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Malibu Lime Mojito

Kick off your summer with this refreshing Malibu Lime Mojito! 🌴


1 cup fresh mint

1 ½ cup fresh lime juice

1 cup simple syrup (can add up to ½ cup more to taste)

5 cups coconut water

2 ½ cup Malibu Lime Rum

Club soda


1.Add fresh mint and lime juice to a pitcher and muddle.

2.Add simple syrup, Malibu Lime Rum, and coconut water (either bottled, fresh from a coconut, or blend shredded coconut with water and strain).

3.Pour over ice and top with club soda. Enjoy!

Sip Easy. Enjoy Responsibly. For 21+ Only
MALIBU® Caribbean Rum With Lime Liqueur. 21% - 24% Alc./Vol
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