - how very appropriate for an artist who's worshiped by every girl around the world. There's nothing worth adoring with Beyonce, absolutely nothing, but people still love her, listen to her music and watch her "sob story" - "Life is but a dream". In opinion, it should have been named "Life is but marrying rich".

There are so many great artists out there who don't treat their fans like crap, who let people take as many pictures as they want, no mater how they look, who don't shake their ass for a living, who are not married to Jay Z, who will not demand huge amount of money for interviews, who don't make films about being under their father's whip and most of all - make awesome music.

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